Is the RIGHT as Corrupt as the Left?

Great question! I have the answer.


And I can prove it.

Do a little thought exercise with me:

Thing 1: We know that at least part of the reason for which the Democrats are all about “the immigrants,” and letting as many as possible into America. Simple: Huge numbers of them come into the country and immediately sign up for government services. As they “assimilate” into the country, they add immensely to Democrat Party voter rolls.

Now ask yourself:

Thing 2: If these immigrants were almost assuredly Republican supporters, and if they were to be streaming into the country at the same rates as they currently are, ask yourself two things: (1) Would the Democrat Party have generally the same position as they have now? (2) Would the Republican Party have generally the same position as they have now?


I know the answer to the above question: The Democrats and Republicans would be united in their opposition to mass immigration — especially to mass illegal immigration. In other words, the Democrats would flip their position — regardless of the morality of the position — while Republicans would still have the same position.

You to can know this by the fact that the Democrats do have entire vast groups of people who vote overwhelmingly for… Democrats. Black people — especially black women; single women, single mothers, welfare recipients, gays, transgenders, Hispanics, Jews… all vote in high numbers for Democrats. The Democrats bought and paid for them with other people’s money, and now they vote for Democrats.

Republicans have not one single “automatic” voter bloc. Not one. Why? Easy: Republicans don’t buy people. That’s all just a bit of ironic since the Democrats were the party of slavery — you know, buying and selling people. The only significant opposition to getting rid of the abomination that was slavery, as well as grotesque things like Jim Crow Laws and segregation came from… Democrats.

People used to say “rich people vote for Republicans” Nope. First of all, if that were true, it’s a tiny group, and second, they vote most frequently for Democrats now(1). The most reliable group of voters for Republicans is the extremely nebulously defined “White Middle Class” men, or “White Working Class” men. And if Republicans can eke their way to, say, barely 60% with them, then they’ve been very lucky indeed.

Sixty percent.

The Democrats frequently get more than 90% of black people. And usually more than 90% with black women. Hispanics are frequently good for more than 60% Democrat, and often ore than 70%.

The point: It’s obvious by the simple facts stated above, that the Republicans aren’t trying to buy anyone off as the Democrats always do. Why? Also easy: If Republicans were buying off groups of people, then they’d have groups of people — as the Democrats do.

Republicans don’t. Buy and sell people, that is. Democrats do.

— xPraetorious


(1) Democrats bought rich people too. The ones who vote for Democrats are the ones who realize that they got theirs, and if they want to prevent others from horning in on their action, the Democrats will help them with that by regulating away any economic mobility.

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