Kavanaugh Should Sue (Part II)

In this post, we said that Brett Kavanaugh, or Mrs. Kavanaugh, should sue his three accusers for defamation of character to restore his good name and to punish the three women.

A friend pointed out to me that the accusations were for infractions supposedly committed long after the statute of limitations for the alleged misdeeds had expired. Therefore, said my friend, one couldn’t sue for defamation of character, since the character being defamed was from 36 years ago.

However, I would counter my friend’s assertion with this: the Democrats in the Senate tried to make the case that Kavanaugh’s alleged infractions long ago were inextricably tied to his character today, rendering him unfit, they asserted, to serve on the Supreme Court.

The defamation today resides in the insistence that the current Brett Kavanaugh is the same Brett Kavanaugh of 36 years ago, and that that long ago Brett Kavanaugh was a sexual predator.

Here’s a summary, from the above-linked essay, of the lawsuit we think Kavanaugh, or his wife, ought to launch:

Brett Kavanaugh or his wife ought to sue Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnik, and in that lawsuit, he should make four demands:

    • That Ford, Ramirez and Swetnik each make a public retraction of their accusations.
    • That they publicly apologize to Kavanaugh and his family.
    • Restitution to Kavanaugh of 10 million dollars (He should announce the he’ll donate the money to an organization devoted to supporting the falsely accused.)


    • That Ford, Ramirez and Swetnik be prohibited from profiting from their accusations. Further: That all monies they earn from from their moment in the spotlight — meaning: book royalties and advances, movie royalties and payments, speaking fees, etc. — be donated to the organization that supports the falsely accused, as specified by Kavanaugh.


If Kavanaugh were to launch such a lawsuit, and if it were to succeed, then as a country, we’d go a long way to restoring justice for an unjustly accused man, and, even more importantly, we’d send an important message to the world that we’re just not going to allow such false accusations to go unpunished anymore. Why is that last so important? Simple: Rape is a heinous crime. False accusation of rape is just as vile a crime. Women get away with it all the time. In this post, we pointed to research (here, from a sex crimes lawyer) showing that more than 40% of rape accusations were false.

A successful lawsuit by Kavanaugh or Mrs. Kavanaugh would be welcome news for the victims of the fraudulent Duke University Lacrosse team accuser, as well as the Rolling Stone accuser (and many, many more). Both of whom are walking around free today, despite having traumatized dozens of innocent men.

Furthermore, tens of millions of other men in America would realize that the targets on their backs merely because they’re men had become just a bit smaller.

— xPraetorius

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