Educating Brothawolf (Part II)

In this post, we presented to Brothawolf (BW) some challenging ideas (here). These were thoughts presented by David French of National Review, in which he expressed great sympathy for a lot of what BW has been saying. I agreed with French in some places, and disagreed in others.

BW responded to our post with this post. It’s a post filled with so much that’s wrong, and so much that’s, I almost hesitate to say it, infantile, and worse, just half-witted, that it left me sad.

I don’t think BW’s stupid, but his response is  so crashingly dumb, ridiculously ignorant, and kinda pathetically immature, that there are only two possible conclusions: (1) he’s a moron, or (2) he never even bothered to read the National Review post that would have given him some important insights, and would have been an outstanding opportunity for growth. Needless to say, (3) All of the above, is possible too.

BW’s post left me sad, because I can’t rule out the possibility that BW’s just not capable of understanding the very simple concepts I’ve been trying to explain to him. If that’s the case, and if a significant cohort of one “side” is just not intelligent enough to understand, then what hope is there for massively important things like race relations?

A quick side note: These posts take intellectual effort. When someone spends a lot of time on your behalf, when that person expends a lot of energy… just for you, that means that person cares a great deal for you. When BW then refuses even to read the post, or the essay involved, it’s an act of hostility, an act of rejection, meant to make you feel bad. It’s ironic how often BW suggests that we’re doing what we’re doing just to make him feel bad.

Now, here’s where else BW goes very wrong. I don’t get offended. I haven’t been offended by what anyone’s said about me, or done to me, for decades(1). BW doesn’t understand that, because he does get offended. A lot. I’ve come to realize that this is a major difference between the racist Left, of which BW is a card-carrying member, and the Right: The Left gets offended by everything. While, we on the Right are offended by very little. Remember, we on the Right spend all our days being insulted, maligned, bashed, libeled and slandered by the Media, by Hollywood, by Academia and the rest of pop culture. When BW calls me names, it’s not, let’s face it, a big deal to me.

One more quick note: We on the Right learn early on the simple life lesson that not everyone on the planet is going to take a liking to you. Some will even nurture completely false notions about you their entire lifetimes! And, more to the point, you’ll nurture false notions about others your entire lifetime! It’s a very humbling realization. It helps you to understand the sheer fallibility of humanity, and of its reasoning. And it helps you to become and remain humble.

In the meantime, BW posted this, to which we offered a quick response. Knowing full well that BW is censoring us. In that response we asked whether BW was going to allow us to respond to his post. We’re awaiting that response. In the meantime, though, I’m going to assume that BW will not allow us to defend ourselves, and that he’s going to libel us publicly, without allowing us to respond. The quintessential fascistic behavior.

In light of that, I reproduce BW’s post below, with our comments, like this: [in square brackets and red font, in line.] Important Note: I’ve also included the comments from several contributors, because there was much instructive in them as well. 

Without further ado, here’s Brothawolf’s post:


SUFFERING FROM POLICE SHOOTINGS AND THE PILE-ON THAT MAKES IT WORSE [Let’s make one thing clear: BW’s never mentioned that he was the victim of a police shooting, so his headline smacks of his wanting to piggy-back onto someone else’s pain and suffering. He does this often. He often mentions slavery as having happened to “us,” as opposed to the truth: it happened to others more than a century and a half ago. Slavery never happened to BW. I recognize this kind of cheap groupthink. It’s the same type of thing as the “stolen valor” hoax that some people will try to perpetrate by pretending that they were in Vietnam or the like (Ex.: Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Dem., CT)]

Body of BW’s post:

From Yes! Magazine:

Following several nationally publicized police killings of unarmed Black Americans in the United States, Eva L., a fitness instructor who identifies as Black, started to experience what she describes as “immense paranoia.” She would often call in sick, because she feared risking an encounter with police upon leaving her house. She also started to second-guess her and her husband’s decision to have children. [There are levels here. First off: this is the  crime of the Race Grievance Industry (RGI) and the press, as they blow sky high every police shooting incident creating the false notion that such shootings make for an “open season” on black men out there. The French piece that we referenced pretty convincingly debunked that notion. In fact, shootings by the police of unarmed men are way down over the past three years, as French’s piece documents. Furthermore, the subject in Yes! is a black woman. There’s no notion “out there” that black women are in any danger from the police in America. Much in this “article” smacks of fabrication. Black women are at peril in their lives. From black men. However, what’s easier than inventing a black woman who feels fear of the police, as it appears that Yes! has done here.

Let’s debunk it quickly: Think back, if you can, to the last time that an unarmed black woman was shot by the police. I’ll wait. Can’t think of one? Me either. And I googled it.

I found this. From Essence Magazine, a well-known bastion of the RGI. They found — 15 — such incidents since 2010. A tad more than one such incident on average, per year, for eight years! Hardly a narrative that black women are in any danger from the police. If there had been more, then Essence’s piece would have made that point extremely prominently. But at no point in the above-linked article do they try to make the point that there’s any real danger to black women from the police. At no point does the author of the Essence piece try to assert that these fifteen deaths, tragic as each one is, are part of a larger picture of violence by police targeting black women. Just that they’re aware of 15 such incidents in the past eight years. More to the point, the Essence piece gives a summary of each incident, and every single one suggests that the incidents, while tragic, did not represent a police problem, but were rather incidents of crime, violence or mental disturbance to which police responded while violence was already in progress or was a likely prospect. This notion that the woman in the Yes! article feared for her safety from police is, likely, just  a fabrication.]   

“Seeing Black bodies murdered and physical/emotional violence online and on the news” was a trauma she could no longer bear, Eva says. “I was terrified of bringing a child into the world we live in and experience as Black people. I thought not having kids was a truer sign of love than risk them being harmed by this world.” [In light of the previous research — that took us maybe five minutes to do, and an additional 10 minutes to read, I might add, it appears that this paragraph is a bunch of hogwash too. However, I’m not discounting it! It’s entirely possible that the fraudulent picture that the media paint of the police causes low-information people like “Eva L.” to fear for their safety, thus compounding the crime of the RGI.]

A recent study sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania—released just before the anniversaries of the deaths of Eric Garner (2014), Michael Brown (2014), John Crawford (2014), and Philando Castile (2016)—found that there could be millions like Eva, for whom these killings have been a mental health trigger. [This pounds home even further the crime of the RGI. It appears that black women are experiencing “mental health issues” in response to things that don’t exist. These non-existent dangers to black women are expressed through the media and the Race Grievance Industry.]

Research included data from the Mapping Police Violence Project database for police killings between 2013 and 2016 and information from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System of over 103,000 Black Americans. The results indicate that police killings of unarmed Black Americans are having a population-level impact on the mental health of Black Americans. [And these mental health issues are due to improving conditions between police and black Americans in a global sense, that are being dishonestly reported by the media and the RGI as worsening conditions.]

According to researchers, the incidents may contribute to 1.7 additional poor mental health days per person every year, or 55 million more poor mental health days every year among Black Americans across the United States. That means the mental health burden for African Americans caused by police killings of unarmed Black victims is nearly as great as the mental health burden associated with diabetes. African Americans have some of the highest rates of the disease, which contributes annually to 75 million days of poor mental health among them. [Here’s part of the tragedy of this: This represents a loss of productivity for black people, as well as a loss of wealth for them. And all for a Big Lie. Furthermore, this is a picture of another tragedy: that of  completely needless pain and emotional suffering on the part of people who are being told lies. ]

Click here to read the rest of this article.

I can concur that just hearing about an unarmed black person murdered by police does bring emotional stress and paranoia even though, thankfully, it hasn’t happened in my town. [Here BW admits that he’s never experienced any police violence up close and personally. As a result, he should be able to study this question dispassionately. He seems unable to do that, instead swallowing the poison of the Left and the RGI without, apparently, applying any critical thinking to the subject.] The news reminds me that no matter what, we’re still under the gaze of suspicion no matter how innocent or harmless [BW makes two errors here: (1) Black people are not “under the gaze of suspicion” in general in America, which has a very much beneficent view toward black Americans. Don’t believe me? Here’s a simple truth: the entire volume of American jurisprudence in the past 60 years has been focused largely on trying to redress past wrongs visited on black Americans and removing obstacles in the path of black Americans’ success. And (2) despite all this, black Americans are not “innocent or harmless.” The rates of crime in general in the black and non-black communities are roughly the same, but the rates of violent crime in black communities are way disproportionate to black people’s percentage of the American population. BW ignores a basic reality of life: this simple truth alone will make all people — black, white or other — at least a little worried about black men (in particular) they encounter. It’s for this reason that America in general can hold the two seemingly contradictory states of mind of (1) wanting desperately for black Americans to succeed, while at the same time (2) experiencing unease around individual black Americans.

The numbers are the numbers are the numbers: black or white, your chances of being the victim of violent crime committed by a black man, are far greater than the odds of being victimized by any other ethnicity.] we are and that it could happen to any black person, including myself. What’s even more stressful is dealing with argumentative deniers who prefer that we focus our energy on an issue they think is more vital, “black-on-black crime”. [Well, as we might have mentioned before, a black person — man or woman — has a far, far higher chance of being targeted for violence by a black man, than by any other ethnicity. Black-on-black crime is, simply, a far greater problem in the black community than police violence. There really shouldn’t be any debate on this topic, and there should be lots and lots and lots of intellectual effort aimed at solving what is a tragedy of incredible proportions in America today. Instead, BW spends his time being constantly offended at someone else’s pointing this out to him!]

XPraetorius, the self-proclaimed conservative blogger and all-around [juvenile obscenity removed. BW does like to name call!]  accused me of being an accomplice to black-on-black crime. I never said this, but that comment was painful in so many ways, and I told him that. But proving that he lacks character, he not only told me that it wasn’t hurtful, but I was in control of my feelings. [This is a simple life truth: You choose how you’ll react to the comments of others. If you choose not to be bothered by them, then you’ll always be a lot better off. Oh, take them into account, of course! If an insult to your person is true then, but all means address that flaw in who you are. However, don’t be offended by it if it’s not true, for goodness sake! BW seems to think that what I say of him is not true. Well, if so, then how can it possibly hurt his feelings? If I called Shaquille O’Neal short, should he be insulted? Of course not! ] Therefore, feeling hurt was my problem and that he is in no way responsible. [Yes, feeling hurt was, and is, BW’s responsibility. Always. We are in charge of our own feelings. We are not leaves on a stream, we’re people for crying out loud! BW needs to grow the heck up! the point is: he’s already — chronologically at least — well into adulthood. In fact he’s well into middle age! BW then posted another screenshot of our past exchange.]

[If you read the above quote from us, there’s nothing objectionable in it whatsoever. I point out that black people are dying in America — as they are — and that whatever BW and his friends are doing about it… it isn’t working. If it were working, then black people would stop dying violent deaths in America in such staggering numbers each year. This is a simple, obvious truth. No one debates the fact that the efforts to curb black violence in America are not working, and that as a result, black people are dying… wholesale. I also made the obvious point that if you are preventing solutions to this horrible American tragedy then you’re as exacerbating the problem. I used the word “accomplice.” It’s a good, accurate word to describe BW and those who, like him, do what they can to stifle non-black ideas to prevent the violent deaths of black Americans.]

Granted, the subject wasn’t so much about police violence. It was actually about the Charleston Church Shooting a few years ago. Though, he condemned the terrorist Dylann Roof, XPraetorius believed it was still insignificant [Here BW engages in his mystical, magical mind-reading. At no point ever did I say or even remotely imply that the atrocity that Dylann Roof committed was insignificant. Not by itself, nor by comparison to black violence. Roof’s act was an unspeakably depraved atrocity. Period. Full Stop. This is exactly how I’ve always described the Charleston Church shooting, and from that BW suggests that I’ve somehow called it insignificant. It’s this kind of flapdoodle from BW that leads me to think that maybe he’s just an idiot.] compared to black people killing each other by numbers alone. The massacre wasn’t enough to prove of the lethal doses of racism dealt against black people by whites, including police.

Instead, according to XPraetorius, us killing each other is a more important issue, and those who refuse to acknowledge that is part of the problem. [More mystical, magical mind-reading by BW. At no point have I ever tried to compare the relative significance of the two things. Both are deeply important, and there’s no point in trying to compare their relative importance, as I wouldn’t even know where to start.]

Of course, I defended myself and black people stating that we’re aware of both issues and are doing what we can with them. Instead of listening like a mature adult, he criticized, saying that we’re not doing a good job, repeatedly called me at accomplice and, as expected, tried to make me feel as low as possible. [BW makes two important errors in this snippet. (1) it should be obvious that whoever is addressing black-on-black violence is “not doing a good job.” That violence continues, and it continues to escalate. (2) Again, BW pretends to know that he can tell what my intent is. I never try to make him “feel low.” However, I’m also through coddling him. Remember what I’ve often said: what people say should never, ever offend you. Seriously. Why would you grant them that power, when whether you’re offended or not is entirely under your control? Again, this is not controversial]

That’s how XPraetorius argues. [As I just proved rather convincingly, that’s not at all how I argue.]

XPraetorius tries to drive this point home along with the “racism isn’t a major issue for black people” line harder when he touched on the very subject of police brutality in a half-a## attempt to “educate” me. He responded to an article by David French of the National Review, a “news” site for conservatives who believe they’re intellectual sophisticates. He copied and pasted points he felt was [sic] notable, including the following:


Again, it implies that quantity must be taken into account and that black men, though law-abiding as French says, are more likely to commit crimes. (See the contradiction?) [No. There is no contradiction.] So, it should reason that encounters with police will likely end up violent or fatal, and that really hasn’t happened as much as people say it is. [Huh?] Basically, French believes that black men are their own reason why they’re getting killed by cops. [Nope. Here’s where BW indicates that he didn’t read the National Review feature. French said that (1) the police are to blame, and (2) that also black men sometimes bring it on themselves. He notes that there are other factors as well. The RGI, however, focuses only on the small portion that white hostility toward black Americans plays in the police shooting incidents.] Note how he doesn’t mention the factor of how many of them pose no threat or that black women are not even mentioned. [So, we mentioned black women, and showed that there’s not a problem between black women and the police.] Yet, French disagrees that the killings of unarmed black people show any hint of racial bias because well, it’s a big country. [Nope. French said exactly the opposite of this. He said that racial bias does play a role in the death of black men at the hands of the police, just not as big a role as BW and others think it does.

This is the kind of thing that makes me think that BW is simply intellectually inadequate. How does he take the strainght out assertion from David French that racial bias has a role in police shootings to mean that French thinks racial bias plays no role in police shootings? The answer is simple: BW is commenting only on what he expects a writer for National Review to say. This is part of a much larger problem with the American Left. We regularly hear of the prominent leftist who ventures out of his little echo chamber, into the heartland, and finds — to his utter shock! — that Conservatives in general are actually fine, nice, non-racist, decent, intelligent, informed… good people. Note the next quote. It’s from David French’s piece in National Review. BW quotes it as if I had written it. I happen to agree with it, and I’ve said the same thing many, many times before, but it’s not from me.]


It’s by no stretch that the general society doesn’t really care about the welfare of black people, [This is paranoid hogwash. I’ve proven to BW dozens of different ways that society has nothing whatsoever but the best of intentions as it pertains to black Americans. ] and that our suffering has been reduced to a “black problem” that we somehow brought on themselves. [And, of course, no prominent person whom anyone takes seriously has ever said or implied this. Except on the Left in the RGI, who have told others who are not black to keep out of the affairs of black Americans. BW does this all the time. ] Even worse is the justification that follows that excuses such treatment, and that nothing we say will make them understand our points of view no matter how much we suffer from this and other ills. [It’s at this point, that BW lapses into insipidity. The entire point of the argument we’ve been trying to make is that we’d like to assist in reducing the suffering of black Americans. BW is telling us, to keep out. he insists on the one hand that black problems are not the fault of black people, but insists that the ones he considers responsible — white people — not be part of the solution. How idiotic is that?]

Now begins the Comments Section for BW’s essay:


I’m still thinking about Botham James death…assasinated by Amber Guyger..physically,mentally,spiritually and verbally. I just knew when the cops asked for a search warrant to search HIS pad,they were going to find some way to smear his good name by tying him to a drug,in which I believe was planted by DPD. It’s not unsual. It happened in Baltimore where two cops was caught attempting to do it.

Oddly,I no longer get mad at these scenarios.It has gotten to a point where as Black potentially troubled kids..were all at risk to be wronged by a rogue cop or two. It’s becoming predictable.I was talking with a friend of mine.Its getting to a point where if you’re Black,you will be guaranteed to be smeared regardless of how clean or checkered your record is. Just like S.Lee Merritt said in the 26 years that Botham has been on this earth ,he has never has a criminal record until the police ” investigated” his apartment. Media let us know that yet they didn’t talk about his prominent family background .They tried to hype up Amber’ s White supremacist brother in law .

I admit,I didn’t read the article ..and won’t. Whether it’s true or not, I think about how many White supremacists are reading this saying ” Yeah were getting those n’ s really good ” .That is exactly what they want get so stressed out that were going now down to them..not!

Don’t get me wrong, I do get disgusted, saddened,angry…like with the case with Botham Jean and other Black folk that have died to police violence before him but,I’ve decided to pick myself up and not let the devil beat me. That’s is what they want from Black/ POC. It may not be easy but I don’t want them to steal my joy from me. [There’s so much wrong here that it’s difficult to know where to start. Let’s just go  at it it point by point:

• You can’t “assassinate” anyone mentally, or spiritually, or verbally. What happened to Botham Jean was a tragedy. It might have been a terrible crime. We’ll have to see as th ejustice system plays out. However, no one is served by mischaracterizing something as what it’s not..

• Of course you search the dwelling of a murder victim! To try to find out the whole story behind the crime! If in doing so the searchers find evidence of the murder victim’s having committed wrongdoing, (1) that’s not the fault of the police. and (2)  it still doesn’t make the murder alright. Duh!

• The third paragraph is a bunch of paranoid hooey. However, “M” gets something very wrong. She says, “S.Lee Merritt said in the 26 years that Botham has been on this earth ,he has never has a criminal record until the police ” investigated” his apartment.” Okay. that could mean that in all his 26 years, he’d simply never been caught. Nothing more sinister than that. 

• “M” says she didn’t read the French piece in National Review. Intellectual laziness? Or fear that she might encounter points-of-view that differ from hers, and that she might not be able to debunk? I encounter this I’m-not-going-to-waste-my-time-with-that-other-guy’s-thinking attitude all the time on the Left. All while they constantly accuse me of watching only FOX News (Note: I haven’t seen a FOX News broadcast in a very ling time. I cut off cable a long time ago.) And, of course, out comes the “White Supremacists” hooey. There are no “White Supremacists” whom anyone in America takes seriously. None. Not one. Let them read this, and our blog, they’ll go away soon enough. 

• Finally, “M” is an actual Black Supremacist with whom I’ve interacted on BW’s pages before. A dyed-in-the-wool racist, and bigot… the Stormfront of the Left.]

  1. I feel you.

    You noticed how I don’t write about police killings of black people for the same reasons. It’s like writing the same article over and over again, and it’s honestly draining my spirit. It’s the same story on repeat, and it drives me insane that people will still deny that this is a problem. [This is still more BW hogwash. No one has ever suggested that police killings are not a problem. Every violent death is a problem. A serious problem. However, no single violent death ever tells the whole story of a huge country like America.] It’s baffling how people can be incredibly unfeeling about this, [Unfeeling like, perhaps, Brothawolf? Who continues to aid and abet the killings of black Americans in America’s cities?] but some people are like that, and that’s why it continues.

    1. Yep.

      Whether it’s true or not,when it comes to Black life, the publications will not bring out the good about them. [Whatever that means]

      I was thinking about this mental health article about Black folks and police violence. Like I said,I didn’t read it because,I just see it as another method of bringing my spirits ( which I’ve gained strength and overcame such negativity) down..being falsely reminded being Black is terrible. Even if there are Black publications doing this,they too,shouldn’t fall for this. I’ve known people who you wouldn’t believe been through h–l and back..never giving up on their lives.Those are the people I do my best to be like. There will be times that I may feel down but I don’t want incidence like this to knock me out. [This is all very vague, but I don’t find much to disagree with here. One question: does “M” think that others who aren’t black have only lives of sunshine and roses in America? If so, then she truly is ignorant.]

      Another reason why I choose not to read it is that police brutality have been going on for decades. There have been people in my family that has been through this issue. I guess I have had seen family and friends discuss this so much until its no longer an oddity to you. It’s not that your being indifferent to the crisis but it is what it is..a part of Black/ POC life . Were all at risk and though you can never feel good about the least it won’t be a surprise to you. [This was largely meaningless. If “M” would bother to inform herself, she’d see that she has no reason — at least none that she’s expressed so far — to be so down on things in America. Now, I don’t know the details of the rest of her life, but the situation in America for black Americans is not even remotely as bad as she depicts it to be.]

  • I never, never, argue with white people about racism. They ain’t never been right! [Lkeke starts her (I believe she’s a she) with a nice bigoted generalization right out of the KKK songbook! The parallels between the RGI and bigoted groups like the KKK and Stormfront are amazing.]


    Since Black people were first brought here, not a single white person has ever been right or concurred about what was happening to us at the time it was happening.  [Another bigoted generalization from Lkeke. Think about what she said and, presumably, believes: She knows what every single white person has thought since the time of slavery! Here’ obviously, is an intellect far greater than any Einstein in history! Or just an idiot, prone to making ridiculous, patently false generalizations.] White people have always professed ignorance of whatever we happened to be protesting about at the time, and blamed us for whatever happened to us at that time. [Another bigoted generalization from Lkeke] There are White people alive right now who had no idea what MLK was marching about at Selma, who claim to love him now, only so that they can appear to have been on the right side of the story of race in America. [This last is true. There are  lot of black people like that too. It’s called the passage of time. Every generation considers its own problems and activity to be more important than those of previous generations. This assertion shows a remarkable lack of self-awareness on Lkeke’s part. Does she really think that only white people forget things as time goes on?]

    White people have only ever been able to admit to racism in hindsight. White people in the sixties admitted slavery was horrible, and white people today are willing to admit Jim Crow was wrong. In fifty years they’ll be claiming they knew police brutality was wrong, and all without mentioning a single word of the part they played in gaslighting Black people about the trauma of it.

    I’m done arguing about my loved [Editor’s Note: “lived?”] experience with white people. I just say so right up front, that if they want to debate, they getting blocked. [A very, very leftist state of mind. “I’m right, and there’s no debate possible!”] I don’t need the trauma of being a Black woman along with the trauma of trying to convince the willfully ignorant that my trauma even happened. [But, a simple truth is appropriate here: Your trauma, no matter how intense, tells us nothing about the greater country.]

    I will not argue about how my life is lived, with anyone, that includes people I love, let alone strangers on the internet . I just won’t do it! [Okay. But, again don’t try to pretend that your experience tells us anything important about the entire country. I’m amazed at the level of sheer, pathetic self-obsession on the part of the RGI! This entire debate has never been about them individually, but rather about the country as a whole. Yet, all these racists have always responded as if everything was all about him or her.]

    I’m gonna ask, plead really, for reasons of self care, that you don’t either. Dealing with the willfully delusional (which is how I think of such people) is a sure fire way to land yourself in an insane asylum, or at least on blood pressure medication. [They do like to try to do their little insults!]

    There’s a saying, I forget by who, that however you think you would have behaved during any major historical event , you need only look to the behavior you’re displaying right now to find out. [Was this supposed to be great wisdom? Yikes!]


  • I concur with LKEKE, that is why i suggested Reni Eddo -Lodge’s book Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race. It’s insightful about how whites refuse to acknowledge the issue of race. Eddo- Lodge is a black British woman, racism is just as prevalent in Great Britain as it is in the United States. [This is actually kind of funny. I’ve never met a single white person who’s ever “refused to acknowledge the issue of race,” whatever that means. This Eddo-Lodge person, if she truly has refused to stop speaking with white people about race, is truly an idiot.]

— xPraetorius


I read the publication date of the Essence piece incorrectly. The publication date was 9/9/2105. meaning that the time period referenced was only six years. That meant that the average deaths per year would be around 2.5. That’s still too many, but still doesn’t change the meaning or truth of our piece at all. There’s no evidence o any danger to black women from the police. Interestingly, when the RGI talks about this, they quote specifically talk about how they insist that the police are targeting black men. There really is noidea out and about in America that black women are in any danger from the police. There is a widespread understandinng out and about in America: that black women do have much to fear from… black men. This makes the Yes! piece even more suspect. It’s probably a fabrication.


(1) I don’t get offended, and I don’t get even. The old saying is: “don’t get offended, get even.” And everyone laughs. I don’t get even. Why? The answer is easy: Because I’m not offended! If you’re not offended, there’s no reason to get even… obviously.

BW doesn’t understand this. Because he’s hyper-easy to hyper-offend, he always wants to get even, and always tries. He engages in what he thinks is sophisticated psychoanalysis of you, and ends up fabricating an entire life story for you that is based entirely on his own bigoted prejudices, stereotypes and biases.

It’s liberating to be impossible to offend, because it allows you to see things a lot more clearly. Your lenses, so to speak, aren’t always being clouded by silly emotionality. Oh, emotions aren’t silly at all — they’re extremely important, valuable, vital parts of life — when they’re not stupid ones experienced for stupid reasons. Taking offense is an emotion that needs never to be experienced. We’ve explored that notion in these pages too.

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