What SHOULD be Known About the Kavanaugh Set-up

This set-up was going to happen, whether or not Brett Kavanaugh ever did anything even slightly wrong in his life. Democrats don’t need allegations to be actually true to make them.

I wish we’d said that a bit earlier in the Kavanaugh nomination process. Come to think of it, we did. (here)

Our point: No matter the circumstances of the Christine Blasey Ford allegations, someone would have “come forward” with some kind of accusation of sexual impropriety against Brett Kavanaugh.

No need for the “allegations” to be true, just un-disprovable. That’s all you need in order to set the corrupt half-wits in the press to baying about how the “seriousness of the allegations (which by the way, they’re not, serious, that is) means that we must take the time necessary to investigate them.” And, of course, derail, by the most undemocratic, fascistic means possible, any Supreme Court nomination by a Republican President.

Because undemocratically and fascistically are the only ways the Left can ever win. In a democracy.

This set-up was in the works long, long before Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court. It was just a question of against whom it would be unleashed. The set-up was in the works before even Trump was nominated to run against Hillary Clinton. In point of fact, this kind of set-up is simply part of the Democrat Party’s well-stocked bag of sleaze.

Whenever a Brett Kavanaugh comes along, the following conversation, or a variation of it, always takes place at the highest levels of the Democrat Party: “Hmmm… what can we get away with to be sure that we [fill in goal here: win Senate seat, derail Supreme Court nominee, win Presidency, other…]?”

It’s been going on for a very long time. It was said, jokingly, of Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the United States — and a Democrat — that he never won an election that he didn’t steal. And everyone would chuckle. But the joke was serious.

The corruption of the Left is constant, and constantly ruthless. It’s worth repeating: They do this because undemocratically and fascistically are the only ways the Left can ever win in a democracy.

— xPraetorius

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