A Simple Truth…

Learning to think critically, always working to be better at it, then combining numerous, often conflicting, media sources with critical thinking, to become ACTUALLY informed,” is a nice summary of “The Basic Responsibility of All American Citizens.”

If all American citizens were to take this responsibility seriously, the Democrat Party’s electoral viability would evaporate overnight.

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “A Simple Truth…

  1. Just because a person might be able to qualify for “thinking critically” does not mean the person will conclude in your favor. Critical thinking does not equal truth… but rather just an acceptance of evidence to support an opinion acquired by a measure of logical thought coupled with some level of common sense to fill in the blanks. In other words… critical thinking is all about less emotional bias in forming an opinion.
    You should try it sometime.

    1. Lol!

      Nice dig! I agree completely with your assessment of what critical thinking is. That’s why I never pretend I’m the holder of absolute truth. And, let’s be candid, if, for example, all were revealed by some universally-acknowledged higher authority, then I’m quite sure that some of my own most cherished beliefs would be shown to be nonsensical. Quite a humbling understanding!

      Unlike most, I’m quite aware that there are actually three possibilities in any debate on any issue:
      #1: The Left is right, and the Right is wrong (rare)
      #2: The Right is right, and the Left is wrong (the most common) And…
      #3: Neither is right, and there is another thing that is actually right.

      However, the entirety of the Left’s political canon of today is transparently nonsensical, and devoid of anything resembling critical thought.

      I refer, of course, to things like:
      • Everyone who disagrees with them is racist. Or sexist. Or homophobic. Or islamophobic… you know the list.
      • Everyone who criticizes a non-white person is a racist.
      • Donald Trump is a racist. An amateur politician? Quite possibly, but a racist, obviously not.
      • The Left’s irrational favoring of abortion
      • The Left’s corrupt politicization of Environmentalism
      • The Left’s desire to wrest ever-increasing power for the state. Especially since the principal entity responsible for oppression over the millennia has been the state.
      • The Left’s new-found love for euthanasia, and getting rid of Granny.
      • The Left’s moronic obsession with government-run healthcare
      • … and so forth, and drearily so on.

      Every single one of the Left’s positions on those topics is embarrassingly stupid, is slavishly believed and echoed by the dominant media, is considered “deep thinking” by the media, by academia, by Hollywood and pop culture, and is accepted as “evolved” by Democrat-favoring voters.

      Yet, every single leftist position wouldn’t withstand the scrutiny of a semi-intelligent third-grader. If, that is, the Left were to allow a thorough public debate of these things.

      So, no, I don’t hold absolute truth, but as a society we should be able to brush aside the Santa-Claus-Unicorns-Hello-Kitty positions of today’s Left for the substanceless fluff that they are. We don’t. Therefore much more critical thinking is needed in America. And, if much more critical thinking were to come to be in America, as we stated in the original piece, the electoral viability of the Democrat Party would vanish overnight.

      By the way, we have shunted aside other leftist positions and institutions, and I think we all agree that it was a very good thing. Positions and institutions such as slavery, the KKK, segregation, Jim Crow, Lysenkoism, race-based discrimination, Eugenics (though it’s making a comeback… of course, on the Left), Naziism (yes, a leftist ideology), but the Left is doing its level best to bring them all back under different names:
      • Slavery = Democratic Socialism
      • Infanticide = A woman’s right to choose
      • Lysenkoism = Environmentalism
      • Slaughtering unnecessary old people = “Death with dignity”
      • Naziism = “Antifa” (remember our pithy phrase: “the new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism.”)
      • Serfdom = Income equality

      … and so on.

      Again, real critical thinking would — and when allowed to, routinely does — sweep away the Left’s positions on these issues easily.

      That would leave in place another dangerous thing: a monopoly of influential thinking by the Right.

      We on the Right need a strong, dynamic leftist counter-balance, not the whining, simpering, half-wits of today’s American Left.

      We need a real left-wing opposition precisely to allow debates over the issues to provide a thorough airing of all three of the debate possibilities enumerated above. The Left, and their minions in the media-Democrat complex, don’t ever permit this to happen.

      When we have the argument, we on the Right win the argument easily. Every time.

      The Left learned from that, not that they should bolster their thinking, but rather that they simply shouldn’t allow the argument to happen at all! Since they own the dominant media, academia, Hollywood and pop culture, the argument… doesn’t happen.

      That’s a very bad thing. Our position on issues is always the best position of the debate, but it might not be the best position of all!

      So, yeah, your barb is right on the nose… we all should try “it” (critical thinking) more… never less.

      The problem is that the Left forces any debate to happen on such an infantile level, that it’s difficult to get a substantive word past the media-Democrat complex censors.

      Observe it for yourself. Every time, and I mean every time someone from the Right, for example, criticizes what any prominent non-white person says or does, you and I both know what happens.

      “Racist!!! followed by: Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! Racist!!! — until the offender slinks off to lick his wounds and the critique is forgotten.

      The media slavishly, stupidly and dutifully pick up the theme and no actual ideas get discussed. Worse, the completely false narrative of the Left goes un-ridiculed, and remains in its position as a legitimate statement on a legitimate issue.

      It doesn’t take a whole boatload of critical thinking to see that this is the level on which today’s political “debates” occur.

      The country can’t stand long with that as the prevailing state of discourse.

      As for me, I don’t ask much… only that one #1: debate with me honestly, as you seem to be doing. #2: Don’t call me names ( you don’t), #3: don’t question my honesty (you haven’t), #4: don’t impugn my character (you haven’t… much), #5: don’t question my motives. Just #6: tell me where what I say is wrong.

      Every leftist (with one exception) with whom I’ve debated on line went immediately to things #1-5, and avoided #6 completely.

      It’s a pattern I’ve noticed personally and nationally, and it’s getting worse, not better. The only bright spot is that a lot of Conservatives — me included — are no longer just sitting still for it, but are, as the saying goes, clapping back. Finally! Let’s hope it’s not too late!


      — x

      1. Not sure who you might be within the Praetorian blog here as I was told a while back that authors could be anyone..and some have seemed rather caustic and meandering.. but, your reply is nicely made, although I disagree with the general theme.. the Left sucks. But one thing I’ve learned over the years is that policy is generally debatable and always negotiable to compromise… and neither side I want to see have any sort of long term political monopoly. I have no problem with the swing of the proverbial pendulum from presidency to presidency. We’ve lasted this long as a nation with it and we are the one’s carry the big stick because of it. The problem exists now is that there a general mood brought on by Trump. While I am a card-carrying Republican I in no way want anything to do with this guy… or his version of Trump nationalism.
        Your reply to me was a fair one… but you realize it was all about “they”… the demons and villains who want to tear down America… as the Right constantly echos. The 60% who dislike Trump are also fellow Americans… and not all of them are Lefties… and most important, are no more or less “patriotic” than you or I.. or Trump himself.

        1. Hi, Doug! I’m the same one who usually interacts with you.

          Nice reply, with which I have very little disagreement. I’d ask you, however, to reply as I hoped you would: tell me where what I said was wrong.

          First a quick reaction to what you said:
          • “Policy is generally debatable.”
          — Wrong: policy is always debatable. 🙂 I think you and I probably agree on my restatement of your assertion.
          • “neither side I want to see have any sort of long term political monopoly.”
          — I think I said the same thing when I stated that we on the Right need a legitimate leftist political opposition.
          • As far as the “swing of the pendulum” is concerned, please search “The xPraetorius Curve” in our pages, for a surprising different perspective.
          • “The problem exists now is that there a general mood brought on by Trump.”
          — I agree about the general mood, but I think I made a persuasive case that the mood was not brought on by Trump. Moreover, the mood was most definitely brought on by the Left. (read our latest post for some convincing arguments to that effect) Furthermore “the mood” that you decry predated Trump’s Presidency by quite a few decades.
          • “I in no way want anything to do with this guy… or his version of Trump nationalism.”
          — You can’t just say this without defining “Trump nationalism.” I will tell you right now that — as far as policy is concerned, there’s no such thing. There’s. obviously, what some think it is, but Trump’s so erratic that there’s no way to pinpoint a “Trump anything!”
          • The “they” who want to tear down America, are, indeed, on the Left, and the Right is correct to castigate them for trying to tear down the very country that gives these half-wits the manifold freedoms they use to undermine the country. These are not unreasonable things to say. When a brown-skinned woman whose life this country saved (Ilhan Omar), reacts by looking you square in the eye and telling you that this country hates brown-skinned people (particularly women) like her, then it’s fair to say that she is unpatriotic, ungrateful and a frickin’ idiot. We on the Right need to call an ungrateful moron an ungrateful moron a whole heckuva lot more often.

          You ragged on me in your post, so I get to rag on you in this post. No, people like Ilhan Omar are not patriots. They’re idiots. And, if we on the Right were a lot more aggressive about responding to their gutter tactics, as opposed to taking the high road all the frickin’ time, people like you wouldn’t delude yourselves that dirtbags like Ilhan Omar are patriots, rather than the racist, reactionary, Neanderthal half-wits they really are. End of ragging. But you had it coming to you! 🙂

          Now: I mentioned that I have a basic desire for these on-line interactions, most importantly: that my interlocutor tell me where I’ve said something that’s wrong. It’s not an unreasonable request.

          In my reply to you, I made some points. Can you please do me the favor of telling me which ones that I made were wrong, and why? I’ll summarize them for you:
          • I indicated that I was pretty sure that some universally-acknowledged higher authority would find many of my most cherished beliefs to be nonsensical.
          • I posited that there were three (not just two) possibilities in any debate on any issue.
          • I asserted that today’s Left’s canon is transparently nonsensical, and devoid of critical thought, and I gave a half-dozen or so examples.
          • I suggested that as a society, we ought to be able to brush aside today’s Left’s political positions as the substanceless fluff that they are.
          • I asserted that if America were to indulge in a whole lot more critical thinking, then the electoral viability of the Democrat Party would disappear overnight. Note: “overnight” means “very quickly.” I used the word “overnight” for literary/aesthetic purposes.
          • I pointed out that we have rejected (“shunted aside”) leftist positions in the past, and that we all agree that that was a good thing. I gave examples.
          • I stated that we on the Right need a legitimate leftist counter-balance so that we no longer hold a monopoly on all the intelligent policy thinking, as we do now.
          • I observed that the Left is aggressively engaged in stifling debate on the issues, because when they allow a debate to happen… they inevitably lose.
          • I also observed that the Left forces any debate to happen on an infantile level.

          So, can you please tell me which of these assertions is wrong, and why?


          — x

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