The Catastrophic Failure that is Socialism (Part II)

In this post here, we gave some detail to our indictment of the horrible, societal disease that is Socialism. We gave the credit, appropriately, to the great Kevin Williamson of National Review Online (here).

However in our post, maybe we should have mentioned that Socialism is actually… a phenomenal success.

A “failure” is something that happens when someone fails to achieve what he intends to achieve. A “success” is something that happens when someone actually achieves what he intends to achieve.

Socialism claims to be a doctrine that will deliver “equality” to the people. It then is the epitome of inequality, which is, paradoxically, the epitome of equality.

Socialism claims to want to deliver a better life to the people. It then does according to the intent of Socialists, and instead delivers only power to a tiny, privileged, often hereditary, élite. But, that’s the actual intent behind Socialism. So, it’s a success.

Socialism then continues to howl to the rafters that it’s delivering equality, and fairness and justice, and… power to the people.

Socialism howls to the heavens about its love for peace and for justice, and then delivers on its real purpose: war against its people and vast injustice. And it always delivers. In this way, of course, it’s always a success.

We’ve explored Socialism in these pages, and we’ve exposed the results of those times where Socialism has carried the day. Socialism has always been a massive success, and a towering failure.

It’s been a massive, horrific failure in doing what it always said it would do: deliver  heaven on earth.  It was always a catastrophic success in doing what it’ always been intended to do: deliver power to scumbags.

Socialists know what “heaven on earth” is: It’s power in the hands of a tiny ruling élite. It’s heaven for a tiny cabal of leaders. It’s Hell for the people. Socialism says it’ll deliver utopia! Fairness! Equality! Justice! It’s paradise! And then… it isn’t.

In fact, Socialism always delivers exactly the opposite of what it constantly howls that it’ll deliver… Socialism is horror, it’s élitism. It’s massive hierarchization, it’s vast injustice, death, slavery… it’s: Hell. Socialism always ends up being Hell.

So, how can Socialism be the epitome of equality and of inequality? Easy: The distance between the people and the élite, under Socialism, is greater than under any other system on earth. In the history of the planet. There’s no greater inequality on the planet than under Socialism.

At the same time, unlike healthy societies where there’s great social, poltical and economic mobility — and a lot of social strata — there are only two strata under Socialism(1): the élite ruling class… and the impoverished, squashed, often massacred people. Just as Socialism produces the greatest inequality on earth, at the same time, there’s no greater equality on earth than under Socialism.

If your propaganda can flog that last thing — without mentioning the impoverishment, the squashing and  the massacres — then you get: Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. And big, adoring crowds.

— xPraetorius


(1) As in serfdom. Socialism is serfdom.

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