RGI Watch — Inaugural Edition! (11/4/18) — The RGI Shows Its Own Racism

This is our inaugural post in our new RGI Watch Series. RGI stands for Race Grievance Industry. It’s the vast complex of propaganda organizations and industries — the media, Hollywood, academia, pop culture — all devoted to advancing a simple narrative: White=Bad; Non-white=Good. (except, of course, for Asians)

Dr. Phil recently did a bizarre show. It meant precisely nothing, but had all the hallmarks of a show that would attract a lot of viewers: A young black girl who claimed to be a white girl. Here’s the link on Brothawolf’s (BW’s) blog.  And here’s the YouTube link.

[Editor’s Note: Brothawolf is a racist black man with whom we’ve had several debates here. He’s a card-carrying member of the American Race Grievance Industry.]

I was going to do a detailed takedown of BW’s post, and of the idiotic comments that followed it, but then I realized there was no point. The post itself was just stupid — but typical of BW’s usual fare. While the comments afterward were kindergarten-level dumb. You can read it all yourself using the above link.

There is a point, though, in pointing you to this profoundly idiotic post and the comments it invited: This slop is what the RGI believes! This is the kind of frippery the RGI falls for! You can read half-wittery like this on Brothawolf’s blog, and you can hear the same gibberish coming from university professors, television commentators, top Democrats and other prominent dullards. They might use bigger words, but they’re expressing the very same twaddle!

In bullet points, here’s a brief summary of the entire Dr. Phil fiasco:

  • A young girl calling herself “Treasure,” along with her mother, concocted a scheme to appear on the Dr. Phil show, apparently to get some national attention.
  • “Treasure,” obviously a black girl, insisted on the show that, despite the obvious evidence (her image is at the top of this post), she’s really a white girl.
  • Dr. Phil may have been aware that the entire thing was a hoax.
  • During the on-screen interview with “Treasure,” the girl says a bunch of things that are just stupid. [Editor’s Note: We probably shouldn’t be surprised at this; there’s no indication that this poor girl has MIT anywhere in her near future.]

However, here’s the interesting part in this entire otherwise boring, unimportant farce: In her play-acting as a “white girl,” the black girl unburdens herself of a bunch of racist codswallop about other black people. In other words, the girl assumes that to get into character to play a white girl, she has to become a black-loathing racist!

Gee… I wonder where she learned all that! Could it be from the white-loathing, thoroughly racist RGI in which so many black Americans — including Brothawolf — marinate 24/7/365?(1)

The result of this constant warm bath of propaganda in which so many black Americans stew is that many are just casual racists. So casual that they don’t even recognize it in themselves. They permit themselves to do and say things which, if a white person were to do or say them, any black person would be justifiably horrified.

This casual bigotry is, for many black Americans, like water for a fish. It’s so ubiquitous that they’ve long since lost any awareness of it. If it’s pointed out to them, they bristle and say that you’re imagining things. Or that they can’t be racist, because, you see, they’re black! Or that it’s your racism causing you to notice the double standard. Or they make excuses for it, as if it’s okay for them to say and do these things — and it’s not even racist! — but it’s not okay for anyone else… because that would be racist.

However, there’s a simple truth about evil things. They’re either evil for all, or they’re not evil. If racist thoughts, speech, acts, stereotypes are, indeed, evil, then they’re evil for all people, not just some.

Why? Simple: black people and white people and other people are… people. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less. All people are capable of the entire spectrum of ignobility and nobility and all points in-between.

The only ones not capable of all human perfidy and greatness are… not people. To say that black people can’t be racist is to say that black people are not people.

The American Race Grievance Industry, however, is just fine with flat-out, ugly, bigoted, grotesque, stereotyping, generalizing, even eugenics-style racism… as long as they’re the ones doing, saying and thinking it.

This one element — the black girl’s taking for granted that to play a white girl, she has to pretend to be a black-loathing racist — is by far the most important part of the entire dreary charade.

Everyone else, except our small but increasingly influential think tank, in the entire online, broadcast and published commentariat… missed it entirely. Of course.(2)

As it turns out, this was all a hoax from the beginning anyway! But you still can find revelatory things even in hoaxes.

For example: Imagine if a white girl had conspired with her mother to go on the Dr. Phil show and, despite being obviously white, claimed to be a black girl.

Imagine then if that white girl had behaved according to long discredited stereotypes of black people: Used ungrammatical language, adopted a “ghetto” attitude, and other such things.

What do you think the attitude of, well, everyone would have been? Easy: what a disgraceful display! And a racist disgraceful display, at that!

Dr. Phil would have made a sorrowful little speech at the end about how this poor girl had been under the influences of her obviously racist mother and others. A speech about how we still have a long way to go to rid America of racism, and all the rest.

By the way, absent such a speech, you can be sure that Dr. Phil would face expulsion from the airwaves if he were to air such an episode.

The real racists, though, in this sordid, sorry spectacle are the black people! The ones drawing conclusions about an entire race’s thinking and attitudes based only on the color of that people’s skin.

The mother of “Treasure” is a rabid racist. It appears that she dragged her daughter into an attention-seeking plot to appear on a national television show and get her 15 minutes of fame. All while slandering an entire race of more than a billion people around the world merely because of the color of their skin.

“Treasure” herself is a racist, but she probably inherited it both from her own publicity-hound, lame-brain of a mother, and from the RGI which is constantly disseminating its own racism.

It’s likely most accurate to say that the 16-year old “Treasure” is merely an innocent victim/dupe of her racist mother, who is, herself, a victim/dupe of the RGI.(3) This is another great evil the RGI commits: the corruption of America’s youth.

Sad. Really sad.

— xPraetorius


(1) How do I know this? Easy: in nearly all the set-to’s that Brothawolf and I have had in the past the only sources he’s ever produced to buttress his feeble “arguments” and his nonsensical conclusions were from obscure, off-the-beaten-track, unverified, unverifiable, RGI websites and blogs. BW would find some obscure blogger no one had ever heard of, so no one could possibly vet properly, and if this dude agreed with BW, that was a source he’d use.

That’s one of the reasons I  don’t play dueling sources. There’s no point, which I proved time and time and time and time again. Each time I’d produce a source, my debate opponent would immediately insist that my source was illegitimate. As I just did to BW in the previous paragraph. No one’s immune to source discrediting. So, I seek out original thinking and insightful, critical analysis. Like, for example, my pointing out, above, the racism of the black girl playacting as a white girl.

(2) Okay, okay… It’s possible that someone else noticed it too, but after long searching, I wasn’t able to find any others.

(3) While much of the RGI are merely unwitting dupes of the American Left. This is the evil for which the American Left is responsible. Conservatism requires the presence of a large cadre of reasoned, informed people in its ranks. Leftism, though, requires gullible, unthinking, ignorant blind-followerism to keep its ranks full. The more anyone thinks, the more he distances himself from the Left. To flourish, Conservatism requires an informed electorate, while Leftism requires an ignorant electorate.

How do you keep an electorate ignorant? Easy: constantly tell the ignorant that their ignorance is really great wisdom. This is what keeps the Left — and the RGI — in business.






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