Gay is Good? Not According to Scientists… or You

Is homosexuality really a good thing? Are gays just misunderstood, and put upon because of it? Well…

Do a little thought exercise with me.

What if one day scientists noticed a very strange behavior by, say, dogs.

What if, when female dogs came into heat, all male dogs showed no interest in the females? What would, what should, scientists conclude from this odd thing? What would you conclude from it?

Don’t worry; it’s not a trick question. To the contrary. In fact, the answer’s actually pretty easy: Scientists would conclude that something cataclysmically disastrous had happened to canines such that — absent human intervention — it would mean the extinction of our furry best friends… in about 20 years, or so. Scientists would conclude, quite logically, that something had gone very, very wrong in the heads of the hypothetical dogs above.

You’d think that too.

In order for you to conclude otherwise, you’d have to twist yourself into intellectualizing knots, and put your brain through gymnastic hoops the likes of which would likely render you catatonic for a very long time. At the end of which you’d be reduced to a bunch of meaningless, incoherent flapdoodle that you’d try to pass off as sophisticated argumentation, and if I didn’t see it, well then I’m a bigot and… you know the rest.

In other words: anything that would cause the males of a species to lose interest in the females of that species, or vice versa, represents, obviously, nothing less than an extinction-level problem for that species.

There was a time when human scientists understood this quite well. Actually, up until only very recently, the American Psychological Association defined homosexuality as a mental disorder. Scientists still understand this quite well, but — as Michael Ovitz once put it so succinctly (all the way back in 2002!) — the Gay Mafia has bullied and cowed them into silence and acquiescence.

Yet, we know quite well that if any other animal on the planet were to adopt homosexuality in a widespread way, it would kill off that species as surely as if they’d been hunted or globally warmed to death. Much more quickly, in fact.

So, why is a behavior that’s existentially hazardous to any other species… just okay for humans? How does a behavior that in any other species is a serious mental disorder, become just fine in human beings? Not only okay, and fine, but something “to be celebrated?

It’s almost as if certain groups — say, some scientists, leftists, pro-deathers, the pro-euthanasia nuts, the new eugenecists, environmentalists — want to get rid of a bunch of humans…

A brief aside: in this post, we pointed out what we predicted would be the next big thing on the political Left: “Regenerative Economics.” Oh, it’s just the same old, ugly, murderous, horror that we know as: Socialism, only now with a catchy, pretty new name. “Regenerative Economics” calls for a “Steady State” population. A population that holds its numbers steady.

Oh, I forgot: the enlightened élite who would impose “Regenerative Economics” on us insist that the world population ought to hold steady at a level way, way, way lower than it is now.

Well, one way to make that happen is if you make it so that men aren’t interested in women anymore. Or at least in having babies with women anymore. Feminism, #MeToo, Gayness and American Family Law are going a very long way to moving that particular agenda forward in America.

What have we long said about the Left — the champions of the Gaying of America? This: Anytime the Left takes a position on an issue someone — or millions of someones — ends up dead.

A couple of final points: We apologize for the clickbait headline, but we believe that it’s correct. If all dogs — or any other species — went gay tomorrow, no scientist on earth would try to pretend that it would be a good thing. We simply pointed that out.

Furthermore, we figured that if we included you in the headline, then you’d recognize what we were trying to do: state the uncontroversially obvious. After all, no one should ever presume to say he knows what anyone else is thinking, or to speak on anyone else’s behalf… unless, that is, it’s to say something as self-evident as what I’ve said here.

Next: our header banner in no way indicates that we should mistreat homosexuals. It is important to note, however, that when someone is properly understood to be crazy, no one on earth suggests that the proper treatment of that person is to pretend that his craziness is normal or even okay. It obviously should not be… “celebrated.”

I believe we’re all “crazy,” but that the vast majority of us have bought into the social contract, and have the self-control necessary, to keep our various crazinesses largely to ourselves, to the confines of our minds, or of our bedrooms and homes. That’s what allows me to say that homosexuality is crazy, while declining to stand in judgment of homosexuals… because none of us would be able to withstand a tight scrutiny of our own lives and minds.

This state-of-mind, by the way, is the state-of-mind that all nagging, scolding, wretched harpies — in the rapidly growing swarm of nagging, scolding, wretched harpies out there — ought to adopt.

And: So, how, properly, should we treat gays? Easy: with kindness, compassion, respect, dignity… the same way we ought to treat anyone with an illness of any kind.

The same way we ought to treat anyone. Full stop.

More: I — we here at our small but increasingly influential think tank —  have gay friends — quite a few of them — all of whom know what my (our) opinions are on the matter of homosexuality, and all of whom are grateful that I’m (we’re) honest with them.

Finally, gay friends have confided in me that my attitude toward homosexuality is refreshing, because they know that there are plenty of people out there who disapprove of their lifestyle choices and sexual preference much more militantly than I do, but who wouldn’t dare say anything about it because of the very “Gay Mafia” to which Michael Ovitz referred (see above).

These others, the ones who object vociferously to homosexuality, but are not allowed to express themselves openly, are, many gays believe, much more dangerous than people like us here at TPWG, who openly disapprove of homosexuality.

— xPraetorius

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