In these pages, we often do posts that focus on problems or catastrophes or human misbehavior and perfidy. It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that there are heroes too.

Lots of them.

We lose some of them — like Riley Howell and Kendrick Castillo — and that’s heartbreaking. Let’s never forget, though, that the fact of their heroism is immensely uplifting. And potentially life-saving beyond the time of their own heroic acts!

Here’s a piece about heroes, like Riley and Kendrick, who just might play an important role in bringing about a massively important change in this country: the elimination of mass shootings.

As we’ve often said in these pages, mass shootings are a fad (the above-linked writer terms them a “contagion” — I like our term better), and like a fad, they can be stopped with the same kind of forces, social forces, that launch them in the first place.

The author of the above-linked piece, David French, tells of a number of heroes who, in the face of extreme peril to their own lives, took action that saved lives. In so doing, they may have unleashed the very forces needed finally to consign these terrible things to the past.

French makes the point that, just as with any fad, when people start to turn against it, and the perceived social gain of participating in the fad disappears, so does the fad.

Shooters are looking for notoriety and a kind of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid brand of glamor. If all they get for their troubles is a few grams of lead and an anonymous, ignominious demise, then they won’t do it in the first place.

Remember these names:

  • Riley Howell
  • Lori Gilbert-Kaye
  • Juan Carlos Nazario
  • Bryan Whittle
  • Stephen Willeford
  • Kendrick Castillo
  • James Shaw, Jr

It’s worth noting that in saving others’ lives, and in sometimes losing their own, these people just might have saved your life too — by being a big reason for why a potential gunman decides not to go on a rampage in the first place.

— xPraetorius


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