Joaquin Castro is a Complete Idiot… We Have Proof

Read this and you’ll understand: Joaquin Castro is a complete idiot. And a demented racist at that. In other words… a prominent Democrat.

Here’s a paragraph from the above-linked feature:

Maybe someone should remind Castro that throwing around baseless accusations that people are white supremacists is why the thugs in Antifa feel justified in hospitalizing a gay, Asian-American journalist. They’re just fighting white supremacy, you see, and politicians like Castro help them justify their violence. Never mind; he doesn’t care.

Our reaction: Yep. The part that sums it all up: “Never mind; he doesn’t care.

Oh, by the way… the idiot Castro accused Laura Ingraham, who’s adopted three children from Guatemala, of being a “white supremacist.”

Frickin’ moron.

When the Left goes full jackass, it’s something to see! It’s long since gone beyond tedious, though.

— xPraetorius


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