Years ago, I took a call from my very alcoholic uncle. “Where’s my check?” he demanded. “Huh?” I stammered. “My check, where’s my check? Your dad sends me $100 every month and he didn’t send it this month, now where’s my check?”

My dad had been sick for a bit, and had apparently forgotten to send out the check that my deadbeat uncle now considered “his money.”

That’s what I thought of when I read this: “PC’s plan to scrap Ontario basic income pilot project called ‘shameful’ by NDP leader.”

You should hear the comments from people reacting to the news that the province of  Ontario is planning to stop giving thousands of Canadian citizens… free money. How much money? Anywhere from $17,000 to $30,000 per person, regardless of whether the person works or not.

Here’s what you are if you stop giving these thousands of people many thousands of dollars apiece: “heartless,” “cruel,” “shameful,” “highly irresponsible,” “callous,” “mean-spirited.”

Dave Cherkowski is a recipient of this free money. He’s “in shock.” Want to know why? It’s because he had a “three-year plan and now it’s gone.”

A three-year plan for free money! Even if Dave was getting “only” $17,000 worth of free money each year that would have been $51,000! Not bad.

Apparently, the program’s a year and a half old. So that means that Dave has already brought in something like $25,500 in, you know, free money. Money he received whether he worked or not, whether he lifted the teentsiest-weentsiest finger for it or not. Oh, I know… it wasn’t really free — Canadian taxpayers — the ones who’re working for a living — paid for it. Nice of ’em, eh? You’d certainly think so! But you’d be wrong.

You see, if you’re a Canadian taxpayer, well then you’re just a big jerk for having given this guy only $25,500, and not the full $51,000. How can you live with yourself?

Here are some enlightening paragraphs from the article:

Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath told CBC News that the government’s decision is “highly irresponsible.”


“And this callous, mean-spirited premier sees this as a priority? Making poverty worse? Making life worse for families? Absolutely disgraceful. Shameful,” she said.

“It is a waste. It’s a crying shame, and I’m just so distraught — and I know the people who are going to be affected by this are beside themselves.”

But, wait… these “people who are going to be affected”… aren’t they simply people who aren’t going to be receiving free money anymore? No. These are deserving people who should get free money. You know how I know that? Easy: if you read the article, you learn that it’s cruel, and callous and irresponsible not to give them all that money.

I wish I could tell you that I upbraided my sick father for failing to send his drunk brother “his” $100 that month. But I didn’t. It hadn’t yet dawned on me that if my dad gives his brother thousands of dollars and then he stops doing that, because Dad falls ill, well then Dad’s just a big, irresponsible, cruel clod!

And if the citizens of Ontario, Canada give millions of dollars to thousands of people whether or not those people work for it, and then the citizens of Ontario, Canada stop giving that free money, well then they’re callous, mean-spirited, and highly irresponsible. Not just irresponsible, but highly irresponsible.

So, here’s the lesson: If you give someone, say, $25,500, you’re just a big, cruel, heartless jerk, but you’re a-okay if you give him $51,000. Got it?

I wonder what would have happened if the program had continued the full three years, and ended on time.

What do you think?

Do you think that after you’d now given $51,000, and now the program was over, and let’s pretend that they didn’t renew this valuable program, do you still think you’d be a swell guy or gal? Or would you be back to being a big ol’ meanie again for failing to continue to give all those people “their” money?

— xPraetorius


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