Black Racists Created White Nationalists

You know those awful, nasty white nationalists(1)? Black racists made them. Yep. They sure did. I watched it in action first hand.

I’ve visited numerous blogs owned and operated by black racists and here’s what I learned about the black racist state of mind.(2)

First of all, it’s racist. That means that the black racist’s state of mind is full of all the same stupid, half-witted sludge he says afflicts the minds of white racists.

I butted heads with black racist after black racist after black racist (here and here, for example) who told me that white people had no choice but to be racists. Even the most well-meaning among white people.

Set aside for a moment the towering nitwittery of someone’s alleging that he’s able to read the mind of every single individual in a race of more than a billion people. Here is a notion that a state of mind — racism — is controlled by the color of one’s skin!

As I interacted with the black racists, I also learned all manner of things about white people; things that if someone were to assert them about black people, anyone listening would say, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!

But the black racists believe them.

I’ve learned from black racists that white people have no capacity for generosity, for compassion, for love, for basic human decency… and all because of the color of their skin! Can you imagine that?

A simple truth: if a state of mind can be completely governed by one’s skin color, then it’s fair to assert that there are states of mind possessed by black people simply because of the color of their skin. Can you imagine if a white person were to try to make that case publicly?

The black racists say — to a man! — that the basic sin of white racists is not racism, but… whiteness itself. Whites are racists, they say, not because whites are stupid, or ignorant, or evil, but because they’re… white. Racism, hatred, cruelty are all, they say, outgrowths of… whiteness.

Furthermore, since this “whitenesscauses racism, and all white people havewhiteness,”‘ then all white people are, by definition, racists.

Well, you can overcome stupid (sometimes), or ignorance (more frequently), or evil (still more frequently), but you can’t stop a white person (pace Rachel Dolezal) from being white.

Universities now teach this codswallop; that this whiteness is a real thing, and that if you have it, then you, like it, are heavily larded with a whole host of really bad things; you’re a racist; you have loads of unearned privilege; you believe in your own “supremacy”… and a whole load of other hogwash.

Yes, it is hogwash. A third-grader could tell you that. However, if universities are teaching this mindless horses**t, that means that future leaders of America will learn it, and implement their laws, rules, regulations, policies and programs according to this Big Lie.

Furthermore, if as a white person, you’re constantly hearing such flapdoodle, day in and day out, either subtly or overtly, you can understand the temptation for some white people to say, “To heck with it! Why not just live separately from black people(3)? After all, they hate us for the color of our skin, and I can’t change that, so what’s the point of even trying to get along?

It’s a wrong state of mind, and it’s a bad state of mind, but it’s at least partially the direct result of black racists’, and their white leftist enablers’, shoving those who might be susceptible, right into it… with their ceaseless repetition of the half-witted notion that a person can be inferior because of the color of his skin.

What an unspeakable tragedy that the black racists and the American Left are steadily dismantling the foundational tenet of the Civil Rights Movement: that skin color should not be a factor in evaluating any person’s quality as a human being.(4)

Needless to say, black Americans’ skin color was used against them by white racists a long time ago to come to stupid conclusions. Those notions are no less stupid now just because the ones holding them are black.

Black racists: you don’t like white nationalists? I don’t either, but I didn’t help make ’em…. you did! You’ve been telling all white people that they’re racists because they’re white, and that you hate racism, and that, therefore, you hate white racists… and, by the way, all white people are racists… How did you not understand that you were busily making White Nationalists?!?

Maybe you can help white people unmake ’em by unburdening yourselves of some crashingly stupid states of mind: like the widespread racist assumption that all white people are inevitably racists; the nonsense of “whiteness” as a thing… your own racism.

Western white people have made vast, far-reaching efforts to atone for the sins of their past — they’re the only ethnicity in the history of the world to have done so.

Now, it’s way, way past time for black racists to extract their topsides from their backsides, and do the same. If they don’t, then the inevitable result is going to be increasing numbers of white half-wits asking, quite logically, “What’s the point?

As black Americans, why would you want to prove white half-wits right?

— FreeThinker and xPraetorius


(1) Many of whom, it’s important to point out, are not racists. Rather, their state of mind is that black people don’t like them, because of the mere fact of the color of their skin, so what’s the point of trying to live with other black people? It’s a really wrong and bad state of mind, but you can understand where it comes from if you lock horns with the black racists as I have.

(2) Not the black state of mind, the black racist’s state of mind. Black people are not inherently racists, they have to be taught their racism by other racists.

(3) That’s the basic idea behind another old idea that we in America used to find appalling and repugnant: “apartheid.”

The word “apartheid” comes, of course, from the word, “apart.” White nationalists, as mentioned above, are not necessarily racists… However, separateness is a basic tenet of white nationalism.

(4) Who, in the 1960’s, could possibly have foretold that the rapidly triumphing black Civil Rights Movement would be ultimately brought down by… black racists?

Yet, in retrospect, that’s the only force in America that could have defeated Civil rights. After all, white Americans have been mostly on board with Civil Rights for more than a century now. The entire time from when “Civil Rights” became known as a concept in the 1940’s and ’50’s , the only resistance to it has come from black racists, along with white leftists, and their political wing the Democrat Party.

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