Again! The Left Shows How Violent and Goonish They Are — You Only Have To Recognize It

We’ve said it often in these pages: The Left admit quite openly that they’re stupid, or that they’re goons, or thugs, or frauds, or power-mad psychos. The Left frequently admit that they’re wrong, that they’re out of arguments, that such arguments as they have are feeble, that they’re deeply, deeply insecure in their beliefs. Why? Easy: If they really believed that they were right, they’d welcome with enthusiasm a free and open debate. Instead we see the Left, time and time and time and time again, shutting down, running from, avoiding, evading, shucking and jiving away from… real, substantive debate.

We’ve often posed the question (here for example): What are they afraid of? If their ideas are so solid, so intelligent, so thoroughly supported by facts and logic, what are they afraid of?

Welp. They did it again here.

The headline in the above-linked piece at is: “Red Hen Restaurant Owner Defends Server Who Spit On Eric Trump At Chicago Cocktail Bar

The piece tells how Eric Trump, the President’s son, went into a Chicago restaurant and a server spat at him.

Do you remember when that kind of thing happened to Sarah Sanders, the outgoing Presidential Press Secretary? Sanders and her family were eating at a Red Hen  restaurant and the owner of the restaurant kicked them all out. Remember what the Left did when the incident became widely-known? Well, for the most part, they… defended the goonish restaurant owner, one Stephanie Wilkinson.

In fact, lots of them came out and actually warned members of the Trump Administration that they’d better not try to go out themselves, because they’d be targeted for the same kind of, let’s face it, goonish behavior. Furthermore, these same goons encouraged other people to assault Trump Admin members in this way, whenever they encountered them.

So, back to Eric Trump and the incident with the server in Chicago that the Red Hen owner is defending. Here’s a paragraph from the Daily Wire piece about this incident:

Stephanie Wilkinson penned an op-ed in The Washington Post Saturday (here) claiming, at first, that “no one in the [restaurant] industry condones the physical assault of a patron,” but goes on to warn that Trump administration officials and others associated with President Donald Trump’s policies should know that assault and battery is a definite possibility every time they choose to patronize an unfamiliar establishment.

Read the red-highlighted part again. It’s an admission, by someone who knows, that the Left all over the country are brainless apes who are willing to assault people based on nothing more than political differences of opinion.

It’s an astonishing admission, but also a highly credible one. Why? The woman making the admission has already done it herself… to Sarah Sanders.


As we’ve often said in these pages: the Left admit their own many deficiencies of intellect and of character all the time. All you have to do is recognize it. It’s all right there, and it’s frequently right out in the open, and not difficult at all to see. Oh, they don’t know thy’re doing it, because, well, they’re too stupid. But they do it all the time.

This woman — Stephanie Wilkinson — took the time to write an entire op-ed — about 800 words — in the Washington Post that could all be distilled down to the following 21 words: “I’m really stupid! And there are a whole lot of people across America who are just as stupid as I am!

Poor self-awareness-deprived, IQ-deficient Stephanie didn’t need to write anything more than that. Most leftists, when they write things about their “thinking,” don’t need to write anything more than that.

— xPraetorius

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