Why The Left Just LOVES ‘Civility’ Now

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that we’re constantly inundated nowadays with pious people on the political Left wringing their hands and wailing tearfully, “Oh where, oh where is the civility?!? Why, oh why can’t we all just get along to get together to solve the problems of the American people?!?

Why is this?

Simple: The Left loved incivility when they were the only ones doing it! Now that the Right is pushing back, it’s exposing the Left for the pantywaist playground bullies they’ve always been.

I hate the tone of things now too, but I’ve duked it out with the Left, and for the most part… they’re jerks. Insufferable, bullying, graceless, ignorant, intolerant jerks.

However, when they had the monopoly on incivility, the Left didn’t mind it at all. In fact, at that time, if you were to ask them, it was noble, and it was valiant, and it was courageous, and it was “speaking truth to power.”

No, it was stupid, and ignorant, and the only recourse that a group with no intellectual energy has.

Don’t believe me about the Left being the only ones to indulge in this kind of scurrilous group slander? Okay, I’ll prove it.

Here’s a list of the really vile insults that are frequently directed from the Left to the Right. Just off the top of my head: Racist, sexist, homophobe, neanderthal, nazi, fascist, islamophobe, misogynist, white supremacist, white privilege…

There are many more. All these terms were invented by the Left, and are meant to be spat at the political Right in order to shut down any substantive debate on issues.

Why? Because the Left can never win any substantive debate on issues, and they know it.

Go ahead now… give me some of the names, epithets, insults, slurs that the Right regularly use against the Left. I’ll wait. It’s not a trick question… I just easily rattled off 10 of them that regularly come from the Left to the Right. Surely there must be some that go the other way! Right?

Still waiting…

I thought so. I couldn’t think of any either.

Yep. The Left just loved incivility when they had the monopoly on it. Now that we’re pushing back a little, they’re wilting like the pansies they are. As I mentioned above, I hate the current climate, but it was important to see what the Left would do when we on the Right took the gloves off just a bit.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Why The Left Just LOVES ‘Civility’ Now

  1. It’s such a cognitive dissonance the Left suffers from, isn’t it? It’s truly amazing to me that a frothing at the mouth liberal spouting off the worst things about DJ and Republicans in general will turn right around and complain about incivility and how of course it’s all Trump’s fault. I just look at them like their crazy and back away slowly.

    Good stuff as usual x.

    1. Thanks, Tricia! Yep, you called that. Cognitive dissonance, or compartmentalization, or whatever… the Left complaining about incivility is certainly rich! It’s like Shaquille O’Neal getting torqued off at someone being tall.

      At the extreme, it’s the image of the Nazi concentration camp guard coming home from a day of slaughter and weeping bitter tears on discovering that the family dog has died.

      The Left invented incivility, and adopted and refined it as a tactic to shut down debate — because, of course, they can’t win real debates — so it goes without saying that they’d be worried if someone else started using their own tactic against them.

      And, boy are they!


      — x

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