RGI Watch — A Racist Attacks Us (Part II)

— In Which I Finally Take Off The Gloves With Brothawolf And We Say Goodbye To Him —


Brothawolf (BW) responded to our response to his post here. (Whew!) In our last exchange, I finally gave up with him, and told him to get lost. However, he posted some things on his blog attacking us, and then didn’t have the courage to allow us to defend ourselves.

BW’s response wasn’t so much a “response” as a temper tantrum. And, as usual, BW fails to respond to any of the issues that our original challenge (here) raised.

In that post, we pointed out that there are increasing numbers of black Americans insisting — as we do — that white hostility directed toward black Americans is not a big problem anymore today, and hasn’t been one for a long time. In our post, we linked to a video featuring the great Larry Elder, a black man who says almost exactly what we’ve been saying here for a very long time.

We’ve asked BW (and others) what they thought of the fact that there are rapidly increasing numbers of black Americans who are willing to contradict the standard Race Grievance Industry (RGI) party line that white racism is the  most significant obstacle in the path of black success in America today.

In the Race Grievance Industry, the narrative is that all black people believe the white man is the focus of evil in America, and that all white people are racists, and don’t believe themselves to be. In fact, argues the Race Grievance Industry, white skin itself — or “whiteness” — makes all white people irredeemable because it makes them all racists, and it makes them believers in “White Supremacy.”

Black Americans who contradict this narrative represent an existential threat to the Race Grievance Industry’s very existence. Because without black Americans’ belief in the myth of white hostility toward them, there’s no need for the RGI itself. And if there are increasing numbers of black Americans contradicting the party line, then… the party line is shown to be potentially… wrong. The RGI — like the Nazis in Germany, the Soviets in Russia, and the Reds in China — needs Americans to believe their narrative without question. If they do, then there are no obstacles to the passage of RGI-sponsored, race-based laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures in Congress and in Corporate America.

Brothawolf, while pretending that he’s not a leftist, is a follower of the RGI, and a true believer. In his post, he even admits it. He often says that he’ll never, ever, not ever change his views, even though we’ve proven him wrong countless times. At the very least, we’ve convincingly shown him the weakness of his thinking, as well as the fact that there is vast room for debate on the topic of racism in America. Over the months in which we’ve interacted with BW, we’ve pointed out many things, and he’s either admitted that what we said was correct, or he’s ignored it, thereby tacitly admitting that we were right.

Here are some of those things:

  • Fact: Non-white people are struggling desperately throughout the world to come… here. To America. No one is rushing to get out. No black people, no brown people, no non-white people of any kind are rushing to leave. How is that even possible in a country which, as BW alleges, is racist against non-white people? It’s not.
  • Fact: If you graduate from high school, don’t have a child out of wedlock and get a job, then — regardless of your race, sex or any other characteristic — your chances of escaping poverty are 75%. Regardless of your race…
  • Fact: If you graduate from college, don’t have a child out of wedlock and get a job, then — again regardless of your race, sex or any other characteristic — your chances of living at least a middle class life exceed 95%. Again, regardless of your race…
  • We presented, and defended, our “Five Points.” If you (1) get an education, (2) learn to speak well, (3) work hard, (4) get along well with others, and (5) present yourself more or less normally, then there will be no more obstacles to your success in America than for anyone else. BW, and his racist friend Abagond never made a remotely honest effort to counter this assertion with anything substantive. Their entire argument consisted of: (1) flat assertions that we were wrong, and (2) whining about how mean we were to point it out.
  • Fact: There were more white slaves in captivity in Africa than there were black slaves in America during the years of slavery. We proved it; BW admitted it twice, then backtracked each time. This point showed that slavery was not a racial institution, but rather an economic one. The irony of slavery is that it’s simply Socialism by another name, and it’s doomed to failure just like Socialism. You could not find a better name for: “From each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs” than: “slavery.”
  • Fact: There have been many trillions of dollars of transfer payments given to black Americans, coming, mainly, from white Americans, which represents good faith on the part of white Americans.
    • Important Note: Brothawolf will point out that most transfer payments go to single white women. This is true. However, the proportion of such transfer payments — Welfare, SNAP, housing and other assistance and more — going to black Americans is vastly greater than their 13% part of the population.
  • Fact: The vast majority of the pathologies in black America come from black people victimizing other black people.
  • Fact: The poorest black Americans live far better, safer, and have vastly more opportunity for advancement than 90% of the rest of the world. This doesn’t change the fact that we need to defeat poverty in America, but our definition of “poor” here is the same as “fabulously rich” in vast swathes of the rest of the world.
  • Fact: There is very little white-on-black crime in America today. Just as there is very little black-on-white crime in America. However, there is more black violent crime than for any other group. Most of it victimizing other black Americans.
  • Fact: Because of this last fact, black Americans have far more to fear from other black Americans than from anyone else.
  • Finally — Fact: “The latest data shows Asian men earned 117 percent as much as white men did. Similarly, Asian women out-earned all other racial groups. Yet we hear nothing about ‘Asian privilege’—and we shouldn’t.” (source)

Over the time of our interactions with the foot soldiers of the Race Grievance Industry, no one has ever tried to bring any substantive disagreement to bear against those, and other, facts that we’ve raised.

I should point out that in all the challenges that we’ve issued to the Race Grievance Industry — across many blogs, on television shows, on radios and in other printed publications — we’ve never encountered a single representative of another point of view who would take us on.

So, Brothawolf has released his response to our blog piece (here) that was the immediate predecessor to this one. Here is his response. Needless to say, we have some thoughts about it all, and I’ve laid them out below. As per our custom, I’ve reproduced BW’s blog post in its original form but I’m going to try something different this time. For readability purposes, I’m going to turn Brothawolf’s fairly lengthy post into two-part bullet points. The first part of each bullet will be BW’s writing, followed in the same bullet point, by our response, [in square brackets and red font]. I’ve addressed each of BW’s points because I wanted to be thorough.

Beginning of BW’s post:

  • XPraetorius may be lurking [Lol! We don’t “lurk.” That would be undignified.]
  • in this blog looking for any racism-based post to copy, paste and criticize using vilification, repetition, [We reproduce another person’s writing in the eventuality that said person might take down the post to which we are responding.]
  • falsehoods [Name a falsehood that we’ve put forth. Just one. You keep saying that we traffic in falsehoods, but then you fail ever to point any out.]
  • and taunting due to him [I should point out that BW has no idea what sex I am, hence his use of the generic pronoun “him” is done from ignorance. I generally say “we” when referring to our output here, because we don’t restrict our interactions to simple one-on-ones. Three of us have interacted with BW in the past.]
  • bizarrely believing that I’m part of a fictional grievance industry. [Race Grievance Industry is a term that we didn’t invent, though I wish we did! There is, indeed, a vast sprawling American Grievance Industry, of which the RGI is just one sub-section. If you google the term “Race Grievance Industry,” you get back more than four and a half million results. Bing.com returns almost seven million results! For a “fictional” industry, there sure are a lot of people talking about it!]
  • First off, I won’t go into the usual questioning as to the validity of who you really are. [That’s good, because it’s irrelevant. You’ve done that so much in the past, and it was always just an excuse to avoid talking about the issue at hand. This is a rare admission on BW’s part that he has spent considerable time dwelling on the perfectly irrelevant in our interactions. ]
  • For now, I don’t care if you say you’re part of a think tank, that the person I’m talking to is a black woman or whether or not you’re a paid troll. None of that currently matters. I don’t care who you really are or who I suspect you could actually be. [Wow! ‘Bout time! Way past time! For years, we spent exactly zero time insulting who you are, or suggesting that you might be lying about who you are, or claiming that we know how you make your living, or pretending that we could know where you were posting from, or who might be posting on your behalf, or any other irrelevant thing. We’ve taken the gloves off here, though, because you’ve long past proven that you’re not worthy that we keep them on. You, however, wasted tens of thousands of words on such irrelevant codswallop. That you’re not doing that here is a vast and welcome improvement. Let’s hope it continues.]
  • You seem to have this need to challenge what you call the race grievance industry (RGI), me in particular. [You’re of no particular significance to us here, BW, beyond your proclivity to post racist content that should be countered with arguments to the contrary. The RGI is, of course, of great interest to me (us), because it’s a racist organization that threatens the well-being of people in this the greatest country in the history of the world.]
  • You also have this attitude regarding proofreading which, in itself, isn’t a bad thing, but more on that later. [No, Dude, you have a ridiculous attitude toward proofreading. You don’t do it.  And you should. At least simply re-read what you’ve written and see if it makes any sense to you. I speak a number of different languages, of which English is my first one, and I’ve written almost two dozen books. . If you can’t me me understand something, it’s probably incoherent. You’ll be doing your readers a favor if you engage in some elementary proofreading. This last assertion of mine is an admission that I think that you have the candle power to do better. You’re welcome. Don’t prove me wrong.]
  • You seem to think that black people on the right are brilliant, [Nope. I think that brilliant people are brilliant. If they’re black as well, then so much the better! And the brilliant people are, obviously, overwhelmingly on the Right. ]
  • especially if they repeat what you say on your blog. You think black people on the left are racist [Yes, black leftists are racists. Because they’re leftists, not because they’re black.]
  • and the left itself is stupid and ignorant. [Generally, yes, the Left is stupid and ignorant. The foot soldiers of the Left are, by definition, ignorant.]
  • You say that I’m a racist even though I’ve yet to explain it – in vain – to you. [<– my point about the proofreading. This made no sense. What are you trying to explain? How it’s okay for you to be a racist? It’s not. And, for the umpteenth time: you’ve admitted that you’re racist. What explanations would you have me entertain about your being a racist? Would a white guy’s “explanation” of why he’s a racist be acceptable to you? It shouldn’t be. I don’t give the teentsiest, weentsiest hang about any explanation of why you’re  racist. If it’s wrong to be a racist — and it is — then it’s wrong to be a racist. Period. Sheesh, BW… quit with the really stupid stuff.]
  • And lastly, and it is a point you continually, you declare that racism is not a major issue in America today. [Again, this is the sloppy thinking that you do all the time. Racism in America is a major issue, ie a big problem. White racism is not.]
  • In regards to me, you never let go of a comment made by one of my visitors even though I apologized for it. [Dude: you apologized for it here, on our blog. Where you knew that your echo chamber — that you protect from ever seeing dissenting points of view — would not see it. In particular, the racist bastard who said the vile thing would never see that you’d apologized. The only meaningful apology you could ever offer would be on your blog, in full view of your friends.]
  • You accused me of being a “willing accomplice in the deaths of thousands of black people”. [You’ve willingly closed your ears and your mind to the possibility that people whose skin might not be black could formulate important, substantive contributions to (1) the lessening of black-on-black violence, and (2) the improvement of black Americans’ condition in general. Sorry: that makes you an accomplice in the continuation of the pathologies afflicting black Americans. This isn’t really debatable.]
  • You told me that wishing that slavery never happened, I would be “wiping them out of existence”. [Indisputable fact. If the slaves had never been brought here, then you and tens of millions of other black Americans either wouldn’t exist at all, or would be living in Africa today. We pointed out a simple fact: based on the bulleted facts listed above, the best thing that ever happened to black Americans today was that their ancestors were kidnapped from Africa and brought to America hundreds of years ago.]
  • You call me racist, [You are, you admitted it.]
  • abusive, [You are… you abuse me (us) far more than you even allege I (we) abuse you.]
  • leftist, [You are, I (we) proved it to you.]
  • coward, [You are… you attack others on your blog, and don’t allow them to defend themselves there. The very definition of cowardice.]
  • a chicken, delusional, a Black Supremacist, a member of the RBI, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. [Well, you are a blind follower of the Left and the RGI. A sobriquet for a blind follower is a sheep. You liken yourself to a wolf. My characterization was clever, and you have to admit it. 🙂 If you don’t like it, call yourself something else. Or, more importantly, stop being a blind follower.]
  • You portray me as incredibly ignorant [Yes. You are willfully ignorant. You admit it all the time when you say, for example, that you’ll never change your mind. That’s the very hallmark of ignorance.]
  • and stupid [You choose to show yourself as stupid. You’re not stupid. You appear to have plenty of intellectual capacity, you simply choose — openly and loudly — not to use it. ]
  • who’s in desperate need of your “lessons” and “corrections”. [We’re all in need of “lessons” and “corrections.” Duh!]
  • Every counter argument or statement is wrong to you. [How would you know that? You don’t pose counter arguments. You do make statements — statements that you refuse to back up with actual arguments. I’d shoot this right back at you: I’ve posted dozens of actual arguments that you’ve simply stated are wrong, again without providing anything in the way of evidence, logic, proof, real documentation or, well, anything to back them up.]
  • And you constantly ask for proof of my responses, [Yep. Of course! Anyone can just say things. You need to be able to back them up! Anyone should always demand proof from all interlocutors who present countervailing argumentation! Duh! This is not rocket science, BW!]
  • but you never accept them as credible according to you and/or what other conservatives say. [When you post something credible, I promise to you that I’ll admit it’s credible. In the meantime, you’ve pointed me to two-bit, unknown, penny-ante, Stormfront-esque blogs that, well, have no credibility.]
  • You said at least once that you’re tired of what I say. [I am.]
  • And yet, you continue to reference, insult and challenge me. [You continue to say ridiculous, racist drivel. That always needs to be challenged. After all, there are impressionable minds out there!]
  • Even after I said how much it hurts, [Dude: the things that people say, can hurt you if and only if you allow them to hurt you. This is, indeed, Life 101.]
  • you REFUSE to accept any responsibility, [Because you are wholly, completely, totally, 100% responsible for your own feelings. ]
  • say that I’m responsible for my feelings [You are. One hundred percent.]
  • and how nothing you said was offensive unless I think it is. [I say it only because it’s true.]
  • That would be profound if it didn’t come from someone who insults continuously with those who disagree and object his views. [Like you? And yet, as insulting as you constantly are, you’ve never hurt my feelings. Not even once. See the difference? And, most importantly, if what I said was profound, then it was profound. Period. Nothing changes the truth, or not, of what I say on these pages. Not my character, not how I say it, not who I am, not my skin color, not my sex or anything else. If what I’ve said in these pages is correct, then it’s correct, despite your constant efforts to throw in the irrelevant.]
  • Yes, xPraetorius. You said this and more in regards to me and my posts. Some of it is – as usual – repetition. Almost all of it is harmful on many levels. [No, free speech is never harmful. If you don’t like what we have to say here, then… counter it with substantive counter arguments. Period. If you can’t do that, then go educate yourself until you can.]
  • And yes, that’s what I think, [It’s what you feel. There’s very little thinking going on in what you’re writing. ]
  • and I believe a lot of reasonable and sensible people would see it and agree with me no matter if they are liberals, centrists or conservatives. [No, dude, no actually reasonable people will agree with you. Only non-thinkers.]
  • To be honest, part of me wishes that there was someway to have you removed from WordPress [That’s always the first instinct of the Left: to try to shutup people who disagree with them.]
  • for the pain and suffering you’ve caused me [Needless to say, I’ve caused you no pain or suffering. It’s all come from you. All of it. My words have only the power that you grant to them. Dude: it’s a freakin’ blog! It can’t hurt you!]
  • as you’ve gone beyond being political and have crossed many lines with your cheap shots. [Let’s see… dozens and dozens and dozens of times you’ve called ma a liar, or a psychopath, or questioned my friends, questioned my honesty, integrity, education, my motives and my intelligence and more… and I’ve never done any of those things to you, and you accuse me of lobbing cheap shots at you. Sometimes you’re just funny, BW!]
  • Because of your trolling habits, I wish you were exposed for who you REALLY are. But most of all, I wish you would keep my name off your blog, [Well, let’s see, since my name is on your blog, and you don’t allow me to defend myself, while I do allow you to defend yourself here, I think that you’re the one living in the glass house, BW.]
  • leave me and other black bloggers alone [Why would I leave racists alone? Serious question. You claim to be “anti-racist,” then tell me to leave the racists alone. You need to make up your mind.]
  • and get some kind of help [I forgot: you call me crazy too.]
  • which includes seeing the side of black folks who don’t parrot your views [You’re making the (incorrect) assumption that I don’t see the side of black folks. How do you know what side(s) I’ve seen. Wouldn’t it have been fun to retort to you: “get some help, BW, which includes seeing the side of white folks who don’t parrot your views.” I almost should have.] 
  • and actually get serious about participating in race-relations [This is funny. You  haven’t said anything serious yet, and you accuse us of a lack of seriousness!]
  • and how to improve them without lashing out and insulting our intelligence. [Again, you can be insulted if and only if you allow yourself to be.]
  • I really wish you were a much better person than you are [I do too. I always wish that. And it’s a constant quest of mine.]
  • online, [Oh… online! :)]
  • and maybe you are in real life. [Who cares? It’s irrelevant.]
  • (Truthfully, I doubt it.) [Again: irrelevant.] 
  • But I haven’t seen any niceness coming from you when you’ve talked to me or about me. [Still irrelevant.] 
  • You try and make me feel low [Nope. I don’t care how you feel. I have no control over how you feel, so I don’t consider it. I simply say what I believe to be true.]
  • in regards to spelling and grammar errors. [Well… fix ’em! 🙂 ] 
  • I admit that I make mistakes, and I need to be corrected. [Okay.] 
  • However, coming from you, you have a tone of condescension whether you disagree or not. [Look: I don’t care if Josef Stalin told me something that helped me to be better, the only response to that would be: “Thank you!” (Then you kill him, because he’s Stalin. 🙂 ) The very last thing I’d care about upon hearing something that makes me better is the tone with which it’s delivered, for cryin’ out loud!]
  • And you seem hostile, abrasive, demeaning and uncivil [Not as much as you, dude! Are you unaware of it when you call me all the things you call me? Really? Are you really that self-unaware? Really?!? However, with all your bloviating, your crackpot accusations, your name-calling and your whining, you’ve still never managed to hurt my feelings, because you’re not in charge of my feelings. And, all that is completely irrelevant anyway.]
  • when it comes to those who don’t agree with your conservatism, but on the other hand, your affectionate, ecstatic and joyous towards those who share and echo your views. [I see. And you’re just a bundle of sweetness and light with those who disagree with you? Lol! I don’t think so! I wonder how you’re characterized us, or GF or others on your blog. Let’s see. Right-wing trolls, liars, psychopaths, crazy and all the rest. ]
  • I’ve noticed it here and on other blogs. You have this need for like-mindedness and and treat the opposition like crap. [Lol! We’re seeing right here how you deal with people who disagree with you! More to the point, that’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with a little spirited disagreement! You’ve just got to stop being such a big baby. ]
  • I never knew you existed until you left your offensive comment in a blog post about chef Paula Deen while essentially defending her. [There’s no such thing as an offensive comment. Only a comment you misinterpret to be offensive. Yes, I was defending Paula Deen. You said a bunch of ignorant, racist crap about her, and I pointed it out, and you should have been ashamed of yourself for allowing that racist flapdoodle ever to see the light of day] 
  • Yet, your constant argument to your readers is that I attacked first. [The difference is simple: I (we) attacked your ideas; you and your racist readers attacked me (us).]
  • How can this be when you threw the first punch? [I (we) threw no punches. We criticized words and thinking. Not people. You and your nutball, racist echo chamber attacked people. Fortunately you attacked adult people, so our feelings weren’t hurt by it, but if you’re going to attack people, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you receive back what you dish out. And you certainly shouldn’t whine so much about it!]
  • And I know you know deep down that it’s true. [I (we) know deep down that what you are saying is false… and really dumb.]
  • I know. You’ll accuse me of trying to read your mind. [It is a habit you have!]
  • It’s another deflection tool to avoid the subject and its significance for YOUR own benefit. The fact is that much of whatever you put on your blog came from your mind, not out of thin air, and the tone and content of your blog posts and responses are not special or unique as other people faced similar treatment, mostly from white people. [Let’s re-write this paragraph, switching one littlearound, and guess what: It’ll still be true! Here goes: “The fact is that much of whatever you put on your blog came from your mind, not out of thin air, and the tone and content of your blog posts and responses are not special or unique as other people faced similar treatment, mostly from black people.” And still… irrelevant. A blog post’s tone is perfectly unimportant. Grow up, BW. ]
  • I’m not saying you’re one, [I don’t care what you think I am. It’s irrelevant to whether or not what I say is true.]
  • but you sound A LOT like how the more emotionally fragile, constantly threatened, woefully ignorant, and aggrieved entitled ones respond to issues of race. [Lol! I don’t care what you think I sound like. You should grow up, and stop worrying about the tone of written words.]
  • That’s why I assume you’re one of them based on WHAT YOU WRITE AND HOW YOU RESPOND. [I don’t care. You should grow up, and stop worrying about the tone of written words.]
  • You know what to say to push my and other people’s buttons. [I can’t push your buttons. Or, more to the point, I can push only the buttons you allow me to push. I have no “buttons.” You should have no “buttons” too.]
  • You know how to disrupt blogs. [Wow! I’m one talented dude! (or dudette! You don’t know.) You give me a lot of credit, when all I do is say what I believe to be true. Your massive defensiveness shows your insecurity in your beliefs. I’ve said this many times: if you really held strong arguments, then you’d make them, and you wouldn’t worry in the slightest whether I was nice or sweet in presenting my points of view. ‘Cause if you had strong arguments to make, you’d use them to knock my viewpoints out of the park, regardless of how politely I present them. With all this whining about my tone, you prove that you have no strong arguments to present.]
  • You know how to take words, phrases, entire paragraphs and posts and twist them around making them and the authors out to be terrible and dimwitted. [Nope. I do nothing more than explain how dimwitted arguments are dimwitted. Dimwittedness is the luxury of the intellgent, but the prison of the dimwitted. I make no assumption that a person is dimwit if his arguments are dimwitted. I make an exception of public personalities. I have other inputs for them, and can make sounder judgment of their overall intellectual capacities.]
  • Yet, you WANT people to STILL treat you nicer than you’ve treated them! [Nope. I treat them exactly as nicely as they treat me. That’s all. ] That’s why I banned you. [Nope. You banned me (us) because you’re a coward. That’s the only possible term for someone who attacks someone else, then doesn’t allow that person to defend himself. And you banned me (us) because we mopped up the floor with your pathetic arguments and your racist friends’ pathetic arguments. Yes, I allowed myself the indulgence in a little mind-reading there. However, it’s pretty well understood that to attack someone who can’t defend himself is kind of the quintessential act of cowardice.]
  • You were being toxic and abusive in your responses. [Nope. I (we) was (were) as abusive as that which was directed at me (us).]
  • It wasn’t because you were white as you’ve claimed. [Ummmm… my colleague told you that she was (and still is 🙂 ) black.]
  • It was because you were BEHAVING DEPLORABLY. [Nope. By any and all objective measures, I (we) was (were) LESS DEPLORABLE than you and the bleating bastards you call your “friends.” including one who openly fantasized about the violent of more than a billion white people.]
  • It’s an explanation you don’t want to accept for whatever reason. You insist it was because you’re white [She wasn’t (and still isn’t) white.] even though you sometimes claim you were black. [She never “claimed” to be black. She is black. I never claimed to be white. I am white. You “claim” to be black. Probably because you are black, and the claim is true. Or at least, I assume you are, but I really couldn’t care less. The point: our skin color is irrelevant. ]
  • So, that means you don’t and have never taken me, or the subject of racism seriously. [Wrong. You, who never address facts and logic, don’t take the subject of racism seriously. You’re ignorant and ill-informed, and misinformed… all the signs of intellectual laziness and insecurity. Well, you’re right to be insecure in your thinking, because it’s rubbish.]
  • Was it because I’m a black man who disagrees with you and writes about white racism, [No, it was because what you say is rubbish. You’ll note that in all our voluminous interactions, I’ve (we’ve) never, ever, not ever, not even once attacked you because you’re black. Not ever. You, on the other hand, have attacked me (us) hundreds of times because you assumed that I (we) was (were) white. You’re a racist, BW, and you should be ashamed of yourself.]
  • a subject you don’t think is any big deal, [not a “subject” that I think isn’t “any big deal,” but a phenomenon that demonstrably isn’t any big deal anymore in America.]
  • a point you repeat so often on your blog and possibly to yourself? I doubt I will get a straight answer, let alone a pleasant one. [You always get pleasant answers… just not always the ones you want. Man! For all your whining about me “wanting to control you,” you spend a whole lot of time and effort telling me what to say, how to say it, and what to think!]
  • My regulars have told me to leave you alone and let you live in your own snug bubble. [Your regulars are racist bastards.]
  • But your blog posts and comments are highly problematic. [Ah, the great leftist buzzword! “Problematic!” You’re a racist, and I’m problematic?!?]
  • They do NOTHING to help race-relations on the internet, but they only slow down and push back any hopes of dialogue and solutions. [This coming from the dude who admits openly that he’ll shut out any and all ideas if they don’t come from someone with black skin. Lol!]
  • You believing that white people are victims of black racism [I’ve (we’ve) never claimed this. White people are not victims of black racism. Black Americans are vastly more racist than white people, but white people are not making any claims that they are victims of that racism. If your neighbor hates you, but never does anything to harm you, then you are not a victim of his hatred. Black people are not harming white people with their racism. Rather black people are harming themselves and using their racism as an excuse for failure.]
  • than the other way around, sympathizing with white nationalists [No one at this blog ever evinced any sympathy for white nationalists. BW, this is a lie, and a libel, and you need to take it back and apologize for it.]
  • and believing “black racists” created them, [They had an important part is fostering white nationalism, and we made that point in this post here.]
  • stating that white slavery in Africa is somehow worse or more significant than the slavery of blacks [We never stated this, but we did prove — and BW admitted it — that there were more white slaves in Africa than there were black slaves in America during America’s slavery years. BW did admit that this is true. We never tried to make any better or worse comparisons though. ],
  • that black leftists are delusional and racist against whites, [They are. But they’re delusional and racist because they’re leftists not because they’re black. It’s an important distinction, and one that BW appears unable to comprehend.]
  • believing and recycling white nationalist points regarding South Africa and all other like-minded sentiments [which we’ve never done. BW is the king of strawmen.]
  • only excuse and ignore (at least) and strengthen and support (at worse) anti-black racism. [of which there’s precious little in America today anyway, so even if this were true, which it’s not, it wouldn’t be a big deal. ]
  • You claim that you love black people, [ I love people. I love black people because they’re people. Again, it’s an important distinction, and one that you seem unable to comprehend.]
  • yet you knowingly condemn and vilify ones who don’t echo what you think or say. [I condemn and vilify their thinking. It’s okay to condemn and vilify racist public personalities who cause harm to people — because they’re harming people.]
  • How is that love? How is what you say not racist? [It’s not racist to condemn people who are doing evil. If racist black people are doing evil, it would be racist to pretend that what they’re doing is okay.]
  • The bottom line is that you constantly trash me and what I’m saying, [I belittle you now, because I’m sick of you and your whining. I trash what you say when what you say is rubbish, which is frequently.]
  • put a devious spin on it to make me sound like a heartless idiotic bastard [I never need to spin anything to accomplish this. You do it all by yourself.]
  • out to attack you and is racist against white people. [You are a racist against white people. You’ve admitted it.]
  • Your obsession – yes, obsession [I don’t care how you portray this.]
  • with portraying me as a racist [You are a racist. You’ve admitted it.]
  • no matter what I say or ask of you is damaging and shows how much you think little of me. [Yes, I now think little of you. I used to like you, but I finally realized that I liked what I thought you were. I was wrong about you. You’re not just a misguided nice guy, with woolly-headed thinking. You’re not a nice person at all. You’re  racist who’s comfortable in his own racism. You finally wore me out, BW, and you made me realize that I was wrong about you. I don’t like you. You’re not a nice person, and I don’t like you. Oh, I don’t dislike you, but I don’t like you anymore. I used to think it would be nice to sit down with you and have a beer with you. I was wrong. I have no interest whatsoever in sitting down with you. At best you’re boring, at worst you’re just a bad person.]
  • Although you’re not one of the more extreme trolls who uncover information about me to give to your friends to initiate intimidation tactics against me and the ones I love [None of my friends has ever, ever, ever “initiated intimidation tactics against you and the ones you love.” This is a damnable lie, and you need to apologize for it. And you owe me and my friends a sincere apology. This kind of trash is why I realized — finally! — that you’re just a bad person. You’re not the person I thought you were, and I don’t like you.],
  • your posts and comments are still harmful. [Oh? Your accusations that my friends and I have “initiated intimidation tactics against you and the ones you love” is not harmful? You’re a lying bastard, BW.]
  • I hope you don’t go overboard and become that person who’ll scare me into silence. [What on earth does this twaddle  mean?!? You know you  have nothing whatsoever to fear from me (us). You’ve always known that. Cut the crap.]
  • I want you to stop your attacks against me on your blog. This is getting old and crazy. The craziest part is that you’re trying to bad mouth someone who’s tired of racism [Tired of racism? You? Hardly! You don’t know what you’d do without your racism delusion!]
  • done against my people while you expect me to acknowledge and feel for the supposed racism committed against white people. [Nope. I’ve (we’ve) never said this. Another lie.]
  • What’s sadder is that you think me writing about and condemning racism is racist in itself! [Writing about individual episodes that may or may not have a racism component, and pretending that such incidents prove anything about all of America, and all white people is, indeed, racist. Obviously. Just as if I were to point to an incident in which a black man harms a white person and say, “See? See? That proves that all black men are violent!” How do you not see this?]
  • Do you seriously want to continue this pointless obsessive campaign against someone who means you and no one else any harm? [You do mean me harm. At least to the extent that you think I’m a white person, and to the extent that you harm this country in which I live with your racism. ]
  • Is arguing and “defeating” me that vital to you that you would continue to stir the pot? You can try and claim how you’re the real victim in all this [I’ve never even once claimed victimhood, and you know it.],
  • but I, my commenters [“Your” commenters are racist bastards. I’d never refer to those who support me on our blog as “my commenters.” They’re their own people. Your saying “my commenters” indicates that they might be just sock puppets. ]
  • who know the truth and anyone else who dealt with your attitude online know who’s really at fault in this. [<– Yep. Yours.] 
  • I hope no one else has to deal with your abuse on their blogs and websites. [I hope no one else has to deal with your abuse on their blogs and websites. Though, I suspect you visit only those web sites that agree with your state of mind. You act and sound like the king of confirmation bias. You hint at this all the time when you accuse me of watching FOX News (interestingly, I haven’t watched FOX News for many months, since I got rid of cable.) indicating that you don’t watch FOX News, indicating further that you don’t expose yourself to differing viewpoints. That is — classically! — the way of the Left.]
  • So, if you want to continue this insanity, let me tell you that I WILL NOT back down, and I WON’T give in to you. [Hmm. That’s kinda funny… I always back down before the truth. I always back down before reality. And I always back down before a superior argument. I used to “never back down” but I was a leftist then.]
  • I don’t have to accept your challenges! Not accepting doesn’t make me a chicken! [No. But it does mean that you have no arguments. And if you have no arguments, and you’re not man enough to admit it, that makes you a chicken. It means also that your thinking is wrong. It means that you’re insecure in your beliefs, because you fear that your beliefs are wrong or weak. It means you’re wrong. Why? Easy: Again: if you had strong arguments you’d use them.]
  • I don’t have to search for evidence for someone who won’t accept it no matter where it comes from! [No, you don’t have to search for evidence for me. However, you do have to search for evidence for yourself. I accept all evidence from all credible sources at all times. This does bring up a serious point: there are very few credible leftist sources out there. Even the New York Times, the so-called “paper of record”  — with its recent scandals showing how it allows prominent Democrat Party leaders to approve content and stories and more — is long past tainted, and has become a laughingstock.]
  • You’re more than capable of researching it yourself! [Oh, I have. Now you need to do some work yourself, BW. The problem for you is that if you were to do that actual research, then you’d become a Conservative. But, no. You’ve already said that you’ll never learn.]
  • I don’t have to let you back in my blog! [Of course not, because you’r a coward. BrothaChicken. You don’t have to let me back on your blog for me; you have to let me (us) back on your blog for you. For your own growth and edification.]
  • It’s MY BLOG! [Yep. And you’re a coward. And this is our blog. See if you can guess how many people we’ve banned here. It’s not a trick question. We haven’t banned one single, solitary person. No need to. We simply beat them in debate. 🙂 ]
  • So, I do what I WANT with it! [A coward always does.]
  • But more importantly, I WILL NOT change my views regarding racism to please you! [Oh, don’t change your views to please me; I couldn’t care less. The point is that you won’t change them to reflect reality. In this case, it’s because you allege that you don’t like the style in which I disagree with you, but that’s just an excuse to ignore the reality of America that’s right in front of your face. It takes authentic, genuine, real courage to change one’s views. It’s completely spineless to remain holding the views that are popular with your peer group, even when they’ve been demonstrated time and time again… to be wrong. Or stupid. Changing one’s views in light of new information is what we call “growth.” BW: you can track the date on which you stopped growing as a person to the very moment you ever allowed yourself to say: “I will not change my views (for whatever reason).” I, on the other hand, learned long ago that real growth can be painful, because it requires an admission that we were wrong. And that admission is necessary throughout our lives. It’s how, for example, I went from being a kind of an Christian-anarcho-Trotskyite hard-core leftist who voted Republican (yep!) to a much more highly-edicated… Conservative. But, it required a whole lot of admissions that I had been wrong previously, and that I needed to… change my views. Because they were crashingy stupid. Like your views, BW.]

This is not an attack. This is me standing up to you. [No, this was you saying at great length that you have nothing of substance to say. And, with your declarations that (1) you keep me (us) banned from your blog, this is really you backing down before me (us), and hiding behind your ability to censor dissenting voices, like any good totalitarian. Well, speaking for myself, I wouldn’t go back to your blog even if you were to invite me back. I would under certain conditions, though, and here they are:

  • You must publicly apologize — on your blog — for all your name-calling. And you must publicly commit to not doing it in the future.
  • You must publicly denounce — on your blog, where she can see it — “diary”‘s obscene call for the violent death of all white people.
  • You must publicly admit — on your blog — that you were wrong to ban me (us) in the first place.
  • You must publicly admit — on your blog — that your assertion that “you’ll never change your mind” is both incorrect, and leads to intellectual stagnation and sclerosis, and that forthwith you renounce that state of mind.
  • You must publicly — on your blog — denounce and renounce your own racism, and pledge to rid yourself of it.
  • You must publicly — on your blog — adhere to a higher standard of discourse in which you address ideas, and refuse to speculate about the personal characteristics of those who come with dissenting voices on your blog.
  • You must publicly — on your blog — recommit to free speech. Currently, your blog is an echo chamber. Anyone who goes there and disagrees, and argues with you… you censor.

If you’re man enough to do all those things, you’ll signal that you’ve grown considerably, and I (we) might consider coming back to your blog to provide commentary. Until that time, though, you’ve demonstrated that your level of discourse and argumentation are unworthy of serious scrutiny by anyone with more than a third-grade understanding of the world around us.

In short, you bore me.

Finally, it’s revealing that you call people who challenge or disrupt your intellectual edifice, “racists,” and “trolls,” and “liars,” and “crazy”… or worse. I call such people, “teachers.” Growth — ireal growth is hard work, and it can be painful, but it’s worth it.

— xPraetorius







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