What Alyssa Milano Really Said

By way of background, several states recently adopted “heartbeat” laws. These are laws that limit abortion to that time before the baby’s heartbeat becomes discernible by doctor’s equipment. This means that if you want to slaughter your baby, you’d best do it before 6-7 weeks into your pregnancy.

Well, this really irritated deep-thinker and philosopher Alyssa Milano(1). She suggested that all the women of Georgia, one of the states that implemented such a law, withhold sex from their (presumably male) partners, until Georgia repealed the law.

Milano tweeted the suggestion, so was unable, in 280 characters, to express all the nuance she’d have needed to, so as to avoid triggering any of the leftist, intersectional harpy brigade. (Hence, our “presumably male” note, above) Hence, she ticked off nearly everyone.

Frankly, in order not to have ticked off anyone, Milano would have had to compose her tweet, then write 9,462 more tweets worth of disclaimers to indemnify her from the various harpies.

The gays and transgenders whacked her for the thing that I just pointed out — the “presumably male” thing. They snidely asked poor Alyssa if gays and lesbians could continue to have sex. Or, they churlishly asked her on behalf of gay couples, which one was going to be withholding sex from the other. That one got a little funny.

The transies had some fun, asking publicly whether one member of a trans couple could identify as the other sex for the duration of the law, thereby making them a gay or lesbian couple. And so on…

The Left pilloried Milano because she unsubtly, and certainly unwittingly, confessed that women use sex as a commodity, as a tool, as currency that they spend, or not, in order to get their way in relationships with men.

The Right openly guffawed, gleefully pointing out that Milano had inadvertently proven their point: abstinence works! Or, if the women of Georgia were to be denied the right to slaughter their babies, then they’d have no sex at all. No sex, no babies to slaughter, no problem, right?

Oops. Not where our intrepid Alyssa was trying to go.

They all kinda got it right. The Right got it 100% right, but missed a key point. The Left was right: Milano did say that women use sex as a tool, as currency to use in order to get their way. The gay and transgender crazies got it right too. Milano forgot all about them, and her tweet suggested that the only sex around was that between a man and a woman.

All that stuff is… Thing 1.

The important thing that they all missed was Thing 2:

Thing 2: Alyssa Milano’s tweet was a confession of two things: #1: she’s a straight female. She likes having sex with dudes. #2: She, Alyssa Milano, actually does use sex as currency that she uses to get her way.

Look, I’m a dude, and I’ve dated women like this. There’s a presumption on the part of most women that they are all that, and that men are all looking at them, wanting them, lusting over them all the time.

I’m going to make a deep, dark confession on behalf of the vast majority of men: we very, very frequently feign sexual interest in order not to hurt women’s feelings. Very frequently. We do it with intimate partners, and even in casual conversation, where you’ll hear men confess laughingly things like, “C’mon, let’s face it, all men are pigs.” We don’t really mean it, but we’re expected to say it, so we do… thereby helping to perpetuate the myth that all women are sexually desirable to men, all the time, and all men are controlled by their out-of-control sexual urges.


Most of the time it’s just dudes doing whatever they can to protect the fragile female ego. Better to make her (them collectively) feel sexually desirable than to tell her (them collectively) the actual truth and suffer those consequences!(2)

All of which is to say that men at least, believe widely that Milano is right; that women do use sex as a tool — withholding it or granting it — in order to bribe or extort their men into doing what the women want them to do.

It gets worse for Milano. Her confession lets another big cat publicly out of the bag. Since she confessed, as we pointed out, that she herself uses sex as a tool to suit her purposes, well then the obvious implication is: she’s not the only one

More, though: Milano was saying that women in general — lots and lots and lots of them — use sex as currency to get their way in their lives. In fact, thinks Milano, enough women think and act that way in Georgia that they’d be able to overturn the will of the legislature for the entire state! What other women believe that kind of thing?!? My guess: Most of ’em.

Presumably, Milano thinks this is true for all the other states as well. There’s no way around it: Alyssa Milano thinks, and is not alone in thinking, that most American women think of sex as a tool to use to get their way in life.

Is it true? Or is it more likely that Alyssa Milano is just a shallow, ignorant, sexist moron, with a soapbox far larger than her intellect would warrant, who’s also outed herself as a  sexually manipulative jerk?(3)

— xPraetorius


(1) Sarcasm

(2) Why am I spilling the secrets of the Vast Male Conspiracy? Simple: I’m doing it anonymously. Potential women friends won’t know it was I who penned this. Also, the real reason: I’ve always leveled with all my women friends. Some have laughed about it, and gone right on disbelieving it. Some have denied it, telling me I’m wrong, and  have even started in on vast exposés to me about what men think and feel. To me… a man.

I always find it funny when women tell me what men think and feel; which happens quite frequently, by the way. Usually, when I remind them that, as a man, I might possess insights into the topic that they’re absolutely incapable of having, I’ve encountered either silence or hostility. None of them liked it. Some allowed me to ask them the obvious question: “What if I were to try to tell you how women think and feel?

That’s an interesting commentary in itself. I’ve never met a single women, with whom I’ve discussed this topic, who was comfortable with the notion that I, a man, might know more about men in general, than they.

(3) One can’t rule out the possibility that both are true. Alyssa Milano likely is a shallow, sexually manipulative jerk, and it’s entirely possible that American women do use, or at least try to use, sex as currency to use to get their way. I’ve certainly dated plenty of women who were that way. Furthermore, I’ve dated more than my fair share of women who subscribe utterly and unquestioningly to the idiotic feminist caricature of men out there. And I’ve dated woman around the world and from around the world. It’s been true more often than not.

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