American Samizdat


We’re thinking of changing the name of our blog to “American Samizdat.” To get out in front of what we see coming down the pike.

If you read this — MALKIN: Questions For Chase (Away) Bank — you’ll recognize that the time to begin to address the very real possibility that some, including this blog, will soon be forced to publish clandestinely is long, long in the past.

Michelle Malkin tells the story of one Enrique Tarrio, a Conservative Hispanic man who sells Conservative-oriented and pro-Trump gear. Chase Manhattan Bank apparently closed Tarrio’s account at Chase because of his political views.

There is no substantive difference between debanking Enrique Tarrio and refusing to serve black people at lunch counters in the Jim Crow-era South.

Read this well: It’s entirely possible that this country, the greatest country that’s ever existed, could soon be turned into a left-wing hellhole the likes of which the world has never seen. And people of a Conservative persuasion will have to publish their thinking in Samizdat form.

Samizdat — from the Russian for “self-publish” — refers to the practice by Soviet dissidents of documenting the depredations of the Soviet régime, and publishing their findings themselves… sometimes writing or typing them out, individual copy by individual copy.

Needless to say, anyone who did this kind of thing placed him or herself at great peril in the police state that was the Soviet Union.

Remember, the world has already seen left-wing hellholes called:

  • Red China (60-80 million murdered)
  • The Soviet Union (40-60 million murdered)
  • Cambodia (1/3rd of the population murdered)
  • North Korea (a countrywide concentration camp)
  • Vietnam
  • Cuba
  • The ongoing humanitarian disasters that are Venezuela and…
  • Nearly the entire continent of Africa.

All because of the triumph of leftism in those benighted countries.

Chase Manhattan Bank closes the accounts of — debanks — people who hold political beliefs that Chase management doesn’t like(1). That is, of course, worse than just illegal… it’s evil.

What’s next, Stop and Shop refusing to allow Conservatives into their stores? Internet Service Providers refusing to allow Conservatives to have an internet connection? I believe this last one to be a very strong possibility. I know that if the American Left had their way, they absolutely would deny an internet connection to such as us at our small, but increasingly influential think tank. Remember: there’s a very strong current in the American Left to abolish the First Amendment’s free speech protections.

This is nothing less than squashing free speech by stealth, since any overt attempts to do so would meet with overwhelming resistance.

Enrique Tarrio should sue, in a  loud, splashy way… and for very big bucks.

This, and variations of this, are the real Civil Rights issues of our times.

— xPraetorius


(1) It should go without saying that presumably a significant portion of the employee base of Chase Manhattan Bank is sympathetic politically and philosophically with Enrique Tarrio. These people are being abused by their employer’s acting contrary to their interests and beliefs.

We saw this take place at Facebook too, which now has a small but growing internal organization that bravely calls themselves Conservative.

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