Horrific Contradictions

Yesterday, I read with a painful jolt this headline: Rising British actress Mya-Lecia Naylor dies suddenly at age 16.

Oh, my goodness! Sixteen years old! How awful! How inconceivably horrible for her, for her loved ones and friends! I’d never heard of her until she died, but I still can’t describe how just awful it is to read such a thing!

Then, I read this headline: “Australian Civil Liberties group supports child euthanasia.”

On the one hand, a child’s death is seen, rightly, as a deeply painful tragedy. On the other hand… people in Australia want to kill children. Some years back, we did a post called, “Monsters Among Us,” about Kermit Gosnell. Interestingly, it was on Good Friday, six years ago! It became a bit of a series (here), and it certainly rings truer than ever now!

Here in the 21st Century, we have people — “Civil Liberties” groups! — hoping to be able to kill children legally in Australia!

The first story — 16-year old actress dies — is horrible… the other — Civil Liberties groups supports killing children — is even more horrible; because it’s obviously inconceivable in a civilized society.

In the first story, no one was trying to kill Mya Lecia Naylor. More, I’m sure that if possible, first responders of every stripe, family members, friends, neighbors, would all — no exceptions — have made extraordinary efforts to save young Mya’s life if they’d had the opportunity. In the second story, people will make extraordinary efforts to… kill children.

In the first story, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people — me included! — wish fervently they could have done something to prevent the loss of young Mya. In the second story, hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of people approve the killing of children.

Now, finally, at long last, I understand how Nazi prison camp guards during World War II could come home from a ghastly day of slaughtering Jews, Gypsies, Catholics and homosexuals, and cry bitter tears at the death of the family dog.

There’s an “Alternative History” series on cable called “The Man in the High Castle.” It imagines a world in which Hitler’s Nazis had won World War II. I’m not so sure anymore that it’s alternative history.

— xPraetorius

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