Pithy Passages from our Pages — Part VIII

We’ve had a lot of back-and-forths with “Brothawolf” (we call him “BW” for short) over the past few years, and we’ve finally decided to distance ourselves from him. The following “Pithy Passage” is one that we posted in response to a post of his in which he said, bluntly, “I don’t give a f##k.”

BW was fond of that phrase, and used it often. In retrospect, it’s one of the reasons he’s as ignorant, bigoted and ugly as he is. A simple principle of life is: You need to give a f##k.

That’s not how we speak or write here at our small but increasingly influential think tank, so at least for the moment and unfortunately only temporarily, , let’s dispense with that kind of gutter vocabulary.

Now, less colorfully perhaps, a core principle of a life well-lived: you need to care deeply about yourself, about others around you, about constantly growing, learning, becoming better, about love, life, happiness, sadness, about people, their problems, their triumphs and tragedies, their very selves, about the dirt, the rocks, the mountains, the rivers, valleys and streams… about everything.

You must never, ever, ever, not evernot … give a f##k. Ever. More to the point, you must never allow that phrase, or one related to it to cross your lips, to emanate from your pen, your keyboard or anything else in your life. We know that… if you’re reading this, it’s likely you know it too. We told Brothawolf that too (here)”

Your quote: “I don’t give a f##k” should be embarrassing. You should “give a f##k”… a massive, empathetic, emphatic, thoughtful, seeking, curious, searching, self-improving, growth-bringing f##k.

That you don’t is a huge discredit to you.

The half-witted phrase “I don’t give a f##k” should never, ever, ever cross the lips of any person. Not ever. Ever.

You, and all people, should always give a f##k.

— xPraetorius








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