It’s Worth Repeating (3/16/19)

The post from which this snippet is taken is here. Here’s the snippet:

We on the Right still believe in limited government, a government that serves the people rather than the other way ’round. We still generally express that belief by an active suspicion of government overreach and intrusiveness. The key word is “overreach.” We still believe in government, but in a proper, and low, level of government. We still believe in personal responsibility, initiative and creativity. We still believe in the desirability of equal opportunity to succeed. And we still believe in an appropriately structured and financed safety net. We still believe in low taxes in order to guarantee a limited government. In the arena of domestic policy the phrase that sums us up the best is simple: Live and let live. That just about sums up 99.9% of the Right.


— xPraetorius

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