Should We Try Slavery Again?

You know… try it again and see if we can get it right this time. Last time, it didn’t work out. Lots of people got mistreated, and we had to fight a war to get rid of it.

But, that’s alright… why don’t we just try it again, only this time don’t abuse people, and no war. Shouldn’t we just try to give it another go?

Of course not!

Then why on earth would we want to let Socialism have a shot in America?!?

Socialism has completely mucked up every single, solitary country where it’s ever gained a significant foothold. Every one. No exceptions. And every time with inconceivably deadly consequences for the populations of those wretched countries.

  • Socialism killed more people in the last century alone than were murdered by centuries of the slave trade. More than 10 times more!
  • In truth, slavery really is Socialism. Remember: under Socialism, the principal tenet is: no one owns anything, and since you don’t own anything, you can’t purchase anything, so you don’t, really, need to be paid. Sounds a lot like slavery to me.
  • In the Soviet Union, there was a saying well before the wretched Soviet system collapsed. It went like this: They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work. That sounds like slavery to me too.
  • The death toll from Socialism is beyond staggering:
    • Soviet Union: 40-60 million.
    • Red China: 60-80 million
    • Cambodia: one third of the country’s population!
    • Countless hundreds of thousands in Africa. That slaughter continues.
    • Countless tens of thousands in Latin America. That slaughter continues.
  • Socialism is slowly strangling Europe, which is now importing hordes of young muslim men, and issuing warnings to women not to go out at night in the biggest cities.
  • Socialism brought Greece to its knees, and the people are finding their next meals in dumpsters.
  • Everywhere it’s gone it’s bankrupted every country in which it has been the dominant political tendency… and it slaughtered millions in the process.

At its very best, Socialism thoroughly stifles economic, social and political mobility through massive regulation and and bureaucratic overload. Socialism’s answer to the  phrase: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is, “The rich get poor and the poor stay poorexcept, that is, for a tiny minority of fabulously wealthy at the top.” Socialists call this: “Progress.”

At its worst, though: Socialism beggars the population, slaughters those who complain about it, and concentrates power in the hands of a tiny oligarchy at the top of a seething pile of wretched human misery, while it steadily converts its people into concentration camp inmates.

Socialism is the 20th and 21st Centuries’ equivalent of… the plague. With apologies to Poe, it should be called: The Red Death. (Or was Poe predicting Socialism?)

So, should we try slavery again? See if we can get it right this time? Well, guess what: we are! We’re going to give slavery another go here in America! Only this time around we’re going to call it Socialism.” ‘Cause giving something a pretty name always makes it all okay!

— xPraetorius

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