“Yeah, man… you got a lot to say in there!”

In here:

Spoiler: Tommy says “Yeah, man… you got a lot to say in there!” at about 12:47 — almost to the end — of this spectacular jam session.

Two great guitarists having a very informal jam session. It’s a sad thing that this kind of “session” is not recognized for what it is: a meeting of two astonishingly wonderful musicians making music. Real, timeless, great music.

What makes it all the more exquisite for a guitarist like me is the back and forth between the two great instrumentalists. When they decide just to sit down, jam and see what happens, it’s something to hear. The fact that you can see the childlike enjoyment on the faces of these two astonishing guitarists only adds to the delight.

Note: Years from now, music historians will look back at these recorded moments with the same reverence they hold for tales of Mozart and Haydn “jamming” together in the 1700’s, and for the original “Schubertiads” of the early 1800’s.

— xPraetorius

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