The Left is in END-GAME Mode

… or appears to be.

It’s astonishing to see the lengths (and depths) to which the Left has gone so far in order to derail the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. Now, it has to be admitted, there’s nothing in the world that could do anything more than slow down the relentless leftward decline of America. Sad to say. We said it, and diagrammed it, here too. All the way back in 2015!

So, why does the Left seem to think, and are acting as if, their agenda is in mortal danger? They own all the organs of propaganda in the country, there’s no single item of their agenda that’s in any jeopardy whatsoever. People speak of Roe v. Wade, but even that’s in no danger from Brett Kavanaugh, even if it’s overturned in the Supreme Court! All that would mean is that “abortion rights” as an issue would return to the states. There still would be plenty of states where you could slaughter infants to your heart’s content. Gay rights? Not in any danger. Welfare? No danger to it. Minority rights? Not in any jeopardy whatsoever. In point of obvious fact, all the suppression of rights in America is coming from the Left… on college campuses and in town squares across the country. No one on the Right, or even on the so-called Right (Trump, the “alt-Right”) has called for a decrease of anyone’s rights whatsoever.

The real reason for the Left’s apparent desperation is simple: the above short list is not the Left’s agenda. The above list is a brief enumeration of just some of the issues the Left has advanced in support of their real agenda: to obtain — and keep — power. The Left obtains power through the courts. They can’t win elections legitimately, so they win it through the courts. The arrival of Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court opens up the possibility that the court would no longer be a left-wing rubber stamp.

The Left supported the above issues only as part of a larger, overarching effort to build a coalition of groups that would guarantee an electoral monopoly for the foreseeable future. That’s it.

Women (abortion, affirmative action, divorce rules), black Americans (welfare programs, affirmative action), gays (gay marriage, affirmative action, etc), unions (state union pensions, wage preferences), immigrants (welfare programs, open borders), and so forth. All these “issues” were designed to put the various, often overlapping, groups in the Democrat Party’s electoral pocket. To give the Democrats a 15-30% head start in any election contested in America.

Democrats don’t care about the people in these groups, and never did. Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the United States, and a Democrat, legendarily remarked: “Throw those n###ers a few crumbs and we’ll have ’em voting for us for 200 years.” Does that sound like a man who cared about black Americans? And, yet, for whom do black Americans vote in overwhelming numbers? Can anyone say Johnson was wrong?

So, really, shouldn’t we have expected all this sleaze in the Kavanaugh nomination process? Haven’t we all been watching as mild-mannered, nerdy guys and gals like Ben Shapiro and Charles Murray, Besty DeVos  and Mona Charen, and others, have been prevented — violently — from speaking on college campuses? As thuggish groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have taken their violence to the streets, proving our saying: “The new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism?” As time and again, universities across the country enact “speech codes” transparently crafted to prevent Conservative speech?

These are not normal behaviors for a democratic society. They’re the behaviors of pre-totalitarian, pre-fascistic societies.

In all of the Twentieth Century’s worst bloody totalitarian hellholes — all Socialist countries, by the way — before the eventual takeover by Socialist goons, roving gangs took to the streets, violently suppressing the basic rights that all people ought to enjoy: free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship…

You can rattle off the list of totalitarian hellholes: The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, and so on. The eventual rulers of these monstrous, snake pits all depended on violent, thuggish gangs to “soften” up the people in advance, and to bludgeon into silence those who might disagree with the thugs’ ideology.

So, why on earth do we see such goons in the streets of America today? The first answer is simple: They’re Socialists, leftists… That’s how the Left does things. But why now in particular? Answer: The Left must have arrived at the determination that their hour is close at hand. That just a few things need to happen for the circumstances to be in place for them to own all the levers of power. They can taste power. Permanent power. And therefore, no backtracking can be permitted.

This is the reason for the unhinged, vituperative response to the Trump phenomenon. This is the reason for the college campus shoutdowns, for the suppression of free speech in Hollywood and in newsrooms across the country, for the relentless flood of left-wing propaganda from all of pop culture.

I have no great love for Donald Trump, but I have to admit that he was the only one who could have defeated Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election. Yes, as a country, we’ve come to that.

Trump was absolutely right. The system was rigged, and he un-rigged it… at least temporarily. How? Simple: He played the game by the Left’s own rules. All other Republican candidates — and there were some outstanding ones — would have “taken the high road” when Hillary and the Democrats sucker punched, as they always do. And they all would have lost, because Hillary, the media and the Democrats weren’t contesting the election on the high road.(1)

Every single other Republican candidate would have allowed every single one of those Democrat punches to land, while saying something milquetoast-ish like, “How unfortunate that he/she/they would say something like that.” All while the media would have reported how the Republican had as much as admitted to the Leftist’s accusation.

Trump, by contrast, punched back. Hard. Love, hate or indifferent (is anyone indifferent?!?) about Trump, there’s nothing milquetoast-ish about the man!

Here’s, therefore, one reason for which the Left is in End-Game Mode: They know that Trump knows how they play the game. By extension, therefore, the Right will come to understand that as well. It’s something we’ve been saying all along.

The difference: Trump’s not willing to bring the traditional Republican knife to the usual Democrat gun-fight. The Dems know that this lesson was not lost on the Right, and they’ve calculated that they need to notch it up. They figure they’ll always beat the Republicans in the area of dirty tricks, sleaze, violence, corruption, dishonesty. They have very good reason for this belief: they have a lot more practice.

Here’s an important observation: If, as we have long counseled here, the Right were to stop rolling over for leftist thuggery and dirty tricks, and if the Right were to punch back, only harder(2), then you can be sure that the Left would notch it up yet again.

The Left knows another thing: They can’t win on the battleground of ideas, so they have to cheat. If — when, really — the majority of Americans finally realize that the Left is cheating, then the Left fears that their run is over. Another important point about this: if America realizes that the Left is cheating before the Left has had a chance to seize power permanently, then it really is too late for leftists. Their run will be over… for generations.

We said it recently (here): No matter what the real story is behind the Kavanaugh-Ford interaction, there would have been at least one allegation of sexual assault leveled at Kavanaugh. Even if it never happened. We said that too! (here)

Here’s a quote from that essay all the way back in November of last year:

We all know that if you want to torpedo a candidacy in today’s cuckoo climate, the  way to do it is to trot out forty-year old unprovable and undisprovable sexual abuse allegations.

This time, of course, the alleged incident happened a mere thirty-six years ago! Why, it’s as if it were just yesterday!

Here’s another quote from our prescient piece of last November:

It would have been a shock if there had not been a parade of unprovable and undisprovable accusations leveled against Roy Moore, and amplified by the press, as soon as he won the primary for the Alabama Senate seat. 

And, updated for today:

It would have been a shock if there had not been a parade of unprovable and undisprovable accusations leveled against Brett Kavanaugh, and amplified by the press, as soon as he was nominated for a Supreme Court seat. 

You read it here first: If, for example, in the near future, Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer were to announce his or her retirement, then no matter Trump’s nominee’s past, someone will “come forward” with an undisprovable accusation of something grotesque in the nominee’s past.

For the Left, the truth be damned, and innocent people’s lives are perfectly unimportant if they don’t serve the primary goal of the Left’s obtaining — and keeping — power.

So, in summary, why is the Left in what seems to be End-Game Mode?

  1. They know they can’t win in the battleground of ideas, so they know they have to cheat.
  2. They know that Trump identified their corruption, named it for what it is and called them out on it, and that the rest of the Right is learning that much of the American public understood Trump, and believed him.
  3. Since the Left can’t win in the battleground of ideas, they have to win in the courts. Brett Kavanaugh’s arrival on the Supreme Court signals the possibility that America’s accelerating leftward lurch might come to a screeching halt for a generation or more.
  4. The Left believes that they’ll always beat the Right in the area of sleaze and corruption… and they’re probably right. After all, they have so much more practice at it. So the Left has notched it up.
  5. If the Right were to notch it up as well, then the Left will notch it up again. And again. You can see where that could lead if it’s not halted. Only the Left — the aggressors in this conflict — can stop it.(3)
  6. This “End-Game Mode” means that all future Republican nominees to any high office in the land will face someone with undisprovable accusations of something grotesque in his or her past. Regardless of the truth. It’s built-in now; automatic.

— xPraetorius


(1) I was always bemused by the criticisms of Trump’s coarseness or his crudeness… Hillary was, is, all that coarseness… times 10! She’s Trump in a pantsuit. The Trump of the Left. Trump’s obvious lack of refinement simply concealed what a crude boor Hillary is. Her scornful, sneering condescension toward anyone who might have been contemplating voting for Trump was on full, regular display throughout the campaign. Whether it was the “basket of deplorables,” or the “Why aren’t we ahead by 50 points?” remark, Hillary simply thinks she’s better than anyone else. Since the election, she’s demonstrated in speech after speech that that her opinion of the American people is dismal, especially since they sent her down to defeat… again.

We made the remark in these pages (here): No matter who wins the 2018 Presidential election, America will have her second white trash President. (After Bill Clinton)

(2) We named it “Rhetorical Jiu-jitsu,” because the technique takes an argument and turns it around on the one making it, often to devastating effect.

We’ve long said that the Right should meet the name-calling and vilification of the Left with our own name-calling… but with a twist. When they call us racists, we should shoot right back that they’re child molesters… then, after the leftist picks his jaw back up, quickly add something like, “And I have just as much proof that you’re a child molester as you have that I’m a racist, so why don’t you stick to arguing the subject instead of engaging in pathetic, immature name-calling?” Then smile sweetly. 

By the way, it’s easy to do. All the arguments of the Left are really thoughts that, if scrutinized in any depth, turn out to support Conservative positions. I’ve used this technique frequently against Brothawolf, a frequent antagonist here, and he surrendered feebly when he realized that all I needed to do was to turn his own arguments around against him.

Here’s an example from our interaction with Brothawolf. He’s often suggested that we’re stupid here, or ignorant, or ill-informed. I immediately turned that around and said two things: (1) the rhetorical question: how is it, then, that such an idiot is shellacking you in debate all the time? And (2) if what I’m saying is so transparently stupid, or false, then it should be child’s play for you to knock my arguments out of the park, with no need for all that name calling. Eventually, of course, Brothawolf just shut up.

Now, mind you, Rhetorical Jiu-jitsu works only if you have facts and logic on your side. We Conservatives have facts and logic on our side.

(3) Note the hugely important implications here. If this constant notching up continues unabated, then the inevitable result is: Civil War. I have a fear of this because of a very serious problem: the Left [1] wants power desperately, and [2] knows they have no legitimate reason for having power other than simply wanting it. It’s why the Left has never bothered to come up with any real ideas for improving the lot of people, and instead resort to long discredited twaddle that has already been tried, and failed miserably, in numerous parts of the world.

The other side of this is the possibility that the Right will simply back down before left-wing thuggery and violence. At that point, the field is open for the Left to seize and retain power, and America is doomed.

The reason our outlook here is so bleak is that for things to improve in America, the Left has to [1] abandon it’s megalomaniacal hunger for power, and [2] come up with some legitimate thinking, some legitimate counter-ideas for the flow of creative thinking coming from the Right, that could contribute positively to the discourse on the very topic of making things better in America.

The problem bears repeating: The primary goal of the Right is to formulate and propose ideas that they think will improve things in America. The primary goal for the Left is to obtain, and keep, power. It’s a massive problem, because [1] the thinking of the Right needs to be challenged — as does all thinking — and challenged intelligently and honestly. And [2] the Left has no desire to do this, but rather depends on scurrilous accusations of racism, sexism, etc., as well as name-calling, and shouting down the Right.

As a result, the best ideas are still ideas that come from the Right, but that are legitimately challenged only from the Right. It’s not the way to get the best ideas and thinking out there.

There is a place for a legitimate leftist opposition in the West, but at this point, there are precious few honest leftists out there to provide real, honest countervailing thinking to the Right.

In summary: the Right are the kings of policy thinking, while the Left are the monarchs of… thuggery, violence and corruption.

In societies around the world, thuggery and corruption generally win out over honest debate about real ideas and issues, to seize power.

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