To All Those In America, Who Hate America So Much…

Where else ya gonna go? Serious question.

Any country that rates any higher in the variables that the people on the Left — the ones whining the most about how horrible it is here — say they care most about… won’t take you in.

Not, that is, unless you come from somewhere that’s… not America.

You on the Left whine, and whine, and whine about how awful we Americans are here to, well, just about everyone and, yet… the rest of the freakin’ world is freakin’ busting down our freakin’ doors to freakin’ get in… freakin’ here!

They’re not breaking down the doors of anywhere else in the word(1).

Scandinavia — Norway, Denmark Sweden (some include Finland) — is supposed to be the ideal place to live. Know how they keep it that way? By not letting anyone in. The exceptions — Sweden and Denmark — are tightening controls on immigration as we speak, because the influx of poor migrants they allowed in were — are — ruining the place.(2)

It’s a sure thing that if you’re some spoiled, trust-fund lefty — you know, the ones who have the time and money to run around protesting how awful it is to be in America? — the Scandinavian countries don’t want you there. Oh, you can visit… but they won’t let you stay.

So, to all the Antifa goons, the BLM half-wits, the “Democratic-Socialist” airheads, where else would you choose to live, if not here, where you can whine and simper all you wish without the teeniest, tiniest fear of reprisal?

And, since you haven’t the merest hint of a fear of experiencing anything bad in your life as a result of all your sniveling, don’t you think you should acknowledge that? And the greatness that is America?

I posed a little thought exercise for Brothawolf, (BW) my occasional interlocutor in these pages. BW insists that America is rife with racism, so I asked him what he’d do if the U.S. government were to offer him $10 million, instantly making him quite wealthy. The catch: he’d have to renounce his American citizenship and go elsewhere. The Big Question Of The Exercise: Where would he go?

I tried to answer the question with what I think is the obvious answer: The place that’s the most like America possible.

— xPraetorius


(1) Except in Western Europe, but everyone knows Western Europe is everyone’s “Plan B.” America is where they want to be, but they’ll settle for somewhere in Western Europe.

(2) Sweden issued an advisory to women to stay indoors in Stockholm at night, so they’d run less risk of being assaulted by a… ahem, by a person of non-Swedish origin. Germany and Denmark have issued similar warnings to their women.

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