Pithy Passages from our Pages — Part VI

As we grow older the fairy tales and fantasies that we believe simply become more elaborate, and are surrounded with more sophisticated words written and said by ever more serious and older personages.

Eugenics, Environmentalism, Evolution, Global Warming, Climate Change, Marxism, Socialism, Institutional Racism, Micro-aggressions, Political Correctness, Gay is Okay, He is She and She is He, and Trans is Grand!… these are the Santa Clauses and their eight tiny, flying reindeer for the sophisticated, grown-up American adult. And the ones who believe in these Santa Clauses are just as emotionally attached to, and  vehement in their defense of, their Santa Clauses, as we were of ours as children.

— xPraetorius

7 thoughts on “Pithy Passages from our Pages — Part VI

  1. I wonder if it would be fair -x to include in your catalog of offenses- the innocent plea entered into the court and begged by the earth – as charged by modern day prosecutors- of having committed the egregious offenses of moving outside its stable foundation- and oops- spinning at 1,035 mph while orbiting at another dizzying speed of 67,000mph- without upsetting birds, whales, airplanes, submarines, people, or even the great witness, Mt Everest?

    Just sayin. 🙂

  2. We entertain all innocent pleas!

    I mean if it says it’s not doin’ it, then I think we should listen to it!

    Seems only fair.


    As I might have mentioned a while back, I can’t prove that the earth is careening around the sun at that breathtaking rate, much less gallivanting about the galaxy at that other breakneck pace. If I do believe it, and I guess I do, I have to confess that I take it on faith.

    Oh, I’ve read all the materials on red shifting and spectral analyses and all those grand and glorious things, but even the scientists who teach these things in class, when pressed a bit, all admit that their scientific “understandings” are all based on fundamental premises that they accept on faith, and on nothing more than that.

    I loved, loved, loved my astronomy class in college, and have eaten and drunk astronomy for many years since. But, my astronomy professor — Dr. Cordell was his name — admitted that everything he was teaching us was based on his faith that, for example, what was believed about red shifting was indeed true. And that their measurements of that red shifting were indeed accurate, and unaffected by any stuff in the trillions of miles between here and the thing being measured.

    I asked him the egg question: “If you drop 1,000,000 eggs off a 100-story building, one at a time, onto the pavement below and each egg, as predicted, breaks, are the chances 100% that the 1,000,001st egg will break when you drop it from the same height?”

    He said, “No, there is a non-zero chance that the egg will not break.”

    I asked him, the extended question: “Then what are the chances that the laws of physics will act according to how you understand them 100% of the time?”

    He replied (needless to say, I’m paraphrasing… it’s been some years), “The laws of physics are the laws of physics, and they will always behave the same every time.”

    “But,” I argued, “what about the egg that doesn’t break?”

    “That,” he stated confidently, “would be something else happening… a rogue gust of wind or something.”

    “Or,” riposted I, “it could be that physicists don’t understand the laws of physics either perfectly or completely.”

    He replied again, “That’s a sure thing. We don’t know the laws of physics either perfectly or completely.”

    “Then,” I fired back, “it could be some aspect of physics that you don’t understand or that you understand imperfectly, that’s responsible for the 1,000,001st egg’s survival after the 100-story fall, right?”

    “Yep,” quoth he.

    “And, you could be completely wrong about all these things you’re teaching us in these classes, right?”

    Quoth the prof.: “Yep again. There is, indeed, a non-zero chance that what I’m teaching you all is just a load of horse-hockey. In fact it’s likely.”

    He then went on to explain that scientific understandings were being overturned every day as (1) instruments became more sophisticated and able to measure to finer detail, and (2) basic understandings taught as truths… were simply overturned… shown to be wrong.

    (I remember that he liked the terms “non-zero” and “horse-hockey.” He was one of my favorite profs, and as you can tell, we got along famously.)

    The point: When pressed, a scientist — an honest scientist — will admit that much of what they teach is entirely faith-based, and much of it is shown to be wrong by succeeding observations and measurements, and that much of that is destined to be overturned in succeeding years.

    Science is not nearly the “exact,” discipline that people pretend it to be.


    — x

    1. Nice extended return comment. Tkx.
      The prof seemed like a decent guy, but your egg thing was a legitimate concern.

      I do agree wholeheartedly and entirely as to your faith and scientific understanding premises. I would add that the ‘faith’ as suggested in scripture, and proven by the ‘evidence’ of the examples, is more sure than scientific theories and assumptions, because the credibility of God and His word is at stake.

      God cannot lie. It’s not that He can but chooses not to, but He cannot. Daniel WAS in the den of lions. The walls of Jericho DID crumble. The sun DID go backwards 10 degrees. Nazareth WAS a town. The Baptist DID lose his head. Christ DID rise from the dead. There WERE 500 witnesses. These are not assumptions. So our faith is strong. There is evidence.

      It is this exact principle that I hold in view -x as to the modern assumptions of science vs God’s word regarding Himself. Whom am I then to trust? When God says His earth is stable, fixed, established, having foundations, and does not move, who should I believe, a panel and table of Phd’s, or God Himself?

      This is my entire reason for questioning theories and assumptions. Apparently I am in good company with cultures who have for thousands of years believed the same things, long before Copernicus took the ball and ran, while being short of evidence. lol

      Anyway, always so good to exchange points with you, as your manner among differing views is not only commendable but envious.

      1. Many thank, CS, to one of my favorite correspondents!

        Could you please do me a favor and clarify your last sentence? I’m not sure I understand. I think I do, but I’m not sure. 🙂


        — x

        1. Just that believers should aspire to such good natured dialog when conversing, moreso, when it is far easier to paint each other as fools for drastic differences of opinion, in this, we actually should applaud such demeanor, and be envious that we too could carry our points in such a mature fashion.

          Your take on the ‘fun colorstorm’ thing, was the context, Tkx for asking though, I’m sure you were spot on. 😉

          1. Thank you!

            I’m in complete agreement as to how dialog between two people who have disagreements with each other should transpire!

            Furthermore, I suspect that our disagreements are not that deep.

            I have a hypothetical for you: I wonder how some of the false religions of the day would fare if there were two limitations on their presentation to others (1) One couldn’t kill the dissident, and (2) one couldn’t shut the dissident up.

            Interestingly, I think that quite a lot of the most popular ideas of today wouldn’t survive beyond several short years beyond their arrival on the scene.

            I’m talking about, of course, thingk like Atheism, Socialism/Fascism/Communism (the founders and practitioners of these last three all largely admitted my point by killing or silencing all their opponents), Environmentalism, Evolution, Statism, Abortion, Euthanasia, Eugenics, and more…



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