Serious Question: What ARE Men’s “Reproductive Rights?”

I was listening to a brainless leftist radio program on a drive last Friday. It was a bluesy male singer who, among other lyrics, sang this one: “Get your hands off my reproductive rights.

Presumably he was singing on behalf of a bunch of women whose right to slaughter innocent babies he supported.

However, that got me to thinking, and it produced this question in my mind: What “reproductive rights” do men have?

Serious question.

I think to a phrase that a friend of mine once said pertaining to all the tributes that we pay to women for giving birth. My friend’s rather cold quote: “They (women) carry them for nine months; we carry them both for the next 21 years. I’d take that deal.” (the “deal” that women have)


As the single daddy of two children whom I raised to adulthood single-handedly, I have some sympathy for the sentiment. However, is it true? Does it count that I know a good dozen-and-a-half more men in the same circumstances as mine? No, I guess not. Still anecdotal.

However, we all know that across the nation, if a man produces a child, and if he plays by the rules, then he’s going to pay, pay, pay, pay and pay some more… period. No circumstances — short of going illegal, or disappearing — has this being a situation that the man doesn’t finance entirely, or nearly entirely.

Precisely how much he pays depends on whether he’s married and/or stays married, and/or how ugly his wife, or ex-wife, or “partner” chooses to be.

Serious question: As fully one-half of the “reproductive equation” what “reproductive rights” do men have?(1)

We all know what men’s “reproductive responsibilities” are: pay up.

— xPraetorius


(1) Yes, as a very much pro-life man, I mean this to be a provocative question.

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