RGI Watch (1/19/19) — On One Level The RGI IS Right…

The great American Grievance Industry has a subset that many know as the Race Grievance Industry (RGI). They spend a lot of their time whining. They’re wrong about a whole lot of things. They say they believe that America is a seething cauldron of animosity directed mostly at black Americans by white Americans. It’s not.

They allege really, that white Americans hate, and discriminate — overtly and covertly — against anyone who’s non-white. They don’t. To the contrary.

The RGI alleges further that they’re terribly oppressed in America, and that the oppression is as bad as it’s ever been… some suggest that the oppression of black and of non-white people is as bad as it was in the time of slavery.

The leadership of the RGI knows that this is a bunch of codswallop, but the ovine foot soldiers of the RGI (people like this one, and this one, and this one) are content to swallow, sheep-like, the flapdoodle disseminated by the leadership.

The three linked above are virulent racists, bigots of the worst kind. We’ve even documented in these pages instances where either they, or friends of theirs, have fantasized about the violent extermination of all white people around the world.

The RGI needs mindless bigots like them.


In one sense they’re right. (Not, of course, the “violent extermination” part!) As with nearly all propaganda, some of it is correct. It’s the twisting of the facts, in pursuit of power, to produce “explanations” and “rationales” far afield from reality that makes this particular propaganda so pernicious, and so abusive. There are many simple rules in life. One of them is: if you misidentify a problem, you’ll never solve it. 

Oppression can happen on many different levels. The overt, segregated-water-fountains kind of racism is almost completely a thing of the past. Except for a few primitive backwaters, this kind of racism has been completely and utterly defeated in America. Much more importantly, non-white Americans have serious legal recourse, with real bite, to deter overt instances of racial bias. Overt racism has, as even the RGI admits, if reluctantly, almost completely disappeared.

Now, however, the RGI needs to justify its existence, so they invent the new, abstract, invisible “racisms” of today.

If someone has correctly identified a serious problem, and then he lies to you as to the  nature of that problem, and he convinces you, and many more, that his explanation is correct, then he’s committed an act of great evil. Because he’s made it impossible to eradicate the problem. Furthermore, if someone has correctly identified a serious problem, then proposes a “solution” that he knows won’t solve the problem, he has committed the same evil act. This is the standard modus operandi of the American Left today.

There is a serious problem in non-white America: Underachievement, poverty, alienation, racism, violence, shattered families, lost lives and lost people. None of that is white America’s fault. More precisely: none of it stems from any hostility of white people toward non-white people.

In the all too recent past you could have made the case that white Americans were directly responsible for much of the suffering in non-white, and especially black, America, but not anymore… and not for more than three generations.

Now things are very different. The responsibility  for much of non-white America’s suffering belongs to: Leftist America. 

Leftist America consists of white, black and many other ethnicities of Americans, all working hard to keep non-white Americans down… and voting Democrat. Yes, that means that there are many black Americans working cynically to keep other black Americans down and dependent. It’s a bitter, sad, but undeniable, truth.

When you have a steady drumbeat of propaganda, 24/7/365, pounding on the senses of a group of people, and hammering home the notion that they’re the constant victims of abuse, both visible and invisible, even if they’re not… they’ll still believe they are.

Let’s call that what it is: abuse. That’s the real oppression of non-white Americans today.

Furthermore, all this propaganda must have healthy doses of abstract mumbo jumbo that has no way of being falsified. Things like “White Privilege,” and “White Supremacy,” like “Institutional Racism,” and “Structural Racism.” Invisible, unseeable, especially…  unmeasurable, undisprovable things like that.

If you persuade people that the bogeyman, the monster under the bed, exists, and he’s coming for you — even if it’s all a bunch of laughable twaddle — then you are oppressing them.

If, in the safest, most prosperous country in the history of the world, you do what you can to drill into an entire people’s heads the lie that they really have no prospects, that they need to fear for their safety, because 65% of the country hates them, then you are oppressing them.

If, in America, you deflect an entire people’s attention away from the leftists who really do mean them harm, then you are oppressing them.

Finally, even the erroneous perception that someone is oppressed can lead him to believe it, and to act accordingly. Even if the bogeyman is long gone, and there’s no monster under the bed. You can buy the false notion that you’re oppressed, even if there’s no evidence of it in your life, and there are mountains of evidence to the contrary all around you.

This is what allows a mega-nitwit like Latrell Sprewell to allege that he was a “slave,” when rejecting a 13 million dollar contract to play basketball. He was completely serious about that.

People have three components to their happiness: physical, mental/intellectual, spiritual. If any one of those pieces of our being is out-of-whack, we’re miserable. This is the origin of the expression: money can’t buy happiness. Oh, money can assist you with making your physical being all comfy, but your mental/intellectual and spiritual pieces are all your responsibility, and money can’t buy their good health.

The Left has spent generations attacking the spiritual health of non-white Americans with their Big Lie.

So… of course non-white people are miserable in the one country where they’ve had far greater freedom, prosperity, opportunity, power, influence than in any other country at any other time! Of course they feel oppressed! Because they are oppressed. And the Left has named that oppression, “America.” Who’s the majority population in America? White Americans.

They’re lying, the Left is, but they’ve managed to swamp the country with a monolithic, steady, relentless drumbeat slandering the one people who abolished things like slavery, segregation, discrimination, Jim Crow. They’ve persuaded a critical mass of non-white Americans of their Big Lie… so that they’ll vote Democrat.

Here at our small, but increasingly influential think tank, we’re not pro-white people. Nor are we pro-black people. Nor are we simply pro-non-white people.

We’re pro-all people. We’re pro-all peoples too. If you’re a person, then we’re pro-you too. And we’re pro-your group. (Unless your group is, say, “Serial Killers.” 🙂 ) Which is kinda funny, because the very first thing out of the mouths of the people with whom we interact is, generally: Racist!

People aren’t served when they’re fed a a steady stream of lies that persuade them not to try to live up to their potential. This is an abuse of those people. It is oppression of those people. The RGI is right about that. They’re wrong about where it’s all coming from, though. It’s coming from a bunch of cynical, power-hungry bastards, the leadership of the Left

Naming something, identifying it and describing it, are the first steps on the path to defeating it.

The Democrat Party — the Left’s political wing in America — has long been the home of all the evils they now so cynically decry. In the 1960’s, the Democrats changed tactics: They rejected the other, more visible aspects of their traditional abuse of non-white Americans, and adopted the new oppression. This is the reason President Lyndon B. Johnson said:

These ni**ers, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.

He followed that quaint little gem with:

I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for 200 years.

Can’t say he was wrong.

So, here’s a first attempt at describing, concisely, the new leftist oppression of non-white Americans: The systematic poisoning of one people against another, through lies and propaganda, to cause both peoples to fear each other. 

Remember: the lies oppress white people too. A steady stream of libel suggesting that an entire race is unalterably hostile to other races — despite mountains of evidence to the contrary — abuses the people being accused as well.

It’s important to know where a problem is coming from also. The suffering of non-white people in America is coming from the Left. All the while, the Left is hollering, “Look over there! Look on the Right!”

Black Americans, brown Americans, non-white Americans, white Americans… all Americans: Stop listening to the bastards.

— xPraetorius


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