[Editor’s Note: Completing a draft begun some time ago…]

Some right-wing commentator — Laura Ingraham? — should take Michelle Wolf’s entire monologue from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, word-for-word, and substitute in some left-wing woman’s name instead of Sarah Sanders’. Sub in the name of, say, Michelle Obama. Or Nancy Pelosi.

Wolf mocked Sarah Sanders’ looks and questioned her honesty, among other things. With Nancy Pelosi, there’s plenty of fun to be had at the expense of her vacant, lights-out, expressions, her stuttering, her plastic surgeries, her bug eyes. So, do it!

After having completed the screed, the commentator should say something like, “So, is that okay now? Are we Conservatives okay with denigrating, insulting, jeering at, impugning liberal women as Michelle Wolf did to Sarah Huckabee Sanders?”

Do it!

Then, that same commentator should read a monologue substituting in Michelle Wolf’s name and heaping on the same kind of ridicule. Maybe make fun of her stroke victim face, her big, horsey teeth, her whiny, nasal voice, all, of course, while lampooning the obvious lack of activity between her ears. Definitely use the word “bimbo.” Absolutely question her integrity and her honesty.

We on the Right should continue to condemn such abuse, but should also provide some object lessons for the Leftist yahoos who engage in it. We should do it!

Heck, when we do it, we’re just telling the truth!

— xPraetorius

One thought on “Do It!

  1. Yikes, -x, now there is a face for radio! Sorry, couldn’t resist, but we do have precedence for such commentary, ‘all creatures great and small’ and all that; possums and peacocks, skunks and squirrels……………..

    But leftist yahoos? You are being far too gracious. 😉

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