This is What My Brother Did…


Well, he was in the same unit. He was a drum major for the Old Guard Presidential Honor Guard. The guys shown in the video above are a special subset of the Old Guard.

There are some who say that before my brother was killed, he was the finest fifer and drum major, the Old Guard had seen in living memory.

No, he wasn’t killed in action, just a car accident back in 1979, but at the age of 19 when he died, he was already more decorated than most combat veterans.

Due to his astonishing musical abilities and his skill in leading the Old Guard’s parade formations, he’d accumulated a goodly number of powerful and influential friends and fans during his brief tenure with the Old Guard.

Some, or one, of those friends (rumor was that it was President Carter) made some arrangements and my brother received a funeral and burial, with full military honors, as if he’d died in combat.

— xPraetorius


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