THE Top Environmental Group Admits: They Can’t Predict ANYTHING in the Climate! (Part III)

In this post, we coined a new name for so-called “climate scientists.” We re-branded them “climate guessers.” In a previous post (here), we’d pointed out that even the much vaunted IPCC — the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — admitted they have no idea what the climate is doing.(1) Therefore, the environmentalist community has been doing nothing but trying to sell the world on the notion that their guesses — guesses that conveniently recommend giving money and power to the guessers — are facts.

This was not to impugn guesswork. Science is full of it. Guesses, conjecture, suppositions, vague notions, gambles, heck — even hunches and flights of fancy. All are valid, important, first steps in mankind’s constant effort to understand and describe the universe around us.

Only, scientists don’t like those words. Ever so unsophisticated, you see… and scientists are like anyone else: full to the brim with ego. So, you and I hear only about “hypotheses,” and “theories,” and “postulates,” and “deductions,” and, of course, “experiments.”

Climate scientists, like all scientists, engage in guesswork and conjecture too. They guessed not that the world was warming — it is, in some places — but that mankind is responsible for and can control that warming. If you can prove that convincingly, then you can do a lot of things, first and most important of which is to bend human behavior to your ends. Such that, for instance, they’ll give you money and power.

But there was a problem; a big, big, big problem: the real science never even remotely showed anything that would allow any conclusions whatsoever as to what the primary(2) ingredients of climate change were actually doing to the climate — beyond, of course… changing it. Furthermore, that’s the climate’s very nature… the fact that it never does anything but change.

More, the fact is that the real science has given no clue whatsoever as to mankind’s contribution to changes in the climate — either in kind or in magnitude. Bottom Line: Climate scientists are no closer to knowing one jot more about whether people are warming or cooling the planet, or how much… than they were 60 years ago.

Yes, the climate is always doing nothing but changing, getting warmer or colder, wetter or dryer, more or less turbulent. As it has since the birth of the planet some four billion years ago.

That’s why the very notion of “climate change” as a political issue is nothing more than a fabrication, invented by people trying to sell the world on the idea that their wild guesses are real science.

“Climate Change” is an issue, though… the real issue is one of scientific integrity… or lack thereof.

Environmentalism is a scandal for science itself. The scientific exploration of the climate is a legitimate subject for inquiry, of course, but so many climate scientists have sold out to corruption and fraud — in search, presumably, of money and power — that it’s tainted the entire scientific community.

The only way for real science to survive is to engage in a deep, transparent, open review, with outside supervision, to expose and jettison the corrupt deadwood.

Speculation and conjecture are valid, important components of real science, but they need to remain in their place — as untested, unproven, unverified… guesses. Basic, first rungs on the ladder to greater understanding, but nothing more than that.

Climate scientists, tainted as they are by the corruption of the environmentalist movement, have become nothing more than charlatans, money-grubbing, publicity-seeking, power-hungry political hacks, disgraces to science itself… and in the very best of cases: climate guessers.

— xPraetorius


(1) Here’s the quote from the IPCC:

In climate research and modelling (sic), we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.

(2) Everyone knows the list of ingredients of climate change are: everything. Everything that happens changes the climate to some extent or another. Move your little finger? You just changed the climate! People even know what the major ingredients are for climatic changes: The sun, the moon, the rotation of the earth, tectonic forces, gravitation, magnetism, volcanoes… No one knows, however, to what extent each of these things changes the climate, or how over the long-term. And no one knows in the slightest the extent to which mankind’s efforts change the climate. Whether those efforts have a major or trivial effect on the climate, or some point in-between. Only that they change the climate… like everything else that happens.

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