There’s No Way to Minimize This…

### Bernie Sanders Visited — and Praised — the Most Murderous, Bloodthirsty Régime of the 20th Century ###

The casual reader of that sub-headline will think to himself, “Sanders visited, and praised, Nazi Germany?!? Can that be right? Is he that old?”

He’s old, but no, he’s not that old. Sanders, the doddering old idiot, went on his honeymoon in 1988 to the Soviet Union.

The Soviet bastards are the régime that killed more — way more — of its people (per capita) — in peacetime — than any other régime in human history. And we learn in this piece how he went to that place, the country where the government murdered tens upon tens of millions of people because they thought that some central all-knowing authority should control everyone’s day-to-day activities. All of everyone’s day-to-day activities.

And they did, by the way. Control everyone’s day-to-day activities, that is. From the moment they awoke to the moment their heads hit the pillow at night. Scratch that… the all-knowing, all-seeing central authority watched people as they slept too.

If you read Akeksandr Solzhenitsyn’s magesterial Gulag Archipelago, as I have — in the original Russian, the French and the English (the Thomas Whitney translation is the  best, IMHO) — you come out of that… scarred. If you don’t come out of it scarred, you should check yourself into a loony bin somewhere.

The Gulag Archipelago… it’s the chronicle of the most bloodthirsty, murderous, gruesome death camp system (per capita) in human history.

That’s the same régime — a régime of corrupt, power-mad, self-obsessed, bloodthirsty, vicious bastards — to which Bernie Sanders paid fulsome tribute back in 1988.

I could have visited the Soviet Union back in 1988 too. I was an adult then. But I didn’t. Oh, I was idealistic too; every bit as idealistic. But I never, ever, not ever, went in 1988 to visit the régime that made Adolf Hitler look like a Campfire Girl.

Interestingly, in 1988 the ghastly Soviet régime was fixin’ to implode and give up the very same ghost that every single such régime has had to give up throughout history(1).

Here are a couple of very instructive, interesting reads: Tout empire périra. Or: L’empire Eclaté.

When we Conservatives read them, they make our blood run cold.

— xPraetorius


(1) One would think that that particular ghost would be getting tired by now.










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