Want To Make People Pro-Life?

It’s easy: Show people, well, real abortion things. You know, things about abortion.

Do you remember the several posts we ran about Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist/serial killer who was sentenced to life in prison several years ago?

If not, here’s a brief reminder: Search Results for: gosnell (on this site)

For decades it was known in Pennsylvania that “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell was running an illegal abortion mill in which you could get your baby dismembered and sucked out of you long after it was legal(1) to do so… if, that is, you were willing to pay the price. For at least one young woman that price was her life.

Even the pro-death crowd didn’t like the spectacle of young women’s dead bodies being wheeled out of Gosnell’s “clinic,” and, reluctantly, Pennsylvania authorities finally shut down Gosnell’s abattoir. They threw him in jail, charged him with murder for the young women, and for seven babies slaughtered after the initial attempt to dismember them had failed. A jury of Gosnell’s peers sentenced him to forever in prison.

Filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer made a movie about Kermit Gosnell, and they used only verbatim transcripts from the trial as their script.

Among many, here’s are some fascinating little-known tidbits about Gosnell’s trial:

  1. If you were pro-life, you were not allowed to serve on the jury.
  2. All of the jurors were pro-death, and were okay with killing babies.
  3. After the trial — in which the ghoulish Gosnell was sentenced to forever in prison, the jurors were not pro-death anymore. Quote from the interview: “All of them had their faith in abortion shattered. Because they heard evidence.
  4. The jurors wanted to send the women who had paid for Gosnell’s “services” to jail too! Another quote from the interview: “At the end of the trial, they wanted to charge the women with murder as well as Gosnell.” And: “They (the jurors) went from pro-choice to: ‘let’s put the women in prison.'”

I learned those four things here: The Trials and Tribulations of Being an Irish Conservative. Specifically at about 13:30 into the roughly hour-long video.

From that headline, you’d be under the impression that the video is about being Conservative and Irish, and mostly it is. However the story that Mark Steyn and his guests — Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer — use to drive home their point is the Gosnell horror.

That occupies the first, oh say, 20 minutes. After that, the interview goes into the deeper points about being Irish and Conservative. It’s a remarkable interview with some remarkable moments. It turns out that Mark Steyn is one of the finer interviewers out there. He really digs things out in this interview that you wouldn’t necessarily suspect were there.

Here’s a moment in the interview: Ann McIlhenny tells of a friend who asked her, “Are you afraid of being called a racist?” Gosnell’s a black man, after all.

If you think of that for a moment, you’ll understand the sheer surreal-ness of the question. Here’s McIlhenny doing a movie about a serial murderer doing his bloodthirsty thing — assembly line-style — with the tacit authorization of the government, and her friend is worried about whether Ann’s worried about being called a racist… for having called a mass murderer, well, a mass murderer.

The implication is, of course, that a black mass murderer is somehow better than a non-black mass murderer. Or was the friend implying that people might suggest that it’s just okay, or even understandable if a black man is a mass murderer? Or, is a black mass murderer, actually, uhhh… okay? You know, if he’s only murdering babies, and not real people, and all…

Actually, the friend was implying that McIlhenny  might encounter all of that.

The entire video is intensely fascinating. You can a deeper understanding of the vast damage the Left has done all around the world by watching this video.

— xPraetorius


(1) It’s never been moral to do so, or right. But, the law in Pennsylvania was specific. Pennsylvania was taking baby steps to get to the right place of outlawing the barbaric act of abortion entirely. However they’d arrived only at: No late-term abortions. If you hadn’t dismembered your baby by a certain time you were no longer legally entitled to do so.


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