Thinking of A New Feature…

RGI Watch.

One of our most popular features is NPR Watch — a regular compendium of essays exposing the sillinesses and jackasseries of National Public Radio. We’ve done hundreds of them.

However, we’ve also spent a lot of time duking it out with foot soldiers of the Race Grievance Industry, (here and here, for example) and we thought that maybe it was time to implement a feature at our small, but increasingly influential think tank to document all that effort as well as the rich vein of half-wittery that is the RGI.

The Race Grievance Industry is one of the main features of the American political landscape most instrumental in keeping especially black Americans down, and we thought that we should maybe ratchet up our coverage of these ugly, bigoted people, who help to cause so much misery in America today.


— xPraetorius

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