Pithy Passages from our Pages — Part V

Here’s another Pithy Passage from our Pages. We dedicate this one to our on-again/off-again friend/foe, Brothawolf:

It’s okay to be ignorant — everyone’s ignorant about lots of things — but it’s important to be intelligent about your ignorance.

Here’s how you do that: I’m mostly ignorant about the  workings of an internal combustion engine. Therefore, whenever anyone talks about such things, I admit right out that I shouldn’t be considered an authoritative source on the topic.

If pressed, I have no problem using those three important words: “I don’t know.” And I have no fear of admitting my ignorance on the subject. That’s the way to be intelligent about your ignorance.

Link: The Bright, Shining, New Face of the Democrat Party is… a Moron

Brothawolf is deeply, deeply ignorant about America, its history, its founding, its general ethos and its current condition. However, he’s so full of pride that he struggles desperately never, ever, ever to lose face. For BW, losing face would be to admit that he was wrong, or that he had said something out of ignorance, or that he… didn’t know.

Here at our small but increasingly influential think tank, we’ve never had a problem admitting that we were wrong. To believe something — potentially wrongly — and then to test our beliefs is, we think, the single most effective way to become truly educated. That is to say: to learn.

Learning — real learning — happens only when you learn real things. You know, true things. Things that are not false.

Brothawolf knows a lot of things. Things that are false. We’ve all  known a lot of false things in our lives. When I was much younger, I knew, for instance, that Santa Claus delivered billions upon billions of presents each Christmas Eve to good little boys and girls, and that he did all that with the aid of eight (or possibly nine, depending on how much credence one gave to the Rudolph story) flying reindeer.

As we grow older the fairy tales and fantasies that we believe simply become more elaborate, and are surrounded with more sophisticated words written and said by ever more serious and older personages.

Eugenics, Environmentalism, Evolution, Global Warming, Climate Change, Marxism, Socialism, Institutional Racism, Micro-aggressions, Political Correctness, Gay is Okay, He is She and She is He, and Trans is Grand!… these are the Santa Clauses and their eight tiny, flying reindeer for the sophisticated, grown-up American adult. And the ones who believe in these Santa Clauses are just as emotionally attached to, and  vehement in their defense of, their Santa Clauses, as we were of ours as children.

— xPraetorius


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