AOC Beclowns Herself Again

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) really is an idiot. First she’s a Socialist, which makes her either a bloodthirsty madwoman or an idiot. We prefer the more charitable “idiot.” Then she makes transparently anti-semitic statements. Then she loudly condemns the mosque shooting in New Zealand while remaining deathly silent on the mass murder of Christians in Sri Lanka. Then she regurgitates idiotic statement after idiotic statement about the economy, foreign affairs, history… you name the subject. She has an education —  she’s a graduate of Boston University — but she has no learning, knowledge, perspective, or ability to engage in critical thinking. In other words: she’s a credentialed idiot. America universities are turning our more and more of these half-wits every year.

Let’s recap how she beclowned herself this time:

  • A white nationalist (apparently) gunman goes into a synagogue and opens fire killing one and injuring four more.
  • The gunman was then shot, but not killed, by “an off duty U.S. Border Patrol agent who is now said to have prevented a significantly worse tragedy from taking place.
  • The gunman flees, but is apprehended shortly thereafter.
  • AOC immediately (yep: three hours later!) came out with a tweet demanding, you guessed it: gun control.

No surprise, really. Every totalitarian — mini and maxi — throughout history has implemented gun control, or its equivalent, in his country. Stalin famously summed it up for dictators everywhere: “We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?

Numerous times in these pages, we’ve suggested ways to prevent these types of shootings from happening. Every time — every time! — someone has done what we’ve suggested, the gunman has been prevented from carrying out his mission any further.

Lives have been saved. You don’t hear about that because, simply, lives not lost are also… not news. AOC, though is too stupid to understand that all the stuff out there that’s not news is every bit as important, if not more so, then what is news.

Our idea worked perfectly in, I think it was Arizona, where some brave soul staged a “Draw Mohammed” contest that a couple of local terrorists thought they’d like to shoot up. A dude with a gun was there and took them both out, and no one — except the inept, would-be terrorists — was injured.

This synagogue shooting should be, like nearly everything in life, instructive. The leaders of every synagogue in the country should look at this incident, and announce publicly, loudly and prominently that they’re hiring armed security personnel to keep an eye on their building and their congregations. So should every church.

Whether or not they even actually do it.

Guess what’ll happen. All of a sudden — surprise, surprise! — there won’t be any mass shootings at synagogues or churches anymore!

We suggested a way to do this safely at schools too. These morons who decide to shoot up a “soft target” are looking for precisely that: soft targets. A soft target is one that doesn’t resist and, of course, doesn’t shoot back. These psychos aren’t going anywhere near a place where there’s a good chance that when he starts shooting… there’ll be someone there who’ll shoot right back!

There’s vastly more evidence that gun-wielding good guys prevent far more deaths and injuries than armed bad guys cause. In vain can one argue that if there were no guns in the first place, then there would be no gun violence. “No guns” is a pipe dream. The bad guys don’t give the teentsiest-weentsiest hoot about gun control legislation. They’re licking their chops in anticipation that half-wits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will have their way, and turn the entire nation into one big soft target.

— xPraetorius

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