More Leftist Contradictions

I was bemused, as was my very bright son. We passed one of those Keep Those Families Together, anti-Trump Administration/Anti-Trump/pro-illegal immigration demonstrations. The trumped-up issue of the day is that the Trump Administration has been “ripping children out of the arms of their mothers.”

My son asked me: “Wait, Dad…haven’t these people been trying to break families apart for a long time?

Uhhhh… yep. They surely have!

It is funny that the Left is putting so much spittle-flecked rage into an effort to ensure that immigrant families remain together… all while they do everything they possibly can to destroy the notion that the American two-parent family has any value whatsoever.

The absurdly silly Rachel Maddow, furiously virtue signalling, openly wept on the air at the thought that the children of illegal immigrants might have to bunk for a while in a cushy government facility. All while being sure to do everything she possibly can to defend a woman’s right to kill her unborn child.

Remember: “Love makes a family?” I do. It’s still a fairly common phrase. It supposed to be telling us that we’re silly — or much worse — to think that a family must consist of a mother, father and children. Why not two mothers? Why not two fathers? Why does a parent have to be a biological parent, in order to be a parent? The unstated rhetorical answer to all these rhetorical questions is, or course, “No reason.”

In other words, any assemblage whatsoever of people who wish to declare themselves a “family” are, indeed, a family. And that, more or less, has been the Left’s position for a very long time.

Now, though, Maddow, one of the leading intellectual lights of the Left — actually couldn’t hold back her tears on national television!(1) at the thought that some traditionally-structured families might be inconvenienced when the parents in those families have committed a serious crime.

Keep in mind these facts about our American Left:

  • This is the same American Left that is rushing to embrace euthanasia here in America. Killing grandmothers as well as babies! It’s remarkable: whenever the Left embraces some idea, someone gets dead.
  • This is the same Left that believes that a woman has a sacred right to slaughter her unborn child if that child is… inconvenient.
  • The same Left that cheered when Iceland announced that it had “eliminated” Down Syndrome. How did Iceland bring about that seemingly wonderful development? Easy: They did it by slaughtering all babies who test positive in utero for the Down Syndrome gene.
  • But, wait there’s more! There’s a school of thought in Europe — on the Left, of course — openly supporting the notion that “abortion” shouldn’t be limited to unborn babies; that women ought also to have the “choice” to  kill their babies after they’re born. Only “defectives,” of course, and only up to a certain age, so that nothing could possibly go wrong. Yes, that thought tendency is here in America’s Left too(2), but it’s still too new, too gruesome for the Left to be open about it. But, really, what could possibly go wrong with this?
  • The American Left long ago, through its policies on divorce, replaced fathers with a government check, in order precisely to dismantle the traditional idea of the family, and replace it with a large class of dependent single mothers, their children and… reliable Democrat voters. The result? Among others, tens of thousands of dead black American children in cities that became war zones under long-time Democrat Party control.

And now, ghoulish harridans like Rachel Maddow weep at the thought of separating children from their mothers and fathers.(3)

If I were prone to bad language, I’d use some about now. And, yes, it’d be short and terse, and it’d begin with an “F” and end with a “u.”

— xPraetorius


(1) This was a surreal moment. If you actually watch the video, as I have, it really appears as though Maddow can’t contain her laughter! However, everyone reported that she was weeping, so I’m taking their word for it.

(2) Deadly thought tendencies tend to appear and metastasize in Europe before infecting America. Europe is a bit further down the Leftist Path of Death than America. We’re doing our level best to catch up, though.

(3)  Frankly, the key phrase of this entire essay is this: “Whenever the Left embraces some idea, someone gets dead.”

The people at the border should run as fast as they can back to their home countries, because the American Left is “on their side.”

I’m serious about this. If the Left gets its way, and illegal immigrant families can just pour in here, then they’ll find themselves in the tender, deadly clutches of the American Left, promising them vast outpourings of goodies and “services,” and “benefits,” and ultimately leaving them only with… death.

Remember, if you retain only one thing about the American Left it should be: “Whenever the Left embraces some idea, someone gets dead.” If the idea the Left is embracing is yours, then you need to do two things: (1) abandon the idea — it’s a bad one, and (2) … Run away!!!

8 thoughts on “More Leftist Contradictions

    1. Well said, mb!

      Day care, or kindergarten, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade… At that age, we don’t allow the kids to leave during the day.

      Furthermore, when kids’ parents are arrested for, say, robbing a package store, the society then has to decide what to do with the minor children, while we send their parents through the penal system for a while.

      And, we then don’t allow those children to flee from the system, and there’s no one protesting against this at all. We guard these kids, and lock them up at night. And no one calls it “prison,” or “concentration camps.” In fact, everyone pretty much applauds that system.


      — x

      1. My main point was that the same people who have been impressing on two or three generations that the conditions associated with daycare were beneficial and just are now saying those same conditions are barbaric and unjust.

        1. I am long on record as being against family separation. It’s why I never sent my kids to daycare, why I homeschooled them in the early years of their educations. (We continued to homeschool after that for other reasons.) Family cohesion is so very precious, and thanks to leftist culture-warping, it is always a battle to maintain it.
          It’s also why I would never put my kids in a situation where we could be separated in such a way that we lost our ability to be a family. It’s just amazing that the left has suddenly discovered family integrity, a thing they’ve been destroying for decades.

          1. One more quick point. This quote:
            It’s also why I would never put my kids in a situation where we could be separated in such a way that we lost our ability to be a family.
            … is excellent!

            No one seems to question the parents. They come here knowing they could be separated from their children?!? What kind of mom or dad does that?!?


            — x

        2. Yep. Thanks. Better distillation than mine, and a great point! 🙂

          Incidentally, your comment went into moderation for some reason unknown to me. My apologies.


          — x

  1. Oh such a great post x and so, so spot on. The Left is completely infused with hypocrisy and it’s so obvious to anyone not brainwashed by their nonsense emotionalism. You’re right too about running away from their “loving” embrace as fast as you can. It’s the clutch of death for sure.

    1. Thank you, Tricia!

      So true about leftish hypocrisy! It’s a remarkable hypocrisy too, because it’s inevitable given all the contradictions that naturally arise in their “thinking” because their goal is the acquisition of power rather than the improvement of society.


      — x

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