SOMEONE Needed To “Tone It Up”

In light of the recent mail bombs scare allegedly done by a Trump supporter, a half-witted reporter asked President Trump whether he thought he should “tone it down a little.” Trump’s response was, “I have toned it down.” Then, he ad libbed, “I could tone it up.” Just about like that. I might have missed a word or two, but the meaning is intact. I’m no Trump fan — though I might be coming around — but it was a brilliant response.

Look, for decades the Left has been slandering Conservatives. They’ve called us everything they possibly could, and always with the most superior, condescending sneer: Racist! Sexist! Neanderthal! Nazi! Homophobe! Islamophobe! You know the litany.

But then they elaborated on it all with their “Hate Litany“: “You hate children!” “You hate women!” “You hate gays!” “You hate minorities!“White supremacist!” And on and on and on. All of it ridiculous. All of it brainless. All of it meant to deflect from a bunch of arguments that the Left knows it cannot win on the facts.

But the effect of this constant 24/7/365 onslaught of slander, passed along uncritically by the corrupt American media, is that there are people who believe this nonsense. When they vote, these people vote for Democrats — one of the reasons behind all the slander — at extremely high rates, and this gives the Dems a gigantic head start in every important election contested in the United States.

They, the Dems, can’t win debates and arguments based on their positions on the issues, so they lie and they cheat. Worse, as time goes on, the slanders become part of the default national understanding of who, how and what Conservatives are.

It’s been this way for long, dreary decades, and it has long needed to stop.

Here in these very pages, we’ve long urged that it stop, and we’ve proposed that to stop it, we should adopt the same tactic, only in a much more refined way. For example, when they call one of us a racist, we should shoot back with something like, “Well, you’re a child molester, and I have exactly as much evidence of that, as you have that I’m a racist. So, I’ll just continue to refer to you as a child molester as long as you continue to call me a racist. If you stop, I’ll stop. If you apologize for your slander, I’ll apologize for mine.” If the leftist persists, say sweetly, “Have you stopped molesting children yet?” Or, “When are you going to stop molesting children?” Say it every time the leftist says the word racist.

Put another way, if the Democrats didn’t have slander, lies and the complicity of the American media as weapons, they’d lose their electoral viability as a party overnight. More to the point, they’d actually have to come up with actual policy proposals that might actually improve the lives of actual American people.

Look: we Conservatives have no monopoly on the truth, or on intelligent, thoughtful, well-formulated policy prescriptions. There is a place for a strong, principled, intelligent, rational opposition to Conservative thought. And that place ought to be occupied by a strong, principled, intelligent, rational political party. It’s not. No principled opposition to Conservatism exists in America today.

We win all the debates easily, but the Democrats then win the elections by lying and cheating. Then, when they win, because they have no actual policy ideas beyond divide and conquer to obtain power, they govern like cr*p.

The great William F. Buckley once said something to the effect that he’d rather be governed by the first 2,000 names in the telephone book than by the faculty of Harvard University. He didn’t say that just to be clever, though it certainly was that. He said it to mount a criticism. The famously leftist Harvard faculty is like the rest of the Left. Politically, they’re liars, slanderers, cheats, mountebanks.

For the good of America, that needs to stop. We need to stop allowing liars, slanderers, cheats and mountebanks to occupy prominent positions of authority in America. And we need to stop electing them to office. Here’s a thought exercise for you:

If the sole criteria for election were that a candidate would have to pass one test: Is he or is he not a liar, slanderer, cheat or mountebank? If we had a machine that could produce a thumbs-up or thumbs-down determination of that one criterion, then all the Democrat candidates for office would be disqualified immediately(1), as would half the Republican candidates. And what a great thing that would be for the country!

President Trump appears to have taken our advice, and is pushing back at the slanders. No one really believes Trump’s a racist, or even that he somehow doesn’t value women, but the slander’s out there, and he pushes back. He absolutely has recognized that the media are a crucial element in the slander directed at Conservatives, and at Conservative principles. And he’s pushed back.

Trump’s “Fake News” theme has found a sympathetic audience in vast swathes of the American public… because it’s true. For far too long many Americans have heard the word “news” and assumed that what they heard subsequently was, well, news. You know, a factual recounting of things that happened. It wasn’t, and it took a long time for Americans to awaken to the fact that they were mostly being lied to.

Trump has accelerated that awakening. Granted, he’s been rude and crude — and we Conservatives are all too uncomfortable with that kind of tone. But that’s the default tone of the Left! Is it not rude to call Conservatives “Nazis?” Is it not crude to call the Tea Party “racist?” All while knowing full well that it’s all simply… false?

False things presented in “news” presentations are not news… they’re, well, Fake News.

As the American public has awakened to the realization that much of what they consumed as “news” in the past was in fact false, the Left has gone ballistic.

Here’s why it’s so important to know all that: We needed to know what the Left would do when confronted by their own hardball tactics. And we’ve found out. They… “toned it up.” They went from lies and slander to violence and riots. On college campuses and in the streets of America. We, the American people, needed to know that.

President Trump has been many things, but one thing he was for certain: an opportunity for the Left to engage in some much needed introspection. When confronted with their own tactics, they had a chance to examine their own consciences to see what, if anything, was left there. Donald Trump gave the Left a massive opportunity to change, to become real people,  not mere power-hungry, throwback hacks. They passed on the opportunity.

But, here’s the thing: we could have known they’d do that. The reason the Left is the Left stems from one overriding characteristic that nearly perfectly describes their thinking: Laziness.

The Left is — overwhelmingly — intellectually lazy. That laziness has led to insecurity. If you know that you’ve been too lazy to think through your positions, then you’re understandably insecure in your conclusions. And you’ll tend to retreat to “Racist!” “Nazi!” shortly after a debate has begun. When you see that this shuts down the debate, your silly tactic is reinforced in your brain, and you remain lazy. Because you realize that you don’t have to win the argument, you need simply to be the first one to call your opponent a vile name.

We could have known all that by realizing that as soon as we strip the left of their main strategy, they’d have nothing of substance to fall back on. We still have the superior arguments, we still have the most intelligent policy prescriptions. They’d have… none of that — and they’d have lost the only thing they did have: lies and slander. We could have predicted that the Left would have responded to losing that the same way a beast does when he’s cornered and has no escape.

He attacks.

On our side, instead of confronting the tactic, calling it out, discrediting it — from the very beginning, as we should have — we’ve mostly argued in such a way as to try to prevent the leftist from calling us names. Our arguments are full of disclaimers. “Well, I’m not a racist in any way whatsoever, but I believe that we should lower taxes…” And, “I love all children and I want only what’s best for them, but I think that we should gradually do away with welfare…

It’s a losing strategy to concede from the get go that someone could discern some whiff of racism,or dislike for children, in your policy prescriptions. And it immediately opens up the door for the half-wit on the other side — who has only slanders of you and your positions in his armory — to counter with something like, “Well, children will die if we adopt your policies, so you hate children!” Might as well pack it in and go home at that point.(2)

We’ve long needed to interrupt that cycle of rhetorical violence initiated by the Left. We’ve long needed to change up how the debate actually happens. We’ve long needed to stop even calling the process a debate, as long as the Left keeps retreating from substantively discussing the issues.

We’ve long needed — we’ve long insisted — to “tone it up.”

At the very first moment when the other dude said, “… so you hate children!” we needed to “tone it up.” That was when we needed to say the “child molester” thing. Rock the suppositious bastards back on their heels! Don’t let them get away with the lie! Never let them get away with the lie!

In these pages we named it, “Rhetorical Jiu jitsu” — the art of using your opponent’s strengths against him. Since the only “strengths” the Left has are in their ability to lie and slander, we should do it right back. Only with the twist that I’ve described:

  • Admit up-front that what we’re saying is a lie, or slander. Make the lie so transparent that no one could possibly believe we believe it. This is to make the case that the other guy’s lie should be equally obvious to a conscious observer. Say that.
  • Admit that we’re doing it to illustrate that what the other guy said was a lie or slander.
  • Admit that we’re doing it to expose the lie or slander of the other guy.
  • Promise that we’ll continue to do it until the other bastard stops. And then, and only then, we’ll stop.
  • Explain that if he’s going to engage in lies and slander, we’re not going to disarm ourselves anymore.

Never let them get clean away with the lie!

— xPraetorius


(1) I understand that this is a very, very broad brush with which to paint all Democrat candidates for elective office. However, we live in the 21st Century… it’s easy to become informed today. I count membership in the Democrat Party as sufficient evidence that a candidate should be disqualified from holding office. Similar to how membership in the KKK ought to disqualify anyone from holding public elective office.

(2) This avoids stating the obvious: an informed electorate would see through these tactics instantly, and would reject them. The Democrat Party operates under the assumption that the American people are ignorant idiots. Republicans operate under the assumption that the American people are able to see through the Left’s lies and slander. The extent to which the Democrat Party achieves electoral success is the measure of how true each assumption is.



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