Two Pithy Phrases… Coined in These Very Pages!

Coined in these pages…

The First Pithy Phrase: 

First some background: Socialists are the new “face” of the Democrat Party. There’s rich, old windbag Bernie Sanders, and fresh, attractive, young, air-headed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Both are the new, exciting, top, top, top dogs in the Democrat Party.

As a result, we on the Right are saying what, in my opinion, is the wrong thing. Our top, top dogs are saying: “Socialism doesn’t work!

So, here’s our pithy saying:

• • •  Socialism does work — if, that is, you’re trying to impoverish — or kill — people.

Socialism isn’t trying to bring any benefit to the people; Socialism is an ideology whose sole purpose is to be a tool used by Socialists to obtain power. That’s it. Socialism does work for that purpose. And, of course, for the purposes mentioned in our pithy phrase: impoverishing or killing people.

One more pithy phrase about the new “faces” — Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez — of the Democrat party: You could put both their IQ’s into a coffee mug, and still have room for two sugars and some Coffee-mate.

The Second Pithy Phrase:

First some background: The Democrat Party is known for its constant flogging of the notion that they’re for “the little guy, the working man, women, minorities, and especially, the poor.” It’s my own interpretation of their oft-trumpeted description of themselves, but I doubt any Democrat would quibble with it.

We on the Right should do some rhetorical jiu-jitsu with this and use our second pithy phrase:

• • • The Democrats love poor people so much, they’re constantly making more of them.

As in: people who once were not poor, are poor now, all thanks to the Democrat Party.


Now, let’s tie together these two pithy phrases.

Well, once the Socialists take power, as they will when the Democrats have either imported enough poor people from outside the U.S., or made enough poor people from once prosperous middle-classers, then there will be a critical mass allowing the Left to seize power in the United States permanently.

After all, the poor will always vote for the party that promises them some kind of support, even if that support is nothing more than a bribe — a narcotic — designed to keep them permanently dependent on a benevolent state.

When the Left has permanent power in the United States, then they’ll have power throughout the world. After all, what do we call the President of the United States? The most powerful man in the world. 

There’s a reason for that. If you hold power in the United States, you can influence the people who hold power around the world. Why do you think that the Democrats are always supporting foreign aid that somehow winds up doing nothing more than making left-wing dictators around the world richer? Answer: because those left-wing dictators then become, themselves, dependent on American generosity.

Since the dictators keep their populations under very tight control, then if you control the dictator, you control his country too. If you control the dictator, then you can impose on him the social policy that you want in exchange for your generosity. Take a look, for example, at Africa. Why don’t the tens of billions of dollars in American foreign aid ever do anything to reduce the prevalence of corrupt, left-wing scumbag dictators in Africa, (cf, eg: Mugabe, Robert, and Africa, South, et al), in South America, (cf, eg: Chavez, Hugo, Maduro, Nicolás, et al), in Asia, in the Middle East?

It’s always in the interest of the Democrat Party to keep Americans poor and dependent, and to keep people in other countries poor too. It’s for that very reason that the Democrats are so aggressively opposed to capitalism, the one historical miracle that, more than any other, has delivered people from poverty, squalor, disease. And reduced or eliminated their need for the government.

Thomas Hobbes in 1651 described the life of mankind as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

Capitalism, for the very first time in the history of the world, changed all that. Thanks to capitalism, wealth — in the form of money and land holdings — as well as real power moved away from a tiny élite, and began to move toward the common people. It was, truly, a miracle. Capitalism — with it’s free markets — was what did it.

However, capitalism represents an existential threat to Socialism. The problem with Capitalism is that with prosperity comes power.

If you’re rich, then you have no need for the vast array of government services that the American Left has slathered onto the central government like barnacles onto a ship.

You don’t need Social Security, or welfare, or government-mandated health, life or auto insurance, or… anything from the government at all!

Except… National Defense. In other words, you won’t need any of the government agencies, bureaus, departments or bureaucracies that support all the programs that help to keep Americans enmired in poverty and squalor.

In still other words, if you’re wealthy, you have real power! Power that the government does not have. Well, for the Democrats — the party of ever-growing government power — that’s no good, so Capitalism has to go.

It’s not surprising that crazy old coot, Bernie Sanders, and IQ-deprived airhead, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are the new faces of the the Democrat Party… they’ve been evolving in that direction for years. If you head steadily in a direction for decades, then at some point you get very far in that direction. You might say you’ve gone to the extreme!

You tell me: when was the last time you saw the Democrat Party do anything that looked like not moving further to the Left?

— xPraetorius





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