This is a BRILLIANT Speech!

Right here:


An intelligent, articulate, young woman. Lots of wisdom for such a young woman!

Outstanding, deep, mature, wise speech! One that you would expect to be delivered by a person of many, many more years than this young woman has lived.

Candace Owens is… 29-years old.

It’s a graceful, grace-filled speech.

Owens tells of an ugly incident that filled her with dread when she was a senior in High School. She received several phone messages that were racist, threatening… awful.

It turned out it was a bunch of juveniles acting on impulse, and ignorant of the potential consequences or ramifications of their actions.

In the above-linked speech, Owens asks whether it was really necessary to ruin their lives. Couldn’t someone, she asks rhetorically, simply have asked the young men (one a 14-year old, another the son of the current governor of Connecticut) to apologize to her, and leave it at that? No fuss, no publicity — a bad impulse followed by contrition and forgiveness and no one outside of the immediate participants is the wiser.

That was Candace Owens’ prescription for the aftermath of the telephone attack on her.


We don’t expect to hear such mature grace, such generosity of spirit from a young person in this age of snarling, sneering virtue-signalling.

Brilliant, intelligent, wise, articulate, young woman! Here is a young person who gives real hope that the future might be better than the past! If her vision is a portent of the future, then the future will be far better than the past.

— xPraetorius

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