Socialism SHOULD Be the Most Important Gift The Past Gives to the Future.

It should give us lessons forever!

And slavery in America, as odious as it was, is the gift that past Americans gave to today’s black Americans. Without it (1) they’d all be living in Africa, or (2) they wouldn’t exist at all.

Look, slavery was horrible. However, let’s face one undeniable, indisputable fact: Black Americans should drop to their knees in gratitude at the fact that their long ago ancestors were brought here in chains.

They now live in — by very, very, very far — the best place for any black person to live… in the world. In the history of the world.

And that is all because their ancestors were brought here in chains. It was a very bad thing then, which through future circumstances made it the most wonderful, miraculous, beautiful thing for today’s black Americans.

We’ve all heard the story of the guy who says that in his past, his great-great-great-great someone or other was murdered or robbed or mugged or otherwise oppressed, and that caused his long ago other ancestors to have to move to some place or other, where they found a way to prosper. The guy always says something like, “It really stunk for ol’ great-great-great-great someone or other, but it worked out pretty well for me!” And everyone chuckles. Because they understand that, yes, it really did stink for ol’ someone or other but, yes, it was also quite good for this dude today that it all happened. That’s the real bottom line.

Yes, slavery stunk. Yes, it was horrible. And it was — indisputably — the very best possible thing that ever happened to 21st Century Black Americans.

That’s how we should view Socialism as well. What gift could we possibly say that an ideology that contributed to the murder of more than 120 million people has given us today? Answer: knowledge. Really, really important knowledge. And understanding. Really, really important understanding.

Socialism has taught us, if we’re willing to learn the lesson, that Big Government is always ugly. Always really bad. Always evil.

Examine Socialism a bit, and you find out something really interesting: all its supposed goals have been achieved in history. Many times over. Equality? Serfdom was all about equality. If you were a serf, you were just about exactly equal to all others of your very large class. And, as in Socialism, a tiny élite ruled over them all.

How about getting rid of all that nasty private property as Socialists so desire? Well, again, look to serfdom. The serfs worked the lord’s lands at the pleasure of the lord, who could kick you off his land whenever he wanted. Who was this lord? Easy answer: he was the serfs’ government.

Serfdom is the very picture of Socialism fully realized. You know that old expression: “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.

A Socialist government is a government that has already taken everything you have. It then says, “Oh, we’re taking it all in the name of the people.” And, “It’s really the people who own everything. It’s collective ownership.”


When was the last time you felt that you “owned” the local park? The local school? The town hall? How about the town forest? You know, the one with the sign on it that says “Keep Out After Dark”… that town forest. You paid for ’em all, after all.

Do you think that you own the national parks? Do you think you can just waltz on in there whenever you want and camp out, or walk around, or hunt, or farm? Yet, the government — the lord — looks you right in the eye and claims that you own it all. Jokes’s on you I guess. And me. And the actual people. You know, the ones the leftists are always claiming to do things in the name of? The real people. You and me.

Yes, Socialism should be the gift that the past gives to the present and the future. The gift of the knowledge that we should never, ever, not ever allow the tiniest bit of Socialism to infect America. It’s the gift that, if we’re smart, we’ll use to laugh half-wits like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez right off the public stage.

— xPraetorius





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