You Must Replace Something Bad with… Something Better

 — Or It’s Not Worth Replacing It At All — 

Years and years and years ago we said that simple thing. It shouldn’t be all that controversial.

We’ve repeated that like a mantra many times in these pages.

When we said it for the first time, it was before the internet and blogs, and it was in the context of the unrest in apartheid South Africa, and we said that apartheid — the system of racial segregation and oppression that minority white South Africans imposed on the country — had to be scrapped, and the sooner the better.

But, we cautioned, whatever was to replace apartheid should at least be better than what it was replacing. We further noted that many in the African National Congress were Socialists and Communists, which is always deeply troubling. Especially on a continent already so ravaged and abused by the depredations of Socialism.

If you read this — “In new S. Africa, some in ‘Coloured’ community nostalgic for apartheid”  — you get the sinking feeling that South Africa wasn’t even able to improve on apartheid!

See if you can guess at the primary complaint of the “coloured” people — ie mixed-race people — in South Africa. Yep: racial discrimination. A kind of “apartheid” if you will, with the “coloured” peoples marginalized in ghettoes outside of and apart from the more prosperous cities, and forced to live in squalor with little prospect of escape.

We’ve said it of this country: “The new racists are the ones waving the banner of anti-racism.” Apparently, that’s the case in South Africa as well.

The new racist rulers of South Africa are the ones who were waving the banner of anti-racism several short years ago in the time of apartheid. How very sad. How very predictable. We predicted it all the way back in 1994!

— xPraetorius



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