Kavanaugh Should Sue

Here is a simple truth: If, as I believe, the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are completely false, then Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnik are the scum of the earth.

Even the most charitable interpretation of their accusations leads to that conclusion: Here’s that charitable interpretation: The three women believed what they were saying, but were wrong.

I’ve  believed a lot of things from more than three decades ago in my past, only to find out later (credit: social media) that either (1) I was completely  mistaken, or (2) someone else believed something entirely different. So different as to invalidate my recollection entirely, if the other person’s memory was true!

In the case of a memory from decades ago, if I had a shred of integrity, I never, ever, not ever, not in a million years would make a life-destroying accusation based on such a recollection. Not without corroborating it myself a thousand different ways first.

If I were to make that accusation, without doing the work necessary to corroborate my recollections, then I would be… scum of the earth. Like: Ford Ramirez and Swetnik

All the so-called recollections of the three accusers — Ford, Ramirez and Swetnik — were invalid from the moment they were made public.

Every single accusation had many, many self-invalidating details, but one stood out: Not one single person could recall any of the incidents themselves, or Kavanaugh at any of the places at any of the times with any of the people supposedly involved in any of the accusations. Including, the accusers themselves!

Extraordinary! The Democrats in the U.S. Senate dragged the country, and Brett Kavanaugh and his family, through the muck of their own political ambition, based on… nothing.

How did that happen?!? Easy: a problem that we’ve mentioned once or twice in these pages (meaning: hundreds of times): Collusion by the American media; corrupt dirtbags who are willing to swallow uncritically anything that even the scummiest of leftists say. Or, as I’m increasingly coming to suspect, who are willing to make things up and feed it into their own publications., with the collusion of Democrats in the U.S. Senate and elsewhere.

Here’s the one piece of corroborating evidence through the entire charade: Ford’s lifelong best friend (Leland Keyser) initially said that she had no idea what Ford was talking about, but then confessed that she had been pressured by Ford’s activist team to say that she “believed Ford” anyway.

In other words: Not one single person could corroborate any part of any of the accusations. Not one. 


Kavanaugh should sue the following people: Ford, Swetnik and Ramirez, for defamation of character and slander.

In his lawsuit, Kavanaugh should make four demands:

    • That Ford, Ramirez and Swetnik each make a public retraction of their accusations.
    • That they apologize publicly to Kavanaugh and his family.
    • Restitution of 10 million dollars (He should announce the he’ll donate the money to an organization devoted to supporting the falsely accused.)


    • That Ford, Ramirez and Swetnik be prohibited from profiting from their accusations. Further: That all monies they earn from from their moment in the spotlight — meaning: book royalties and advances, movie royalties and payments, speaking fees, etc. — be donated to the organization that supports the falsely accused. 

If Brett Kavanaugh — now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — is reluctant to sue, because of the responsibilities of his new position, then Mrs. Kavanaugh should sue, and should make those demands for restitution. She should pursue this lawsuit aggressively and without letup.

First Bottom Line: Two things are true: (1) Brett Kavanaugh deserves to have his good name and reputation publicly and loudly restored to him, and (2) Kavanaugh’s accusers deserve to have their names forever stained as liars, frauds, false accusers. They do not have a right to come out of this sludgefest with either their good names or reputations intact. Nor do they deserve to be able to make a fortune, as you and I both know they will, on the speakers’ circuit as heroes of the Left. This last is the reason behind our suggestion for the fourth item in our bullet point list of demands for restitution in the lawsuit that Brett or Mrs. Kavanaugh ought to bring.

Second Bottom Line: Ford, Ramirez and Swetnik were likely unwitting dupes of dirtbags like Senator Dianne Feinstein, porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, Senator Chuck Schumer and others, but there’s no reason for them to get away with it.

When a person hires an assassin to kill someone, then turns the murderer over to the police, we don’t let the assassin off just because he was a dupe.

Feinstein, and the rest of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate, hired three assassins to murder Brett Kavanaugh’s character, and neither they nor the three would-be assassins should get away with it.

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “Kavanaugh Should Sue

  1. We won’t, but we must, be sure all actors are held accountable for what they did. This certainly includes Feinstein. We must do this because, if we don’t, this will happen again and become the new normal. The process must be allowed to be restored to its lawful and functional normal. Opportunists and megalomaniacs would then realize that there would be a price to pay if they abuse the process in such a careless manner. We must be lawful, not lawless.

    1. Yep. I couldn’t have said it better!

      One small addition: The opportunists and megalomaniacs are watching very closely to see whether there are any consequences at all for falsely accusing someone. If not, then there’s no reason to believe that this will not be Standard Operating Procedure for every nominee in circumstances similar to Kavanaugh’s

      And, last but certainly not least, did you notice that the accusations just continued to escalate in magnitude and ridiculousness, to become more grotesque and lurid, the closer the date for the vote came? As if, they had said to each other, “Well, if this fakery doesn’t work, we can just ratchet it up a bit!”

      Until, of course they had Brett Kavanaugh (Brett Kavanaugh!) running “gang rape parties” or whatever they called those grotesque things!


      — x

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