Keep It Up, Conservatives!

Look: the political Left is all but admitting to our faces that we’ve won the war of ideas. The Left is all but admitting right to our faces that they have nothing to counter our Conservative arguments.

That’s what the shoutdowns on college campuses are. That’s what the censorship of conservative ideas in Hollywood, in pop culture, in the media, and especially in academia is all about.

Finally, the political Right has started to fight back, and the Left is losing it. That’s what #MeToo is all about. I mean a United States Senator — Maizie Hirono (D, of course) of Hawaii openly told all men to “shut up” when disagreeing with women!

I can’t think of a more disqualifying thing — to be a Senator — for anyone — much less a sitting Senator! — to say!

My own anecdotal experience is the same. As part of a long-running research effort, I visit left-wing, and there I ever so politely challenge left-wing notions on the topics of race, sex, environmental sciences, taxation, faith, abortion, euthanasia and more.

My rule is simple: I criticize only what’s written on the page. I never engage in personal attacks, unless first attacked. Even then, I’ll wait until I’ve warned my interlocutor several times to get back on-topic and stop the personal attacks. If none of that works, then I’ll jump right in. I can’t after all, make it too obvious that my presence there is as much for academic reasons as for making debate points.

In most cases, the owner of the blog (here, for example, or here) has been unable to defend his or her ideas against even the most basic of critiques, and has banned me, or one or more of my colleagues, or both, from his blog.

The Left can’t win the debate on any topic, so they do their level best to cancel the debate with deflections, shrieking (as on college campuses), personal attacks (as I’ve experienced hundreds of times) and things like actual powerful people telling Americans to shut up.

So, look, Conservatives… we’re way ahead on the debate score, and we need to tell America the score.

  • The shoutdowns in America, and especially on American college campuses, are an overt admission by the Left of their own defeat.
  • The censorship of our Conservative thoughts and ideas in Hollywood, pop culture, the media and academia is an overt admission by the Left of their own defeat.
  • The assertion by a U.S. Senator that men ought to “shup up” is an overt admission by the Left of their own defeat.
  • The refusal of the Left honestly to contest their ideas at the ballot box — instead relying on compliant courts to do their bidding — is an overt admission by the Left of their own defeat.
  • The litany of racist-sexist-homophobe-islamophobe-denier insults is an overt admission by the Left of their own defeat.

Here’s a stark Law of Political debate: A political school of thought that is confident of the strength and truth of its own arguments does not shrink away from debate. Any debate. The ones who are confident in their own thinking and ideas embrace debate with an opponent.

If you think that you can mop up the floor with a debate opponent, why would you run away? Well, simply, you wouldn’t. But the Left does. They know their ideas are horse manure.

Every argument the Left advances follows this pattern:

  1. They identify an “issue.” Oh, it’s not really an issue, but a topic, or a new “right” that  they think will bring a segment of the American population automatically, unthinkingly to the voting booths to pull the “D” lever. Such “issues” are abortion (really: feminism in general), environmentalism, race, taxation, gay rights, “transgender” rights.
  2. They spin such issues so that it appears to the low-information news consumer that the leftists are the champions of the people or groups in question.
  3. They lock in the intellectually lazy, less intelligent, portion of those populations — women, gays, black Americans — in order to give themselves an important head start in every election they contest.
  4. They do whatever they can to lock down — read: shut down — “debate” by labeling their opponents things such as racists, sexists, homophobes, islamophobes, “deniers,” etc. You know the litany.
  5. They co-opt the media(1) to make the “racist-sexist-homophobe-islamophobe-denier” narrative the default belief in the country.
  6. And then they do it all over again with the next fabricated “issue.”

But we’ve won.

We’ve won every debate in which we’ve vigorously engaged with the Left: Abortion? We’re rolling back the tide of those who would kill babies for convenience. Environmentalism? We’ve been relentlessly exposing the fraud of the environmental movement. And so on.

Socialism’s next on the list of leftist fads. We have to kill that one quickly. Relentlessly. Mercilessly. Socialism is the most deadly school of thought every conceived in the fever swamps of the leftist mind. It’s responsible for at least 160 million deaths in the last century alone. And it’s continuing to kill people.

Opponents of Socialism say that “Socialism doesn’t work.” But, they have to stop saying that. Socialism does work. If, that is, you realize the real intent behind it: It’s a vehicle for the Left to seize power and to keep it indefinitely. Nothing more nor less than that. Of course, though, as a political/economic doctrine it’s a massive failure! Here’s a simple truth of Socialism: There has never existed a single, solitary successful expressly Socialist country.

You can rattle off the list of failed nightmares from the past and present: The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Communist Eastern Europe, Greece, much of Africa.

Miserable, people-eating failed societies all! And every last one of them — except Greece, a special case — entirely dependent on heavily repressive internal secret police to keep them in power.

Greece is the sole exception, and it survives as a “Socialist” country only because Europe keeps throwing money at their moribund economy. If Europe were to turn off the money spigot, Greece would collapse tomorrow. Greece is the Welfare Queen of Europe.

All we need to do is to point out the horrifically bloody record of Socialism and we’ll defeat ignorant or evil buffoons like Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. More to the point, we must defeat buffoons like Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. For the sake of America and all mankind.

The point: We Conservatives need to keep it up! We need to stay on the rhetorical attack. we’ve already won the debate, but this debate is like a baseball season: we have to keep on winning and we have to win the play-offs and then the World Series. Every year.

The good news is that we can do that easily. Every year. We just have to flush the Left and their political wing the Democrats, out from under the rocks where they hide to avoid a good debate shellacking.

And we need to be plainspoken. The Left’s ideas are crap — impoverishing, people-eating, death-dealing, immoral, enfeebling, disgusting crap — and we need to say that.

— xPraetorius



(1) The media are possibly the lowestinformation segment of American society. How can that be, you say? Easy: if all you report is stuff that is spun, distorted, one-sided, misleading, or even transparently incorrect then you yourself, as a reporter are both a purveyor and a consumer of ignorance. As President Reagan once said, “It’s not that the Left doesn’t know anything, it’s all the things they know that aren’t so.” The media, and the low-information hordes that consume their product, are mutually sustaining machines of ignorance. After consuming the fog coming from the vast majority of the American media, the people are nearly always less informed than before.







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