Well! Did YOU Know This?


  • The vast majority of sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests occurred between 1960 and 1980.


  • … the most common decade of birth for alleged abusers was the 1930s and the most common decade of ordination was the 1960s. This profile has not changed in allegations that emerged in the 14 years that have followed — including the recent [Pennsylvania] grand jury report. No new wave of abuse has emerged in the United States.

So, with all the allegations of priest sexual abuse, the profile hasn’t changed in the recent waves of reports.

That means, of course, a whole bunch of things, but one of those things is that sexual abuse by Catholic priests has been on a steep decline for almost 40 years.

Look, before we get too far, let me give you all the ritual disclaimers… yes, yes, yes… one incident of sexual abuse by anyone is one incident too many. Any such incidents are all wrong always. And so forth. In studying all aspects of society, though, I’ve long given up on searching for perfect people. The last one was born 2,000 years ago. We look here for things that we can use to gain an in-depth understanding of our world around us, and there’s one inescapable conclusion: Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is not a problem.

It was… a very long time ago… but it is not anymore.

There is perfection in life: God’s word is perfect. People, though, are ever so imperfect. People’s interactions with perfection will always be ever so imperfect. Even if they’re priests, who should act according to a much higher standard. When they don’t, though, two things are true: (1) they should, and (2) the media should also be held to a much higher standard… and they should report honestly on things going on around us.

If you haven’t been paying close attention, but you have been hearing at least some of the “news” reports, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that priestly sexual abuse has been steeply on the rise in recent years, instead of the truth: it’s been rare, and declining, for the last nearly 40 years.

In other words, when the media “reported” on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, they weren’t reporting on things “going on around us,” but rather things that “went on around us”… 40-60 years ago. Things that are nowadays… quite rare.

Look, it was important to expose the sexual abuse that went on in the Catholic Church. And it was equally important to report also that it wasn’t really happening much anymore. That the wave of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church had crashed long ago, and there wasn’t much sexual abuse going on anymore at all.

People in leadership positions in the Catholic Church appear to have done some very bad things, covered up sexual abuse perpetrators, and moved them around, placing more children at risk of being abused by mostly gay priests. Some time back, we exposed the real problem in the Catholic Church. To sum it up: there was a big influx of gay men who entered the priesthood between 1960 and 1980.

Why did these gay men enter the priesthood? Anyone’s guess, but a non-zero number of them entered to try to deal with their homosexuality in a milieu that was, and remains, hyper-forgiving, thank God: The Catholic Church. No, really… thank God!

Oh, and those gay men who entered the priesthood between 1960 and 1980, another non-zero number failed to deal with their abnormality successfully. Some of them gave in to their temptation, and some abused children.

However… If you’re Charlie Manson or Adolf Hitler, and you wander into a Catholic Church, and you say to someone that you need forgiveness, then — without condition — someone there will help you find it. Without condition. If you’re a racist, like this guy, or this guy, and you wander into a Catholic Church, and you say that you need forgiveness for your evil thoughts, then someone there will help you find forgiveness… without condition.

Now, what do you see here? Easy: The Catholic Church’s very structure, foundational beliefs, and basic doctrine, set it up to be exploited by, especially, gay people trying to deal with or cure their gayness. 

The Church doesn’t even have to be untrue to its most closely-held principles! More to the point, if the Catholic Church remains true to its most basic principles, then it is perfectly setup to be exploited by gay men looking to save themselves. And failing. As anyone would know they would.

After all, if you’re a murderer, and you wander into a Catholic Church and you admit to being a murderer, two things happen (1) the priest to whom you confess this offers you forgiveness, and (2) no one in the Church informs on you. It’s something the Church feels very strongly about.

If you were paying close attention in the 1960’s and you saw the big influx of gay men into the Catholic Church, then you’d have been able to predict that these very same gay men would prove to be… time bombs that would detonate in the Church sometime later.

And, sure enough…

Look, I’m not the conspiracy-theory type. But, just to indulge the delicious temptation a bit, if you wanted to bring down the Catholic Church — the greatest force in the world for transcendent justice, peace, happiness and fulfillment, the greatest force for… good — what would you do?

And, if you were of the political Left, and you wanted to bring down the other greatest force in history for good in the world — the United States of America? What would you do?

This is not conspiracy-theory-type stuff: If I were on the Right, and I wanted to bring down some institution of the Left, then I’d do something like that. I’d recruit agents, I’d plant them, I’d make sure I had something on them all, I’d be sure that they got deep inside so that they’d… do things. I’d be sure that they could never implicate me/us without sounding completely crazy.

That’s exactly what I’d do.

— xPraetorius

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