An Important Distinction

There are various thug-like, violent groups on either side of the political spectrum.

There are — easily — 20 times more such groups on the Left than on the Right, and those groups of the Left are vastly more numerous than those of the so-called Right, but there are such ghastly, goonly groups on both sides. And such ghouls need to be unambiguously condemned by all decent people.

What’s the difference?

Easy: The goons on the Left are confident that they have all manner of political protection coming from the institutions of the Left: the Media, half of Congress, pop culture, Hollywood, academia, the Left-Legal Industrial Complex… While the goons on the Right are confident that they’re completely alone; absolutely unsupported by anyone whom anyone takes seriously in American life today on the Left or on the Right.

Both are correct in their assessments.

The mainstream Right has always been first-on-the-scene, rapid-fire, unanimous in its condemnation of anything even resembling strong rhetoric — and obviously of any actual violence — coming from either the Right or the Left fringe. While the Left has:

  • Been absolutely silent in reaction to numerous incidents of violent suppression of free speech on college campuses, and in fact has often joined in, or expressed, support of the goons.
  • Refused to condemn or disavow violent, racist, fascistic groups within its own ranks, such as:
    • Black Lives Matter
    • Antifa
    • The “Occupy” movement.
    • Socialist wackos
    • It’s own left-wing (an extremely important distinction)(1)

It’s an important distinction, because it means that the goons of the Right will always be forced out onto the fringes of the national discourse, while the goons of the Left — many of them tenured professors in American universities — are already in the “mainstream.”

That is a direct result of the Left’s having tolerated stupidity, brainlessness, nitwittery, violence and thuggery — because it was from the Left — for so long.

We on the Right have never tolerated it coming from our own fringes.

An inevitable unintended consequence of the Right’s greater nobility and decency is the increased tilt of the entire country to the Left as half-wits like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez make it into the halls of power.

The solution to this is not for the Right to tolerate its own fringe wackos. The solution is for the Right to start calling a spade a spade… or, rather, calling a goon and a half-wit, well, a goon and a half-wit.

We on the Right need to take off the rhetorical gloves at the very least. We’ve been calling for that here at TPWG for a very long time now.

Because the Left has been tolerating and encouraging their drooling dullards for a very long time, the list of prominent leftist half-wits and morons is long indeed. There isn’t enough time to call them all out for the slope-headed, slack-jawed boneheads they are. At least we can start with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, right?

— xPraetorius


(1) Remember: Mitch McConnell — Republican leader of the Senate — has refused to acknowledge the election of any of a number of Republican Senators whom he (and the media and the Left — apologies for the redundancy) thought should not have  been elected.

This number includes: Todd Aiken (R-MO), Christine O’Donnell (R-DE), Roy Moore (R-MI), and others. The Democrats, though, gleefully steal election after election in which the Republican has not won by more than the “margin of lawyer.” Al Franken — the 60th vote for Obamacare — stole his election outright. As did, it should be noted, one Senator Barack Obama, all the way back in 2004.



2 thoughts on “An Important Distinction

    1. Well said! I just read Kevin Williamson’s outstanding piece on that very topic. Astonishing things! Here in America in the 21st Century!

      It’s dismaying to see the rapidity with which parts of this country — of America!!! — have regressed to being like 1930’s Germany, Soviet Russia, Maoist China.

      These are areas where the dominance of leftist double-speak is total. Where they stone, beat or burn you in the name of “tolerance,” where they sneer at you and kick you in the name of “love,” where you’re lucky to escape with your life from people screaming about “non-violence,” where the most revolutionary and basic freedoms we call “American” — speech, assembly, worship, self-expression — are stripped from you by mobs howling about “liberation.”

      And all this in areas owned, lock, stock and barrel, by the American Left.


      — x

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