Leftist Tries to Write Protest Song — Oops! Unwittingly PRAISES America Instead!

The American Left does so much cr*p unwittingly! It’s because they’re shallow, slavish non-thinkers — sheep-like followers, none having any original thoughts between their ears whatsoever.

In the case of the following song that I heard — guess where — that’s right: on public radio(1) — the songwriter unintentionally makes the case that America is the greatest country that’s ever been. All while trying to say exactly the opposite!

Well, the hostette of the radio show on which I heard the funny song below doesn’t disappoint. She’s a limousine liberal, living in a gated community who never comes into contact with the people she so operatically claims to support, except to let them in to clean her house or mow her lawn.

So, back to the song. Below, at first reading, the song appears to be an indictment of all that America represents, all that she stands for, all that she’s ever been.

Until… Until, that is, you think about it for, oh, about five seconds. Here’s, in summary, why this song is really a glowing tribute to this, the greatest country that’s ever existed:

At first glance, the song is a laundry list of all of America’s sins; at second glance, it’s a recitation of some of the profound evils of which all of humanity has always been guilty, that America… got rid of.

The song’s performer’s only message, really — because the singer actually is trying to protest against America — is to sneer that America’s not perfect. All while running through a list that argues particularly forcefully, persuasively, and completely unwittingly, that America is… really great.

The song was released in May of 2016, ahead of the election, but about the time when Donald Trump was nominated to run as the Republican candidate for the Presidency against Hillary Clinton. Hence, the title of the song: Make It Great. It’s supposed to take the Trump campaign slogan and jeer at it by pointing out just how awful America is.

I’ll link to the video, then discuss the lyrics below. If you go to the video, it’s fun to read the comments… especially from those on the Left who think they’re endorsing a protest, not a tribute.

The video:


And now, the lyrics, with my comments inline [in square brackets in red font].

Alastair Moock
Published on May 6, 2016
“Make it Great” by Alastair Moock © 2016 (lyrics below)

Love it or leave it, it’s us against them
We’re gonna make it great once again
This once was the land of the free and the brave
We all had it good here (except for the slaves) [Slavery: Abolished it. First ones to do it. Used mankind’s greatest invention; the invention that has saved more lives than any other invention, including all vaccines put together: Western Civilization. Slavery still exists in all areas of the world that are not part of Western Civilization. One BIG point for the Pro-America side.]

When we came here, this country was pure and pristine
The skies were all blue and the trees were all green
We fought for the rights of the nation we’d build
And all here rejoiced (‘cept the natives we killed) [Conquest: America gave it up. We’ve since defeated many major powers, and colonized not a single one of them. Before that, though, America did as all other civilizations have always done throughout history. Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Spain, Cuba, the Philippines and more are independent nations (if not necessarily free countries!) today, not American provinces, despite having been decisively beaten by America, either in war or in civilizational competition. One more point for Pro-America.]

Then we built cities and roads and great ports
Protected by brave men aloft in great forts
And then came the railroads that stretched to the seas
We all had it good (unless you were Chinese) [Chinese migrant workers — once discriminated against mightily in the 19th century — are now fully assimilated, and in fact, are seen as such a powerful group, that all of leftist American academia is re-discriminating against them so as to prevent them from becoming effectively the largest population of highly educated students in the country. At this very moment, the Left is defending, in the Supreme Court, the notion that they should be able to discriminate against Asians in American universities. Americans defeated discrimination against Chinese-Americans; the Left wants desperately to enshrine discrimination against them in American law. One big point for America. One HUGE point against the retrograde racists in the American Left who are struggling to punish a dynamic ethnic minority for its hard work and diligence. So far, this “protester” has established a score of 3 for America, and 1 against her. And the one point against is from his side!]

Then Abraham Lincoln, the guy with the beard
Said “no more” to slavery so that disappeared
And that was the end of race problems, we know
Black people were equal (except for Jim Crow) [Jim Crow, segregation, separate but equal, unequal voting rights — America defeated and wiped them all out. Three big points for America. Score so far: Lovin’ America: 7; Can’t Stand America: 1.]

The late 1800s were elegant, grand
Victorian houses and trust in the land
The right to your income and vote you possessed
For all of us here (barring those who had breasts) [Not counting the anatomical inaccuracy — all people have breasts — this refers to women’s having obtained the right to vote almost a century ago, as well as certain practices that didn’t grant women total control over their financial circumstances. Yep. America eliminated all that. Two more points for America. Score America: 9; Anti-America: 1]

Then Depression and war kinda soured some years
But we all pulled together and got back in gear
Freedom secured in the home of the champs
(Offer not valid in internment camps) [Oops! Fixed that one too. Want proof? Easy: the absolute kid-glove treatment that muslims in America received after 9/11. No camps, no anti-muslim laws, just a vast, wall-to-wall cacophony of preaching against “islamophobia.” Yet another point to America. Score: Pro-America leads Anti-America, 10-1. Yikes! This is kinda gettin’ away from you, Anti-America dudes! Better do something fast! Let’s see what clevernesses you have for the next verse!]

The fifties, that’s when things really improved
The GI Bill and your mortgage approved
Employment was high and the future was bright
For everyone, all of us (if you were white) [I kind of covered this one above, but since he brought it up again, then we get still another point. Because, yep, America fixed this too. Now, there are no laws, rules, regulations, institutions, policies, procedures anywhere in America that discriminate against anyone who’s not white. Anywhere. While racism itself never actually dies out completely, any and all  institutional racism is dead and gone, buried and mouldering,  unlamented, in an unmarked grave somewhere. One more GINORMOUS point for America. Score: Hooray, America! leads 11-1 over Boo, America! Quite a deficit the anti-Americans will have to overcome! Let’s see what they offer us in the next verse.]

And that’s what we mean by “Be great again”
Let’s get ourselves back to where we were then
When freedom, prosperity, peace all prevailed
(For the Caucasian, Christian, straight, middle-class male) [Lol! In what may be one of those ultimate ironies, here’s that old trick of the Left: pretending that something is exactly the opposite of what it actually is. The “Caucasian, Christian, straight, middle-class male” is the one American against whom it’s actually okay to discriminate. There actually are laws, rules, regulations, institutions, policies and procedures overtly and openly discriminating against that fearsome beast, the CCsm-cm. (Caucasian, Christian, straight, middle-class male). One point against America. Why? Well, when we saw overt discrimination against a non-minority population in South Africa, they called it “apartheid,” and it was universally viewed as a Very Bad Thing. The Left just loves their version of apartheid in America, though. Still, it must be admitted that the racist, reactionary leftist state-of-mind is very strong in America. That’s why this point goes to the Boo, America! side. Score: Yay-Rah-Rah, America: 11; Boo, America: 2. Important Note: By rights, I should take away a point from the Boo, America side because of the first line, in which the songwriter pretends that he can read minds. We’ll give him a pass for the moment, though. Score: Hooray, America! leads Yuck, America! by a score of 11-2.]

Love it or leave it, it’s us against them
We’re gonna make it great once again
This once was the home of the brave and the free
The world’s greatest nation (if you looked like me) [Well, this is supposed to be the great finale… the glib, pithy ending that the songwriter hopes will sum up all his angst over how horrible America is… and he completely and utterly blew it. He said exactly the opposite thing from what he intended to say. He admitted it in his very wording! He says that this was (there it is right in his own words!) a terrible country, and that Trump is planning to re-institute: slavery, Jim Crow,  segregation, separate but equal, as well as discrimination against native Americans and Asians, repeal women’s right to vote, re-incarcerate Japanese-Americans and incarcerate muslims. You know the litany. However, the songwriter also admits quite clearly that if Trump doesn’t do any of that, then America is the world’s greatest nation.” It’s right there in his own words. And it’s what we’ve been saying for a very long time. One more MASSIVE point for the We Love America side!]

Final score in this so-called “protest” song: The America’s the Best Ever! side utterly smacked down the America S**ks side by the blow-out score of 12-2.

It wasn’t even close.

This was such a shellacking, that one must pose the question: Is the songwriter — one Alastair Moock — really a mole for the Yay-Rah-Rah, America! side? Seriously.

Regardless, anyone who’s studied only a little, and isn’t a complete half-wit, knows that it was never going to be a contest in the first place. You can  ask the more than seven billion people who are not in America, and who would give their eye-teeth to be in America, what they think.

Or, more to the point, why not travel to the southern border of the United States, and see what those streaming across the border think. I’m guessing they’re hoping to come here. Just a hunch.

— xPraetorius


(1) In this case: college radio. You can count on most college radio stations to be even further to the left than National Public Radio!








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