Another Challenge to the RGI

The RGI — the Race Grievance Industry of America — consists of the perpetually aggrieved. They’re the ones — like this one and this one — who invent invisible, make-believe slights and affronts, mythical unprovable, and most importantly, undisprovable states of mind, attitudes and pathologies, all in order to perpetuate the myth that America continues to be a racist country.(1)

Well, I’m not the only one to say that. This man — the great Larry Elder — says it too. He’s a black man, and his voice counts,  because he ‘s been through it in America. He’s experienced first-hand the abuse coming from America’s Left and the RGI enough to know that the real source of racism now, is precisely that group of people beating the drum of anti-racism most loudly and most vociferously.

In my many debates with the foot soldiers of the RGI, linked above, one of them — Brothawolf (whom I called BW) was unable to mount a defense of his own disagreement, and instead spent most of his time whining about how I presented my ideas. He was constantly telling me about how I’d offended him, or hurt his feelings.

I responded, quite naturally, that it’s completely impossible for me to hurt his feelings unless he allows it to happen. Therefore, ipso facto, he had hurt his own feelings. I kind of fogured that this was Life 101.

Well, as it turns out, it is Life 101. At about 15:20 into the video linked below, the great Larry Elder tells us what his mother used to tell him, and I quote:

No matter what anybody says to you, nobody can hurt your feelings without your permission.

Just so.

It used to irritate the living daylights out of BW that he was unable to hurt my feelings, even when I specifically told him that it was simple: I’m in charge of my own feelings. It’s nothing more complicated than that.

If the RGI — and about 10 million or so fragile snowflakes on college campuses — were finally to understand this simple truth about life, the vast majority of the needless strife that occurs in this country would disappear overnight.(2)

Oh, and early on in the video linked below, about 20 seconds into it, the great Larry Elder also says ,”And by the way, racism is no longer a major problem in America anymore.” He made that statement something like a quarter of a century ago.(3)

For those of you who follow these and other scribblings here at our small but increasingly influential think tank, that’s — nearly word-for-word —  the very same assertion we’ve been making in these pages for years too. (Our quote: “Racism is not a big problem in America today.”

That little assertion got the collective RGI panties all in a bunch, let me tell you! And yet, and yet… here’s still another black man saying exactly the same thing! Almost word-for-word.

So, here’s my challenge to the RGI: Watch the video below, and give me your reactions. Mind you, I don’t expect them to take me up on the challenge. We’ve already defeated them so completely in debate that they tend to avoid this blog.

I kind of don’t blame them. They’re kind of like the Washington Generals — you know, the basketball team that always loses, time and time and time again, to the Harlem Globetrotters?

If I’d been getting roundly thumped any time I went somewhere to debate, I’d probably stay away too… and I’d go find a way to educate myself and become a whole lot better informed. Wait! Maybe that’s what they’re doing! … Nah…

Those with working brains out there… enjoy:

— xPraetorius


(1) The list is long:

  • Institutional racism
  • Systemic racism
  • White privilege
  • Race realism
  • White supremacy
  • Structural racism
  • Color-blind racism
  • Implicit racism
  • Whiteness
  • And on and on…

You can’t disprove, or prove the existence or pervasiveness of any of these things, because they have no meaning. More precisely, they mean exactly whatever the user wants them to mean.

Mind you, these are only the silly terms made up on the topic of race! There’re a passel more of these nonsensical terms concerning sex, gender, age, religion, nationality, size and anything else you can possibly imagine.

(2) It would be the end of so-called “micro-aggressions,” of the whines of “racism” and “sexism” and “homophobia” and “trans-phobia,” as well as all the rest of the imaginary offenses that the perpetually aggrieved keep dreaming up to distract us from their own insecurities.

(3) Another favorite quote: “A woman who demands further gun control legislation, is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders.


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