Why Americans Hate The Media

I swear I just watched this happen.

The “News/Analysis” television was CBS’s “Face The Nation” I don’t know the anchor’s name.

The anchor was interviewing Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. The topic was the massacre at a synagogue in Pennsylvania, allegedly perpetrated by the Trump-hating Robert Bowers.

This guy, Bowers, had numerous social media posts all saying how much he hated Trump.

The rabidly anti-semitic suspect called Trump a “tool of the Jews.”

See if you can guess on whom the interviewer tried to place the blame for the synagogue shooting.



The guy could have gone into the synagogue, started shooting and shouted, “I’m doing this because Maxine Waters told me to! I’m doing this because Barack Obama told me to when he told me to get up in their faces! I’m doing this because Hillary Clinton told me to when she said we can’t be civil anymore! I’m doing this because Chuck Schumer told me to!

See if you can guess whose fault it still would be.



That’s why we hate the media. They’re mind-numbingly stupid.

I mean, there is a perverse logic to the jackassery of the Left. For example: At least one reason Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy was because he hated Kennedy. You see, if Kennedy hadn’t done whatever he’d done to make Oswald hate him, well then Oswald wouldn’t have done what he did. So the assassination of Kennedy was, ipso facto, Kennedy’s fault. Get it?

The reason James Earl Jones shot Martin Luther King, Jr., was because he hated Martin Luther King, Jr. So, obviously, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. was the fault of… Martin Luther King, Jr. Got it now? That’s the “logic” of the half-witted left.

And, whaddya know, this guy hates Trump, therefore when the shooter runs around shooting people, it’s… Trump’s fault.

(In fact, can we face the real facts? The assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were also, of course… Trump’s fault. The logic is inescapable.)

Actually, we probably can turn this into an axiom of some sort. How ’bout this for a First Draft of another Praetorian Law:

  • The media don’t love or hate political violence at all. Their feelings toward it are driven entirely by their love or hatred for the target of that violence.
  • The media love violence if they hate the target of that violence. The reverse is true as well. The media hate violence if they love its intended target.
  • The media will justify violence if they hate the target of that violence.
  • It’s obvious that if a would-be assassin were to target an opponent of Trump’s, that would be Trump’s fault. In such a case, the media would bemoan “the climate established by President Trump.” As they did with the recent mail bombs scare.
  • However, if a would-be assassin were to target President Trump, that would be Trump’s fault too. In such a hypothetical incident, the media also would bemoan “the climate established by President Trump…

I think the law is gelling a bit. Something like this, maybe?

  • For the media, depending on who occupies the Oval Office, political violence in America is or is not attributable to that person.


  • The media assign responsibility for all American political violence according to their opinion of the occupant of the Oval Office.


  • The media assign responsibility for political violence in America according to whom they want to be responsible.

Of course.

— xPraetorius

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