Idiots Among Us

The great Ben Shapiro points out something that we’ve said quite a bit in these pages: Education can make you educated, but it’s no guarantee that you’ll be smart too. In this essay over at the Daily Wire, Shapiro does the on-line blogging equivalent of shaking his head in disbelief, starting with the headline:

This May Be The Looniest Anti-Male Op-Ed Ever Written. And The Washington Post Just Published It.

Yep. That describes what Shapiro is talking about to a ‘T.’

What Shapiro’s talking about is an op-ed in the Washington Post by a certain Victoria Bissell Brown, retired history professor at Grinnell College.

Brown tries to make the loony case that all men are incorrigibly evil, and real change for the better can happen only if men start talking to themselves and making themselves not be such violent, irrational, primitives.

However, she continues in what she describes as a half-hour screaming rant at her apparently thoroughly milquetoasted husband, men can’t change so what they should do is just shut up.

Sounds just like what half-witted Senators from Hawaii are recommending too!

Shapiro tries to throw a wet cloth over this harpy’s fire by posing the simple question: “If men haven’t restricted men, and women can’t restrict men, why are women safer, freer and more prosperous in the West than anywhere, anytime in world history? She’s a history professor – shouldn’t she know this?”


Ummm… yeah. How ’bout that?

Here’s the real point: this retired history professor is, plainly, a pampered, coddled, ignorant, self-obsessed battleaxe, who’s never stepped out of her academic echo chamber in her life, and is completely oblivious to the fact that millions of men — all of whom she calls “bastards” — died, or were willing to die, to sacrifice everything they ever had or held dear, under conditions too horrible for her puny mind to imagine, all so morons like her could go off on pathetic, lunatic,  rants about… how horrible men are.

And all  without the slightest fear of any consequence from these “bastards.” I guess she thought all that nice freedom she’s enjoyed for decades just kind of happened by magic.

Shapiro quotes extensively from the professor’s addled screed, and it’s worth the read.

I’m guessing that a lot of parents are going to think twice about sending their kids to Grinnell College if this is the kind of “professor” you find there.

If you read through Shapiro’s piece, as I heartily recommend you do,  you’ll shake your head in wonderment that the woman found a job more sophisticated than brick-laying.

Nothing against brick-laying — it’s honest work — and it plainly demands a good deal more activity between-the-ears than this retired professor has going on.

As I might have mentioned: education can make you educated, but it also might turn you into a blithering idiot. The woman admits she’s in her 70’s. I guess we can’t rule out dementia.

— xPraetorius





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