A Funny One

The Drudge Headline was: “Woman Can’t Hear Men’s Voices Due to Rare Condition.” (The link was to this article.)

I guarantee you that more than 10 million men read that headline and immediately said to themselves, “Nothing rare about that at all!“… and laughed inwardly. Of course, none of them laughed out loud, unless they were sure they were alone.

The headline of the article is this: “Woman can’t hear men with deep voices due to rare condition.” The article tells of a woman in China who does indeed have a kind of hearing loss. Here’s a paragraph from the story:

A woman in China is making headlines for a rare type of temporary hearing condition that makes her unable to hear low frequencies, such as men’s voices. According to the Daily Mail, the patient, only identified as Ms. Chen, woke up one morning and couldn’t hear her boyfriend speak. (red highlight added)

Again, I can assure you that the men reading that feature all thought something like, “Yeah? So? What’s unusual about that? And it’s got nuthin’ to do with ‘low frequencies’ or ‘deep voices!‘”

Then, the same dudes thought to themselves, “They never tell ya whether she was ever able to hear her boyfriend speak.”

And, “Whaddya mean, ‘woke up one morning’!?! That’s how they wake up every morning!”

In a moment of seriousness, all women who have a good sense of humor — meaning women who aren’t feminists — will read this, as well as the article, and laugh at it, because they’ll recognize that it reflects an uncomfortable reality: we live in a time in which both men and women are being fed a steady diet of fatuous codswallop about each other, centered on the idea that women are wise, compassionate, empathetic, intuitive, mysterious, mystical creatures, while men are big, clueless, violent, dumb, sex-obsessed brutes.

What’s funny about these silly stereotypes is that they do reflect — albeit incompletely — actual truth. Men are — sometimes — big, clueless, dumb, sex-obsessed brutes. But, they’re much more often all the good things that society attributes to women. Furthermore, the absolutely awesome nobility and self-sacrifice of men are so common throughout history that we’ve largely forgotten it. That’s a more complete picture of men, though society has been working relentlessly to excise those positive aspects of the picture for generations now.

The complete picture of women, however, is significantly more negative than the gauzy, sunny, picture we see in media propaganda and pop culture. Along with all their other wonderful qualities, women are just as clueless, violent, dumb, sex-obsessed, brutish… as men. In other words… they’re human.

  • Did you know for example that women commit far more incidents of domestic violence than men? Almost all those incidents go unreported.
  • Did you know, further, that women cheat in their relationships more frequently than men do?
  • Did you know that women commit much more “sexual harassment” — as it’s defined by feminists — than men do?
  • Want some more perspective? Watch this.

The point of this is not to bring women down in anyone’s estimation, but rather to re-humanize both men and women. Neither sex even remotely resembles the crude caricatures that society tries to make of them. Men aren’t nearly the brutish subhumans that society portrays them to be, while women aren’t the super-colossi that society makes of them. They’re both just… people, each just as prone to all the same temptations to good and evil as the other.

Neither sex gets anything good out of these flat cardboard cut-out images of them. The ceaseless drumbeat of demonization directed at men causes them to wonder whether all this sludge might be true, which has to be depressing. While the constant, one-sided adulation of women puts a lot of undue pressure on them to live up to ridiculous expectations… which has to be depressing.

All this is true of the men/women relationship, but it’s also true wherever you find fault lines in Americans’ interactions with other Americans: men/women, black/white, white/non-white, gay/straight, trans/normal, rich/poor, and more.

We all belong to more than one of those groups, and have to put up with all the ludicrous characterizations that cause us to think, “Who on earth are you talking about?!?” Who wants to put up with all that crap? I don’t. And I won’t. You shouldn’t either.


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